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EBC Disc Brake Pads for Formula Brakes Red Compound - Mega, One, RX, R1

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EBC brake pads are specially designed for the rigors of mountain biking. Featuring a high friction rating and excellent durability, EBC disc brake pads will have you stopping on a dime. Fits Formula disc brake models R1, Mega, RX, and One Green Compound: Cross-country, Red Compound: High Friction/DH Racing only, Gold Compound: High Durability/Wet/Muddy riding Includes two pads (enough for 1 caliper). Order two(2) if replacing both front and rear brakes. | EBC Disc Brake ...


Swiss Stop Organic Disc Brake Pads Organic Disc 25


Swiss Stop Organic Brake PadsBuilt to fit a wide variety of mountain biking’s best brake sets, Swiss Stop made these pads using high performance Kevlar, ceramic, brass, and resin composite to add power to your braking. With minimal effort, these pads offer massive effectiveness in both dry and wet conditions.Compatible brakes17: Avid Juicy 3,5,7,Carbon,Ultimate, BB7 Mechanical18: Formula ORO21: Magura Marta 2009, Louise 2007/08, Louise Bat, Louise Carbon, Julie hp, Brake Force One BFO ...


Swiss Stop Disc Brake Pads Disc E Disc E 32


Swiss Stop Brake Pads Disc ESwiss Stop’s Disc E Brake Pads are designed to last. The high endurance braking compound offers excellent temperature stability and easy modulation of braking force. This pad compound is designed to give riders consistent braking power throughout, and the organic makeup is low on noise and rotor friendly.FeaturesLong lasting high endurance compoundEasy modulation gives you consistent braking powerOrganic formula is quiet and rotor friendlyDISC E 31AVIDXO ...


Swiss Stop Sintered Disc Brake Pads Sintered 30


SWISS STOP SINTERED DISC BRAKE PADSSwiss Stop Sintered Disc Brake Pads provide superior stopping power for your Road, Mountain, or any disc brake equipped bike. The metallic compound is long lasting and maintains stopping power in all conditions.Fit GuideSintered 16: Shimano XTR BR-M975, BR-M966, BR-M965, XT BR-M776, BR-M775, BR-M765, SLX BR-M665, LX BR-M585, BR-T665, BR-T605, DEORE BR-M596, BR-M595, BR-M535, ALFINE BR-S501, BR-S500, SAINT BR-M800, HONE BR-M601, BR-M545, BR-R505. TRP Dash ...


Kool-Stop Aero-Kool Disc Brake Pad For Magura MT2, MT4, MT6, MT8

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Kool-Stop Aero-Kool Disc Brake Pads It's your worst nightmare. You're hauling down the trail, coming in hot to an unfamiliar corner. Round the apex and in your way is a jumbled mess of pine cones, rocks, and what may very likely be fresh horse droppings. There is no way you want to run into that stuff. You grab a handful of brake lever but nothing happens. Soft, squishy, and low powered, there's no missing it ...


Swiss Stop Exotherm2 Brake Pads Exo Therm 27


Swiss Stop Exo Therm Disc Brake PadsThe Swiss Stop Exo Therm Disc Brake Pads provide you with maximum brake pad life with minimal brake fade. It does so by combining an extremely durable, smooth modulating pad with a cooling fin equipped back plate. The provides you with consistent, powerful braking in all conditions no matter the weather.Featurespad wear rate is much lower than competitorssmooth, consistent brake performancelightweight at 22 grams per pair (Disc 28 EXOTherm)Pad ...