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Kali | Interceptor Trail Helmet Men's | Size Large/Extra Large in Black/Blue

$71.94 60% off $180.00 msrp

Kali Interceptor Trail HelmetRip down the trails with a new level of confidence with the Kali Interceptor Trail Helmet. It is designed for ultimate performance and engineered for impact, so you'll be well protected in case things ever go south. The Interceptor provides deep coverage to maximize protection while twenty-four vents offer incredible ventilation, and its light weight means that it will remain comfortableduring the longest of rides. When all you want to do is ...


Leatt | MTB 3.0 Enduro Helmet Men's | Size Small in Black

$160.99 30% off $229.99 msrp

Leatt MTB 3. 0 Enduro HelmetThe most versatile offering in Leatt's helmet line, the MTB 3. 0 Enduro Helmet is a certified full-face helmet that is as versatile as the trails you ride. It starts with a lightweight polymer shell with in-molded impact foam core. Next, Leatt added in their renowned, 360 Turbine Technology, which helps reduce rotational forces from angled impacts as well as help absorb the amount of energy transferred to the brain ...


Poc | Kortal Helmet Men's | Size Small in Black/Green


POC Kortal HelmetAdvanced protection for any type of trailWith massive ventilation for climbing and legendary POC protection for descending, the POC Kortal Helmet is the perfect helmet for trail, enduro or e-bike riders looking for advanced protection. The Kortal features oversized ventilation ports to direct massive airflow through the helmet, and is designed to accommodate a goggle strap without blocking any vents. When you start the descent, extended temples and back of the head coverage ...


Fox Apparel | Dropframe Pro Helmet Men's | Size Large in Black


Fox Racing Dropframe Pro HelmetIt’s Got You CoveredOffering exceptional protection and coverage not often found in the non-full-face helmet range, the Fox Racing Dropframe Pro leads the pack with superior back and side of the head coverage while still maintaining a high level of breathability and comfort. Covering the middle ground between the Proframe and Speedframe in Fox’s helmet lineup, the Dropframe offers much of the protection found with a full-face helmet in a much ...


Leatt | MTB Gravity 1.0 V23 Helmet Men's | Size XX Large in Black


Leatt MTB Gravity 1. 0 V23 HelmetFueled by gravityFor riders who are propelled by the exhilarating forces of gravity, the newly-updated Leatt Gravity 1. 0 V23 Helmet is an accessible entry into the world of full-face protection. The Gravity 1. 0 V23 features Leatt’s proprietary 360° Turbine Technology, a series of moving discs that help to absorb both linear and rotational forces during a crash, reducing the risk of a concussion. This ASTM downhill-certified helmet ...


Troy Lee Designs | A3 Mips Helmet Uno Men's | Size Medium/Large in Black


TROY LEE DESIGNS A3 MIPS HELMET UNOINCREDIBLE COMFORTWhether you're cruising the fireroads or shredding the gnar, you'll want to wear a helmet to protect your head. The Troy Lee Designs A3 MIPS Helmet Uno is a premium mountain bike helmet with luxurious comfort and ample ventilation. It has co-molded EPP and EPS for low and high-speed impact energy management. It also has MIPS that protects against rotational impacts. The helmet features a 3-Way Magnajust visor, ...


SixSixOne | Reset Youth Helmet | Size Extra Small in Contour Black


SIXSIXONE RESET YOUTH HELMETA BEST SELLING FULL FACEIf you're looking for maximum noggin protection while mountain biking, you're going to want a full-face helmet. The SixSixOne Reset Youth Helmet offers young riders a performance oriented and lightweight helmet at an affordable price point. The helmet features a lightweight ABS shell which compromise on durability. Large angular vents are strategically placed for enhanced air intake and heat exhaust, ideal for long days on the trails. The ...


