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Giro Matte Black Large Helmet


Giro | Cinder Mips Helmet Men's | Size Large in Matte Black/Charcoal


Giro Cinder MIPS HelmetThe wind is buzzing in your ears, the heart is pounding, your grip tightens, you realize you are going faster than ever before. Knowing that you are well protected will allow you the confidence to push your limits. The Cinder MIPS helmet provides all the features you want into a lightweight, attractive package. MIPS technology is designed to reduce rotational forces, the type of forces that will deliver the knockout blow. A ...


Giro | Manifest MIPS Helmet Men's | Size Medium in Matte Black Hypnotic


Giro Manifest Spherical HelmetThe Giro Manifest Spherical Helmet, with Spherical Technology™, best-in-class ventilation, full coverage and luxurious comfort, is the most premium trail riding helmet available. The Giro Manifest Helmet features Spherical Technology which utilizes a ball-and-socket design that’s powered by MIPS® to redirect impact forces. Developed in Giro’s test lab in partnership with MIPS®, Spherical Technology allows the outer liner to rotate around the inner liner during ...


Giro | Disciple Mips Helmet Men's | Size Extra Small in Matte Black/Gloss Black

$200.00 20% off $250.00 msrp

Giro Disciple MIPS HelmetThe Disciple MIPS helmet was designed to meet DH standards as well as the demands of freeride, downhill and enduro riders. Constructed with a fiberglass shell, plush interior padding and vented brow ports for comfort, the Giro Disciple is a super-comfortable downhill helmet. The Disciple features MIPS, or Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, which helps reduce rotational forces cause by angled impacts. For additional safety, Giro used vinyl nitrile-lined chin ...


Giro|Bell Full 9 Helmet Men's | Size Extra Large/XX Large in Matte Gray/Black FastHouse

$267.00 40% off $445.00 msrp

BELL FULL 9 HelmetALL OF THE 9Whether you're having fun in the bike park or you're bombin' down the mountain at top speed, you'll want a full-face helmet that will protect your noggin. The Bell Full 9 helmet does just that and much more. The Full 9 meets the most stringent ASTM downhill mountain bike racing standard as well as CPSC and CE bicycle safety benchmarks. It has 10 vents and 3 brow ports to ...


Giro | Aether Mips Cycling Helmet Men's | Size Large in Matte White/Silver

$299.94 14% off $350.00 msrp

Giro Aether Mips Cycling HelmetThe Giro Aether Mips Cycling Helmet combines airy, open design with the MIPS® Spherical Technology which offers rotational management to advance head protection for cyclists. It utilizes Giro’s new MIPS® Spherical Technology, which is embedded between the layers of EPS foam to give riders the benefits of MIPS without any obstruction to comfort or cooling power. You’ll get ample ventilation thanks to the massive vents created by the 6-piece shell. The ...


Giro | Helios Spherical Helmet Men's | Size Small in Matte Black Crossing


Giro Helios Spherical HelmetPerformance? Yes. Adventure? Always. The Giro Helios Spherical helmet is Giro’s high-performance adventure-ready helmet featuring their Spherical protection technology, perfect for your next backroads exploration session or competitive group ride. The Spherical ball-and-socket technology incorporated into the Helios provides protection from rotational forces during an impact, allowing the inner and outer layers to rotate separately to disperse harmful forces in ...


Giro | Women's Radix Mips Helmet | Size Medium in Matte Black/Electric Purple


Women's Radix Mips HelmetRUGGED STYLE AND DURABILITYThe Women's Radix Mips Helmet combines rugged style and durability to meet the demands of core trail riders with the coverage, lightweight and ventilation riders need to ride comfortably and comfortably for hours on end. The highly adjustable Roc Loc 5. 5 MIPS system allows you to customize fit and feel for enhanced stability and long-range comfort while providing an added measure of protection from rotational forces in the ...


