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Arundel | Gordo Seat Bag Black


Arundel Gordo Seat Bag The Arundel Gordo Seat Bag is extra durable, water resistant, and constructed with sonic welded seams and nylon fabric. The straps are also nylon and wider than usual making them extra strong and secure. The Gordo is slightly roomier than its non-water resistant brother the Arundel Tubi. Features Water resistant Sonic welded seams Nylon fabric impregnated with thermoplastic polyurethane Fits two In-N-Out Burgers or a good amount of bike related gear ...


Lezyne | S-Caddy Seat Bag | Black | Small


Lezyne S-Caddy Seat Bag Primarily known for constructing high end tools, Lezyne also creates saddle bags of exceptional quality. The S-Caddy is no exception. With Velcro straps that attach to the saddle rails and seat post, your S-Caddy seat bag isn't going anywhere. The water resistant zipper and durable woven nylon fabrics help to fend off the elements. Attach a tail light to the tail light loop conveniently located on the saddle bag. The main ...