Met | Parachute MCR MIPS HelMet | Men's | Size Large in Black


Met ParachuteMCR MIPS HelmetThe MET Parachute MCR is truly designed to be two helmets in one. When paired with the dettachable chinbar, the full-face helmet provides you with an aggressive look with all-around protection. Remove the chinbar and wear a helmet that performs like any other industry-leading trail helmet. Themagnetic chinbar allows you to instantly convert the helmet from full-face to open-face helmet. Whether you prefer to go upwards, sideways or downhill, the MET Parachute ...


Fox Apparel | Dropframe Pro Helmet DVIDE Men's | Size Extra Large in Black


Fox Racing Dropframe Pro Helmet DVIDEIt’s Got You CoveredOffering exceptional protection and coverage not often found in the non-full-face helmet range, the Fox Racing Dropframe Pro leads the pack with superior back and side of the head coverage while still maintaining a high level of breathability and comfort. Covering the middle ground between the Proframe and Speedframe in Fox’s helmet lineup, the Dropframe offers much of the protection found with a full-face helmet in a ...


O'Neal | Pike IPX Half Shell Helmet Men's | Size Small/Medium in Black

$89.94 40% off $149.99 msrp

O'Neal Pike IPX Half Shell HelmetUltimate ProtectionWhether you're just cruising the fireroads or you're shredding the singletrack, you'll want a helmet to protect your head. For enduro, trail, and freeriding, you'll want exceptional protection. The O'Neal Pike IPX Half Shell Helmet is built for aggressive riding and has 2-shell polycarbonate construction. It is made with integrated IPX ACells helmet rotation impact absorption technology for maximum protection. It features a ratchet ...


Bell | Super Air Spherical Helmet Men's | Size Small in Matte/Gloss Blues


Bell Super Air Spherical Mips HelmetThe future of trail helmets has arrivedThe Bell Super Air Spherical MIPS is a highly-protective and feature-packed trail helmet, with all of the protection and performance features you need for any trail. The Super air features Spherical technology, designed in in partnership with MIPS®, to reduce rotational forces during a crash by way of a ball-and-socket design. A fusion in-mold polycarbonate shell provides toughness and covers the progressively ...


Kali | Maya FF Child Helmet in Lizard/Matte Black


Kali Maya Full Face Child HelmetThe Best Of Both WorldsIf your young rider is starting to spend more time in the air than on the ground, you might want to get them a full-face helmet. Full-face helmets provide maximum protection around the head so your young rider can ride as aggressively as they want. The Kali Maya Full-Face Child Helmet converts from a full-face helmet to an enduro helmet easily so your young rider can ...


Poc | Tectal Helmet Men's | Size Small in Epidote Green Metallic/Matte


POC Tectal HelmetKing of the MountainBringing the next-level protection and performance that POC is known for, the POC Tectal is ideal for aggressive trail riders, enduro riders, or anyone in search of a lightweight, breathable helmet with uncompromising protection. The wind-tunnel tested venting system provides massive airflow for cooling on hot rides. The Tectal incorporates aramid fiber grid bridge system to reinforce the helmet, with a protective EPS inner liner to absorb impact forces ...


Bluegrass | Rogue Core MIPS Helmet Men's | Size Small in Black Iridescent


Bluegrass Rogue Core MIPS HelmetGo RogueThe all-new Bluegrass Rogue Core MIPS helmet is designed to help you take your riding to the next level. Designed with Bluegrass’s pro riders in mind, it features a bold new design that stands out from the competition. With dedicated sunglasses and goggle storage options you’ll have no problem bringing along your favorite eyewear. 16 inlet and exhaust vents paired with two strategically placed vents keep you cool as you ...


Fox Apparel | Rampage Pro Carbon Fuel MIPS Helmet Men's | Size Medium in Black


Fox Rampage Pro Carbon MIPS Fuel CE/CPSC HelmetMinimum weight, maximum protectionWhen you’re testing your limits and every second counts, there is no substitute for the absolute best. The race-proven Fox Rampage Pro Carbon Mips® is the favorite choice of UCI World Cup Champions, featuring ultralight design and uncompromising protection for the fastest downhill runs. The RPC Mips® boasts a lightweight carbon fiber shell for protection at a minimal weight, while the dual-density, In-Mold ...


