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Salsa | Salt Flat Handlebar 31.8Mm, 800M | Aluminum


SALSA SALT FLAT HANDLEBARWhatever your adventure, Salt Flat Handlebars are lightweight, comfortable, and durable. Available in a wide 750 or 800mm options, the Salt bar offers plenty of control with room for accessories. Whether you are racing, riding laps at your local track, or exploring new trail for the first time, grab hold and let’r rip! Features Lightweight and strong 6061-T6 aluminum alloy construction Signature 11° back sweep, 6° up sweep, zero rise Graduated ends ...


Salsa | Salt Flat Carbon Handlebar 31.8Mm, 750Mm


SALSA SALT FLAT CARBON HANDLEBARWhatever your adventure, Salt Flat Handlebars are lightweight, comfortable, and durable. Available in a wide 750 and 800mm options for the ultimate in control and the ability to mount accessories. Whether you are racing, riding laps at your local track, or exploring new trail for the first time, grab hold and let’r rip! Features Signature 11° back sweep, 6° up sweep, zero rise800mm and 750mm width options Graduated ends for easy ...


Thomson | Titanium | Mountain Flat Handlebar 730Mm Width, 6 Degree Sweep


Though not as light as carbon fiber, titanium offers a wonderfully smooth ride quality unparalleled by any material in the cycling world. It also features a unique and stunning aesthetic and excellent strength and durability. Perfect for rigid mountain bikes thanks to its compliant ride qualities, Thomson's titanium handlebar is truly a work of cycling art. 31. 8mm clamp diameter Titanium construction 73cm wide Flat bar Weight: 310g | Thomson | Titanium | Mountain Flat ...


Specialized | Roval Control Lightweight Bars 780 Flat


Roval Control SL 35mm Handlebar It's Super Light Handlebars are a great way to lighten up your mountain bike. The Roval Control SL 35mm Handlebar is lightweight and stiff. It is made of high-modulus carbon fiber and comes in a 780mm width that includes cut marks to customize the width. It has a 6° upsweep, 8° backsweep, and a 35mm clamp diameter. These bars are perfect for XC racing where stiffness and lightness are the ...


Race Face | Next Flat Handlebar | Black | 31.8Mm, 720Mm Width


Race Face Next Flat Handlebar Race Face's Next carbon fiber is built with a leading edge, unidirectional carbon weave that allows it to maintain an XC weight, while still being able to meet Race Face's downhill strength requirements. The Next bar also features a reinforced stem anit-crush zone, adding valuable strength to the weakest part of most carbon bars. 31. 8mm clamps diameter Unidirectional carbon fiber construction 1/4" rise 8 degrees rear sweep, 4 degrees ...


Salsa | Salt Flat Deluxe Handlebar 31.8Mm, 800Mm | Aluminum


SALSA SALT FLAT DELUXE HANDLEBARHaving comfortable handlebars on your bike will keep you wanting to ride longer. The Salsa Salt Flat Handlebars are light, comfortable, and durable handlebars that are perfect for whatever type of adventure you want to go on. They're made from a lightweight and strong 7050 aluminum construction with a polished finish. They have graduated lines for easy trimming and a 31. 8mm bar clamp diameter with a 100mm width so you ...


Ridefarr | Carbon Aero V3 Bolt-On Handlebar | Black | 31.8Mm, 144Mm Long


Ridefarr Carbon Aero V3 Bolt-On Handlebar It’s time to get aero On long rides, stage races, or even bikepacking trips, having multiple hand positions is key to staying comfortable and riding fast. With the Farr Carbon Aero Bolt-On you can easily add an aero position to your gravel, road, or cross country bike in just a few minutes. It features a superlight carbon construction that keeps weight to an absolute minimum, with the whole system ...


Thomson | Carbon | Mountain Handlebar 730Mm Length 0Mm Rise 8 Degree Sweep


Thomson Carbon Mountain Handlebar Thomson's Mountain flat bar is made from unidirectional Toray carbon fiber and uses 3 different types of fiber of varying tensile strengths to create a bar that is strong enough for all-mountain and freeride, yet lightweight enough for racing. Unlike most other bars that are made in multiple pieces then glued together, Thomson makes their Mountain bar in one piece over an EPS mandrel that removes wrinkles inside the layup during ...


