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Cinelli | Gel Cork Handlebar Tape Natural Cork

$17.99 7% off $19.55 msrp

Cinelli Gel Cork Handlebar TapeCinelli is one of the oldest names in cycling, and their handlebar tape's history stretches back to the days of yore! Cinelli's famous tape is still the preferred choice for many pro cyclists. Embellish your classic bike build or give your modern bike that old-school cool with Cinelli Gel Cork bar tape. Cork bar tape has a classic great feel and just the right amount of cushioning and grip. For certain ...


Salsa | Gel Cork Bar Tape Dark Blue


Salsa Gel Cork Bar TapeThe Salsa Gel Cork Bar Tape is made out of, as the name implies, cork. Long used for its comfort the cork bartape has become a staple and a leading choice for wrapping bars for decades. The cork material absobs sweat, is comfy for the palms of your hands, and is grippy, so no need to worry about your hands slipping mid sprint for that segment you've set yours eyes on. ...


SRAM | Red Gel Handlebar Lever Transition Gel

$20.99 12% off $24.00 msrp

SRAM RED GEL HANDLEBAR LEVER TRANSITION GEL PADSADDED COMFORTDiscomfort is a common occurence with many riders. Many riders will have discomfort in the hindquarters, hands, back, and feet. All of these can be easily combatted with things like a proper bike fit, gloves, or shoes. The SRAM Red Gel Handlebar Lever Transition Gel Pads are pads that you put under your handlebar tape for a more comfortable ride. The pads help to reduce the vibrations ...


Salsa | Glyph Gel Cork Bar Tape Natural/Tan


Salsa Glyph Gel Cork Bar TapeAdd Style and Comfort to Your HandlebarsBar tape may be built for one purpose; keeping your hands comfortable and happy. But, Salsa thinks it can do so much more. With a mix of colors to make your bike's style pop, and pictures of happy things to inspire you to ride for adventure, fun, or maybe just to get some ice cream, the Glyph Gel Cork Tape adds style and panache ...


Fi'zi:k | Terra Microtex Bondcush Tacky Tape | Dark Blue | Gel Backer, 3mm


Fizik Terra Microtex Bondcush Tacky TapeThe Fizik Terra Microtex Bondcush Tacky Bartape features a mid-padding polymer foam for increased road buzz absorption with unparalleled performance, durability, and versatility. A sticky gel backing serves two functions: it replaces the adhesive tape for an easy removal during cleaning and damps off-road chatter without feeling too squishy. The tacky finish provides a non-slip surface with a raised texture that performs in all weather conditions. The ...


Spank | Gravel Drop Bar Tape, Gel Pad & Plug Kit Black Wing

$36.79 20% off $45.99 msrp

SPANK Wing Gravel Drop Bar Tape, Gel Pads & Plugs KitThe handlebars are one of the only places where you contact you bike and should be comfortable and streamlined. The Spank Wing Gravel Drop Bar Tape, Gel Pads & Plugs kit upgrades any cockpit and comes with bar tape, gel pads and bar end plugs. Spanks Flare Bar Tape is made with a microfiber with polyurethane layer, which is super-durable and grippy in all conditions. ...


Fi'zi:k | Bar Gel 4 Pieces White


The Fi’zi;k Under- Tape adds a layer of gel comfort to your handlebars, which is perfect for touring and epic riding. 4 piece set Bar tape is not included | Fi'zi:k | Bar Gel 4 Pieces White