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Easton EA50 AX Alloy Handlebar 40cm

$42.49 15% off $50.00 msrp

EASTON EA50 AX ALLOY HANDLEBARFLARED DROP BARSWhen it comes to your comfort while you're riding, the type of bars you use on your bike will have an impact on your hand and wrist comfort. Having a slight flare in your drop bars will help improve your comfort. The Easton EA50 AX Alloy Handlebar is a budget-friendly flared drop bar. It features a 16° flare for comfort in the drops and control on gnarly terrain or ...


Easton EA70 Ax Alloy Handlebar Black, 42mm


Easton EA70 Ax Alloy Handlebar The Easton EA70 AX Bar is the king of the gravel. When your sense of adventure takes you down the road less traveled, you need a bar that is up to the task, and the AX bar checks all the boxes. Building off the highly successful and critically acclaimed lineup of MCD road bars, the EA70 + EC70 AX bar utilize the same top shape and reach as well as ...


Easton EA70 Ergo Road Handlebar Black, 31.8mm, 46mm Width

$74.99 16% off $90.00 msrp

Easton EA70 Road BarThe EA70 is Easton’s top-end aluminum handlebar with traditional, round tops. The EA70 has been given an upgrade of the new MCD shape technology, with grooves for brake and gear cable routing. This race-proven handlebar has won numerous Cyclocross Nationals titles and benefits from all of the aluminum construction techniques that Easton is famous for—including TaperWall™ technology. The EA70 is available in a wide array of sizes: 38-, 40-, 42-, 44- and ...


Easton EA50 Road Handlebar Black, 44

$39.99 20% off $49.99 msrp

Easton EA50 Road Bar The EA50 Road Bar is Easton's rock steady aluminum road bar. Constructed of Easton's durable EA50 aluminum, the EA50 uses the same MCD drop technology as Easton's top of the line road bars, giving you a product that ends up only a few grams heavier than the EA70. The EA50 Bars are budget friendly, and will keep you comfortable and in control all day. Easton EA50 Road Bar Specifications Finish Black ...