Whisky Parts Co. | Spano Drop Handlebar Carbon, 31.8Mm, 44Cm, Black


Whisky Spano Drop Handlebar Soakin' up bad vibrations Getting off the pavement can be a great feeling, but not always for your hands. The Whisky Spano bar is designed to take a bit of the “gravely feeling” from being transmitted through your handlebars, so you can focus on enjoying the ride. The flat top design incorporates a small amount of vertical flex, which acts as micro-suspension over rough roads and dirt trails, and also provides ...


Wolf Tooth Components | Encase System Bar Kit Kit


Wolf Tooth ENCASE SYSTEM BAR KITHIDDEN TOOLSWhen you're out riding the trails, storage space can be limited unless you're wearing a backpack. Out on the trail, you'll always want to carry some tools with you just in case you get a flat, or you need to make an adjustment to your bike. The En Case System Bar Kit lets you easily carry everything you need for trailside repair, in a secure out-of-the-way location. It is ...


Zipp | Service Course Sl-70 Ergo Handlebar | Matte Black/gloss Logo | 44Cm, 31.8, B2 | Aluminum


ZIPP SERVICE COURSE SL-70 ERGO HANDLEBARLIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLEHandlebars have a significant impact on your riding comfort and performance. The Zipp Service Course SL-70 Ergo Handlebar has a contoured top section for a natural ergonomic grip on the bar tops for all-day comfort in a race-ready bar. The ergonomic flat top has a 3° backsweep for wrist comfort and a 10° ramp angle that provides a perfect transition from bars to hoods. Sizes 40cm and up ...


Easton | Ec70 Aero Road Handlebar | Black | 31.8Mm, 44Mm Width


Easton EC70 Aero Road Handlebar Comfort and Speed The EC70 Aero carbon road bars are similar to the EC90 Aero but features a deeper drop, longer reach, and employs Easton's second tier carbon fiber to create a more affordable carbon handlebar option. While still remaining extremely strong and lightweight, the EC70 Aero road bars sport flat tops for added comfort while climbing or just cruising along and an ergonomic bend giving a low, aerodynamic position ...


Specialized | S-Works Shallow Handlebar | Black | 42 Cm


Specialized S-Works Shallow Handlebar Performance and comfort The S-Works Shallow Handlebar is a high-performance bar ideal for smaller hands or riders who spend most of their time climbing. The bars feature an ergonomic top perch with smooth transitions to alleviate pressure on your hands and improve comfort. The Fact Carbon construction is light, strong, and durable and a flat forward-facing section of bar is optimized for dual cable routing. The Shallow bars are compatible with ...


Surly | Cheater Handlebar | Black | 780Mm | Steel


Surly Cheater Handlebar The Surly Cheater Handlebar is Surly's standard sweep mountain bar, in specs like you'd expect: Cromo steel construction, fits 31. 8mm stems, no rise, and an 11 degree sweep. Say it again, it's Chromo, flat and 11 degrees. Moto. It's like this because it works, it's a Surly bar. Surly Cheater Handlebar Specifications: Material: Cromoly steel Clamp diameter: 31. 8mm Width: 780mm Rise: 0mm Sweep Angle: 11 degrees Color: Clear Coat Silver ...


Ritchey | Comp Ergomax Drop Handlebar | Black | 46Cm, 31.8, 128Mm Drop, 73Mm Reach | Aluminum


Ritchey Comp Ergo Max Drop Handlebar The Ritchey Comp Ergo Max Drop Handlebar enjoys a rich history of handlebar design and development and combines it with the modern demands of discerning riders who enjoy riding varying surfaces. It’s designed to enhance control and comfort when riding along loose surfaces and is ideal for gravel riding since it places the hands in a wider, more stable position while in the drops. The Ergomax handlebar also features ...