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Benno Front Tray Basket Black


BENNO FRONT TRAY BASKETJUST THROW IT IN THE BASKETBaskets make it easy to carry essentials. With a basket on the front of your bike, you can just toss your gear in and keep riding. The Benno Front Tray Basket is designed to fit the Benno eScout, RemiDemi, Boost E up to 2019, eJoy, and Carry On bikes. It mounts to the front and lets you easily stow your essentials for the ride ahead. This is ...


The Batch Basket Faux wicker


THE BATCH BASKETA FRESH BATCH OF BASKETSThere are many reasons to have a basket on the front of your bike. A basket lets you carry your larger riding essentials without the need for a backpack. The Batch Basket is a sleek faux-wicker backet that is weather resistant and attaches to the handlebars via a quick-release bracket. This means you can detach and carry the backet wherever you go.FeaturesFaux-wicker basket that is weather-resistantDetachable so you can ...


Blackburn Local Basket Black


Blackburn Local Basket Equip your bike with the versatile and robust Blackburn Local Basket. It's capable of being installed on the front or rear, making the grocery run an easy task that can be handled any time. Adjust the height or width to accommodate your package. It's also disc brake compatible, allowing it to fit almost any road or mountain bike. Features Universal swivel mounting hardware allows mounting on most adult bikes Robust legs attach ...


Benno Utility Front Tray Bag Black, for: Boost/Carry On/eJoy


Benno Utility Front Tray BagThe Utility Front Tray Bag is designed to perfectly fit in the Benno Front Tray which can be installed on multipe Benno bikes. It installs easily with velcro tabs ensure that your cargo stays secure during your ride. It’s unique and versatile design gives you multiple closure options. Close the top and fold it over onto the Velcro strips, roll the top and secure the plastic fastener, or cuff the sides ...