Poc | Kortal Race Mips Helmet Men's | Size Small in White


POC Kortal Race Mips HelmetBoundless performanceBlending massive ventilation for the climbs, with legendary POC protection for the descents, the POC Kortal Race Mips Helmet is packed full of high-tech protection and performance features that elevate what you’ve come to expect from trail and enduro helmets. The Kortal Race Mips features oversized ventilation ports, which are designed to maintain airflow even while wearing goggles, while the adjustable, breakaway visor is also goggle ...


Bell | Super 3R Mips MTN Bike Helmet


BELL SUPER 3R MIPS MOUNTAIN BIKE HELMETWhether you're cruising the fire roads or shredding the single tracks, you need to be wearing a helmet. The Bell Super 3R MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet is one helmet that does it all. It's both a full face helmet and a half shell helmet, thanks to it's Wraparound Protection which features a removable chin-bar. It also features MIPS® Technology which helps reduce rotational forces during angular impacts. The Float ...


Lazer | Impala MIPS Helmet Men's | Size Small in Matte Light Blue

$127.94 20% off $159.99 msrp

LAZER IMPALA MIPS HELMETThe Lazer Impala MIPS Helmet is a top-notch trail helmet that is loaded with features. First up, the shell of the Impala reaches further down the back and sides of your head for increased protection. The Impala also incorporates MIPS® technology, which helps reduce rotational forces in the event of a crash. Next, Lazer threw in their renowned Advanced Turnfit System, which provides 360-degrees of retention and includes horizontal and vertical adjustments ...


100% | Altec Helmet w Fidlock Men's | Size Extra Small/Small in Navy Fade

$132.00 20% off $165.00 msrp

100% Altec Helmet with FidlockOne Hundred Percent is back at it again with a new iteration of their popular trail helmet, the Altec. The new Altec incorporates all the same features you love but now comes with a magnetic Fidlock closure system for a super-easy and hassle-free closure system. On the exterior, a lightweight and strong polycarbonate shell keeps the weight to a minimum while maintaining durability. Next, 100-Percent’s Smartshock Rotational Protective system cushions your ...


Poc | Axion Spin Helmet Men's | Size Extra Small/Small in White

$90.94 39% off $150.00 msrp

POC Axion Spin HelmetYou Spin Me Right Round Baby, Right RoundSay hello to your new favorite enduro-style helmet. Introducing the POC Axion Spin Helmet, an extended coverage half-shell helmet that features upgraded protection and performance technology. The Axion Spin features SPIN technology, a silicon pad technology system on the interior of the helmet, designed as an additional protection system. The 360-degree fit system provides you with an adjustment dial on the rear of the helmet ...


Ion | Traze Amp MIPS US/CPSC Helmet Men's | Size Large in White


ION Scrub Select MIPS US/CPSC HelmetTake on the trailsION continues its heritage of high-tech rider protection by collaborating with Italian helmet manufacturer, Met Helmets, bringing their decades of helmet experience with ION’s reputation for protection to create an advanced series of helmets for every rider. The ION Traze Amp MIPS is a fully-featured all-mountain and enduro helmet, with MIPS® technology to reduce the rotational forces on the brain caused by certain types of impacts. On ...


7IDP | M5 Helmet Men's | Size Large/Extra Large in Army Green


7IDP M5 HELMET 2019SUPERB COVERAGE IN AN ALL AROUND HELMETNo matter what type of riding you do, whether you're racing to victory, approaching unheard of speeds on a downhill run, or just cruising the trails, you should be wearing a helmet to protect your head. The 7iDP M5 Helmet puts a focus on riders looking for a helmet that can do it all. It provides plenty of coverage for the back of the head. It ...


