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Specialized | S-Works Recon Lace Mtb Shoes Men's | Size 36 In Aloha | Rubber

$129.94 60% off $325.00 msrp

Specialized S-Works Recon Lace MTB Shoes The Specialized S-Works Recon Lace MTB Shoes are premium gravel shoes that feature durable and lightweight materials, advanced ergonomics and performance features that allow you to perform your best all ride long. First up on the list of performance features, Specialized used their XC FACT carbon plate outsole, which keeps the weight to an absolute minimum and provides a stiffness index rating of 13. 0. Next, A unique heel ...


Specialized | S-Works Recon Mtb Shoe Men's | Size 37 In Black


Specialized S-Works Recon MTB Shoe Go fast beyond the pavement Occupying the top spot in the Specialized lineup, the S-Works name is emblematic of top-level craftsmanship and peak performance. The Specialized S-Works Recon Shoes bring this high level of performance to the world of gravel and XC, striking a balance between rugged offroad capability and ergonomically-optimized, tunable pedaling performance—all in an ultra-lightweight package. The S-Works Recon features an I-Beam reinforced ...


Specialized | 2Fo Method Mtb Shoes Men's | Size 38 In Black | Rubber


Specialized 2FO Roost Method Shoe Stealthy Performance The new Specialized 2FO Roost Method Shoe is a casual-looking shoe with the DNA and features of a high-performance trail shoe, and is at home both on or off the bike. This low-profile shoe is optimized for traction, using Specialized’s Slip Not rubber sole, which offers a legendarily-grippy pedal feel and lets you confidently maneuver through tricky terrain, while a padded foam midsole adds cushioning for bigger hits ...


Specialized | 2Fo Clip 2.0 Mtb Shoes Men's | Size 36 In Rocket Red | Rubber

$31.94 80% off $159.99 msrp

SPECIALIZED 2FO CLIPLITE MTB SHOESFOOT-OUT, FLAT-OUTWhen riders want to push their limits, they should have the best pedals and shoes while riding. The Specialized 2FO Clip Lite MTB Shoes provides an excellent pedal connection, comfort, and protection. It features Body Geometry sole construction and footbeds that boost power, efficiency, and reduces the chance of injury by optimizing the hip, knee, and foot alignment. It has a Landing Strip cleat pocket that makes it easy to ...


Sidi | Alba 2 Women's Road Shoes | Size 38 In Black | Nylon

$215.99 20% off $269.99 msrp

SIDI Alba 2 Women’s Road Shoes Step Into Performance SIDI’s well-deserved reputation for performance and comfort is on display with the SIDI Alba 2 Women’s Road Shoes. At the heart of the Alba 2 is SIDI’s Millennium 4 Carbon Composite Sole, a carbon-injected nylon sole, which balances the stiffness of carbon fiber with the durability of nylon. The Soft Instep Closure System 3 is an EVA-padded ergonomic strap which is adjustable on both sides to ...


Specialized | Air Tool Sport Switchhitter Ii Floor Pump Black


SPECIALIZED AIR TOOL SPORT SWITCHHITTER II FLOOR PUMPHITTING THE SWITCHESKeeping your tires pumped up properly has numerous benefits. You'll be able to roll faster, you'll increase your tire's lifespan, and you'll have a reduced chance of flats. The Specialized Air Tool Sport Switch Hitter II Floor Pump is an economical, all-metal floor pump with all of the essentials for easy inflation and accurate reading. It features a 2" oversized gauge that is easy to read ...


Specialized | Air Tool Hp Pump Pump


SPECIALIZED AIR TOOL HP PUMPA HIGH-PRESSURE FLOOR PUMPKeeping your tires inflated not only helps prevent pinch flats, but it also helps riders go faster. The Specialized Air Tool HP Pump is designed to high-pressure tires and inflates them with minimal effort. It will pump a 700c tire up to 100 PSI with 30% less effort. It features a 2. 5" oversized gauge so you can accurately see what pressure your tires are at, and it ...


Specialized | Air Tool Pro Pump Polished


SPECIALIZED AIR TOOL PRO PUMPA Pro level pump offering elite performance Keeping your tires inflated helps to prevent pinch flats and can help riders go faster. Some people might think that a pump is just a pump, but the quality of the pump makes a difference with how long the pump will last. The Specialized Air Tool Pro Pump is a high-performance floor pump that is made from premium materials. It features a large 3" ...


Specialized | Air Tool Uhp Pump Polished


SPECIALIZED AIR TOOL UHP PUMPInflate rear shocks in seconds Suspension can be a complicated thing. If you have your suspension pumped up too much or not enough, then your bike won't ride as efficiently as it can. The Specialized Air Tool UHP Pump is designed for ultra high-pressure suspension and goes up to 300 PSI ten times faster than regular shock pumps. It features a two-stage head with a micro air bleed for setting the ...


Lezyne | Tech Drive Hv Small Frame Pump | Black | 166Mm, 90Psi, Presta/schrader


Lezyne Tech Drive HV Frame Pump - Small Lezyne's HV Tech Drive is the premier choice for those looking for the best performance and longevity from their hand pump. Lezyne's HV (high volume) optimized design allows you pump up your high volume, lower pressure tires to your desired pressure with 30% fewer strokes then comparable mini pumps. Lezyne achieves this by using a different volume/pressure ratio in the body, but maintains a slim package for ...


Serfas | Fp-T2 Air Force Floor Pump Grey


SERFAS FP-T2 AIR FORCE FLOOR PUMPSO I CAN GET INFLATIN' WITH MY AIR FORCE PUMPHaving properly inflated tires before you head out for a ride is important. Tires that aren't inflated properly are more susceptible to flats and won't roll as efficiently as tires that are properly inflated. Every rider should have a floor pump at home to inflate tires. The Serfas FP-T2 Air Force Floor Pump is an ergonomic pump that is perfect for ...


Lezyne | Gauge Drive Hp-Medium Frame Pump | Black | Hi Gloss


Lezyne Gauge Drive HP Hand Pump Lezyne's Gauge Drive is the premier choice for those looking for the perfect blend of performance and longevity in a hand pump. The Gauge Drive HP's (high pressure) optimized design allows you pump up your high pressure, lower volume tires such as those for road bikes, to the proper riding pressure with fewer strokes than similar mini pumps. Lezyne achieves this by using an overlapping handle and barrel with ...


Topeak | Joeblow Sport Digital Floor Pump Black, 160Psi / 11Bar Digital Gauge, Twinhead Dx5 | Rubber


Topeak Joe Blow Sport Digital Floor Pump The Topeak Joe Blow Sport Digital Floor Pump features an easy-to-read mid-mounted digital gauge delivers accurate tire pressure readings up to 160psi / 11bar, which is ideal when you want your tire pressure to sit at a specific setting. The Hammer type Twin Head® DX5 pump head with an extra-long, tangle-free hose makes it easy to reach valve stems. A durable steel barrel and large steel base with ...


Lezyne | Grip Drive Hp Pump | Black | Medium


Lezyne Grip Drive HP Pump The Lezyne Grip Drive HP Pump is a high pressure bicycle hand pump featuring a knurled barrel for superior grip while pumping. Its proven engineered design with an overlapping handle is constructed from machined aluminum, providing superior durability, minimal weight and all of the style. The integrated ABS Flex Hose is presta and shrader valve compatible, and greatly improves pumping action and ergonomics. This mini pump is completely rebuildable and ...