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Elite | Custom Race Water Bottle Cage Matte Black | Composite


Elite has been offering cutting edge cycling components for over 30 years to professional and amateur cyclists all over the world. Elite products have been born from the battles of the Tour de France, Paris-Roubaix and many other races. The Custom Race has been used by more champions in more races. Constructed from glass fiber-reinforced polyamide construction, the Elite Custom Race Cage is durable, supple and good looking. The Elite Custom Race is available in ...


Elite | Srl Vico Carbon Water Bottle Cage Matte Black/gray


Elite SRL Vico Carbon Water Bottle Cage The Most Elite Cage If you're looking to lighten up your bike, there are many things you can do. One way to take the weight off is by getting an ultra-light carbon fiber bottle cage. The Elite SRL Vico Carbon Water Bottle Cage is the first-choice carbon cage used by the best World Tour teams. The Vico is made of an innovative carbon fiber material which makes it ...


Elite | Srl Rocko Carbon Water Bottle Cage Matte Black/black


Elite SRL Rocko Carbon Water Bottle Cage The Rocko Carbon bottle cage is Elite’s top of the line carbon bottle cage designed specifically for the rigors of mountain bike racing. It’s optimized retention design keeps your bottle locked in place as you plow through rock gardens and sprint up technical climbs. The ultra lightweight reinforced carbon body is both stiff enough to retain the bottle while being compliant enough to allow for easy bottle removal. ...