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Pivot Cycles | Pivot Firebird Pro Xt/xtr Air Bike | Silver Sunrise | M


Pivot Firebird Pro XT/XTR Air Bike Fiery Speed Enduro riding is all about getting to the bottom of the hill as fast as possible. With longer suspension and an aggressive frame geometry, these bikes can confidently descend at high speeds. The Pivot Firebird Pro XT/XTR Air Bike has modern geometry tailored for aggressive riding and has ultimate stability. A relaxed head angle, long reach, and generous wheelbase are the key ingredients of high-speed composure. The ...


Rocky Mountain | Element Alloy 10 Bike 2023 Grey S

$1,499.94 44% off $2,699.00 msrp

Rocky Mountain Element Alloy 10 Bike 2023You Get The Best Of Both Worlds When it comes to climbing, sprinting on the flats, and handling technical terrain with ease, nothing quite beats a trail bike. Trail bikes have longer travel than cross-country bikes but are not as aggressive as enduro bikes. The Rocky Mountain Element Alloy 10 Bike is purpose-built to hit the precise sweet spot between lightweight cross-country climbing and technical precision. It features a ...


Santa Cruz Bicycles | Hightower 3 Cc Xo Axs Bike | Gloss Ocean Blue | M

$6,399.00 20% off $7,999.00 msrp

Santa Cruz Hightower 3 CC X0 AXS Bike The Greatest Hits of Engineering All-mountain bikes are great at many things. Whether you're into climbing steep hills, shredding the singletrack, cruising the fire roads, or letting off the brakes and descending as fast as possible, you'll love riding an all-mountain bike. The Santa Cruz Hightower 3 CC X0 AXS Bike is big on wheels, medium on travel, and short on fuss. The Carbon CC Frame uses ...


Santa Cruz Bicycles | Megatower 2 Cc Xo Axs Bike | Gloss Carbon | L

$7,149.00 14% off $8,399.00 msrp

Santa Cruz Megatower 2 CC X0 AXS Bike A Downhill Bike That Goes Everywhere If you're looking for a mountain bike that can descend the steepest terrain and roll over everything in its path, then you'll want a downhill bike. If you want all that but want to still climb back to the top of the mountain, then you'll want an enduro bike. The Santa Cruz Megatower 2 CC X0 AXS Bike has big wheels, ...


Santa Cruz Bicycles | Nomad 6 Cc Xo Axs Coil Bike | Gloss Marigold Yellow | Xl | Rubber


Santa Cruz Nomad 6 CC X0 AXS Coil Bike King of the mountain For riders who hunt for the biggest terrain, the Santa Cruz Nomad 6 is the single-crown king. The MX-wheeled, long-travel Nomad 6 makes the most challenging descents attainable. Using Santa Cruz’s legendary top-end CC carbon, the Nomad 6 CC uses the best materials, advanced manufacturing techniques, and durable finishes to create a frame that won’t let you down. The Nomad features 170mm ...


Santa Cruz Bicycles | Tallboy 5 Cc X0 Axs Bike | Gloss Melon | L

$6,699.00 15% off $7,899.00 msrp

Santa Cruz Tallboy 5 CC X0 AXS Bike The Downhiller's XC Bike If you're looking for something that is a little more aggressive than a cross-country bike but not quite an enduro bike, then you'll want a trail bike. These bikes have longer suspension travel than XC bikes making them perfect for climbing, fast descents, and technical terrain. The Santa Cruz Tallboy 5 CC X0 AXS Bike has earned a loyal following amongst those who ...


Santa Cruz Bicycles | 5010 5 Cc Mx X0 Axs Bike | Gloss Black | L | Rubber

$6,799.00 15% off $7,999.00 msrp

Santa Cruz 5010 5 CC MX X0 AXS Bike Who’re you calling “short travel”?The Santa Cruz 5010 CC MX is more than just a short-travel trail bike. This trail ripper makes every trail fun, with a VPP™ suspension design that has a playful feel for the tame stuff, and a progressive, supportive rear suspension design, with reduced anti-squat to soak up those bigger hits—the 5010 is way more than a short travel trail bike. The ...


Juliana Bicycles | Furtado 5 Cc Mx Xo Axs Bike | Matte Lavender Luster | M | Rubber

$6,799.00 15% off $7,999.00 msrp

Juliana Furtado 5 CC MX X0 AXS Bike Inject some fun into every trail The Juliana Furtado 5 CC turns every trail into a party. This mixed wheel size shredder blends the playful, nimble feel of a 27. 5” rear wheel, with the rollover capability and trail-absorbing qualities of a 29” front wheel. The versatile Furtado is compatible with a 140mm fork, and features Juliana’s famous VPP™ suspension platform with 130mm of rear travel that’s ...


Juliana Bicycles | Roubion 4.1 Cc Xo Axs Bike | Matte Jade Green | S

$6,399.20 20% off $7,999.00 msrp

Juliana Roubion 4. 1 CC X0 AXS Bike Every trail, every rider, everywhere. The Juliana Roubion 4. 1 CC is a bike to take riders from craggy mountain backcountry singletrack to their familiar local trails, with the capability and versatility to make fun out of any trail. The 150mm of rear suspension with VPP™ (Virtual Pivot Point) technology is tuned for optimal impact absorption while maintaining critical pedaling efficiency, all with a legendarily simple and ...