Leatt | AllMtn 1.0 Junior Helmet 2022 | Size Extra Small in Chili


Leatt MTB AllMtn 1. 0 Junior HelmetAdvanced protection at a fraction of the costLeatt’s MTB AllMtn 1. 0 Junior Helmet is the perfect entry for young riders into the world of advanced helmet technology—boasting safety features and a level of performance not often found at this price. The MTB AllMtn 1. 0 Junior offers extended coverage at the back of the head, protecting vulnerable areas from potential impacts. Leatt has also included their 360 Turbine ...


Kali | Interceptor Flex Helmet Men's | Size Small/Medium in Matte Black/Khaki

$71.94 60% off $180.00 msrp

Kali Interceptor Flex HelmetRip down your favoirte trails with the Kali Interceptor. The helmet is designed for unparalleledperformance and engineered for impact. Provide your head with the ultimate protection in case of a crash. The Interceptor provides deep coverage to maximize protection and features twenty-four vents that offer incredible ventilation. The interceptor's light weight will also keep your head comfortable even during the longest rides. The revolutionary new Interceptor is ...


Bluegrass | Legit Carbon Helmet Men's | Size Medium in Glossy Black


Bluegrass Legit Carbon Helmetit’s LegitWhen you’re lining up between the tape you need every advantage possible. With Bluegrass’s Legit Carbon Helmet you’ll be one step closer to standing on the podium. It features a carbon fiber outer shell that works in conjunction with an EPS liner to deliver an excellent compromise of impact performance and low weight. Integrated MIPS brain protection liner helps to deliver industry leading brain protection in the event of a crash. ...


Bell | Super Air R Spherical Helmet Men's | Size Medium in Matte Gray/Red


BELL SUPER AIR R MIPSA TRUE ALL-MOUNTAIN PERFORMERIf you're riding aggressively out on the trails, then you're going to want aggressive protection. The newly-redesigned Bell Super Air R MIPS is designed with removable chin bar technology; this means you can have a full-face helmet for coverage when downhill riding, then remove the chin bar for better ventilation while climbing. Importantly, the helmet features Flex Spherical and MIPS® technology, a ball-and-socket design to reduce energy ...


Smith | Forefront 2 Mips Helmet Men's | Size Medium in White


SMITH FOREFRONT 2 MIPS HELMETFeature-PackedThe Smith Forefront 2 MIPS is a feature-packed all-mountain helmet. Born from the original award-winning Forefront, the Forefront 2 MIPS is everything you want and need in a high-tech helmet for any trail. Safety is paramount and the Forefront 2 doesn't skimp on protection, featuring complete Koroyd coverage, which provides breathability and energy-absorbing crumple zones—as well as an internal skeletal structure for additional strength. But it ...


Kali | Maya 3.0 Artist Series Helmet Men's | Size Large/Extra Large in Black Forest Matte


Kali Maya 3. 0 Artist Series HelmetThe Kali Rider Favorite, RevisedThe Kali Maya 3. 0 helmet is a rider favorite, offering the highly-acclaimed level of protection Kali is known for, in a lightweight and comfortable package. This updated edition of the Maya features improved ventilation with the incorporation of an additional vent, for more airflow without sacrificing protection, as well as an improved dial retention system with vertical adjustment. A Low Density Layer (LDL) soaks ...


Kali | Maya 3.0 Helmet Men's | Size Small/Medium in Topo Camo Matte Khaki


Kali Maya 3. 0 HelmetKali is back with their updated Maya 3. 0 half-shell helmet. The Kali Maya 3. 0 packs top-notch safety features into a super-lightweight helmet designed for all-mountain and enduro riding. The Maya 3. 0 uses Kali’s Composite Fusion Plus technology, which is layers of multi-density EPS foam throughout the helmet to help disperse impact energy. For additional protection, a low-density layer (LDL) provides protection from rotational forces and low-speed impacts. The ...