Giro | Women's Montara Mips Helmet | Size Medium in Matte Black/Electric Purple

$120.00 20% off $150.00 msrp

Giro Women's Montara Mips HelmetWhether you're riding on the rolling hills, cruising the fire roads, or bombing down the mountain, you should be wearing a helmet to protect your head. The Giro Montara MIPS Women's Helmet is a mountain bike helmet designed for women that is loaded with features. It has a POV Plus visor that allows riders to lift the visor so they can place your goggles on the front of the helmet. It ...


Giro | Fixture MIPS Helmet Men's in Matte Grey


Giro Fixture MIPS HelmetWearing a quality helmet while mountain biking can be the difference between enjoying your ride or having to end early. Proper features like MIPS® brain protection offer class leading protection while the Roc Loc® Sport fit system allows you to perfectly dial in the fit of the helmet. A universal fit design ensures that the helmet will fit most riders. Large ventilation ports keep you cool as you power up your local ...


Giro | Tyrant Mips Helmet Men's | Size Small in Matte Trim Red


GIRO TYRANT MIPS HELMETFOR PROGRESSIVE TRAIL RIDERSWhether you're bombin' down the mountain, going for a KOM, or just cruising the trails, you should have a helmet on your head to protect your noggin. The Giro Tyrant MIPS Helmet is designed to meet the needs of today's progressive trail riders. With extended coverage all around the head, the Tyrant combines the coverage of a full-face helmet and the breathability of a half-shell. The Tyrant has Wind ...


Giro | Switchblade Mips Helmet Men's | Size Large in Black


Giro Switchblade MIPS HelmetThe Switchblade MIPS helmet from Giro is a downhill-rated full face helmet with a removable chinbar for riders who go fast downhill. Everything about the Switchblade is optimized for the descent, and that's why it's certified to CPSC, EN-1078 and ASTM-1952-DH with and without the chinbar. The chinbar is easy to remove just push the buttons under the chinbar, rotate up, and remove, plus it's just as easy to reinstall. The Switchblade ...


Giro | Source Mips Helmet Men's | Size Small in Matte Chalk


Giro Source MIPS HelmetThe Giro Source is rugged and ready for any adventure. 17 vents direct a massive amount of airflow to keep you cool, allowing you to stay out on the trails longer. Integrated Mips® technology protects from rotational forces during certain types of impacts and is integrated directly into the Roc Loc® 5 fit system, for advanced protection built right in. The screw-in visor is removable and highly adjustable for any conditions, while ...


Giro | Escape Mips Helmet Women's | Size Large in Matte Graphite


Giro Escape MIPS HelmetIlluminating your commuteWhether you’re a commuter who starts their day before the sun comes up, or are just looking for a casual helmet packed full of safety features, the Giro Escape Mips is for you. With integrated Mips® technology built right in, rotational forces are lessened from certain impacts—while deeper coverage improves overall protection when riding through the urban jungle. Setting the Escape Mips apart from the competition is the built-in set ...


Giro | Artex Mips MTN Bike Helmet


GIRO ARTEX MIPS MOUNTAIN BIKE HELMETA HIGHLY VERSATILE HELMETMany cross-country riders and racers want their equipment to be lightweight and aerodynamic so they can ride faster, even their helmets. The Giro Artex MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet offers an exceptionally compact road-race design with a removable visor and slightly deeper coverage. It features a secure fit thanks to the Roc Loc 5 Air Mips® system and has Cool-Fit Anti-Microbial padding. The Mips® technology helps reduce rotational ...


Giro | Montaro Mips Helmet 2020 Men's | Size Small in Matte Portaro Grey


Giro Montaro MIPS HelmetThe Giro Montaro MIPS Helmet is designed for aggressive trail and all-mountain riding and features extended coverage on the sides of the head. This helmet includes MIPS, which helps to reduces rotational forces caused by certain impacts. For a superior fit and feel, the Montaro uses Giro’s Roc Loc 5 Air fit system, which boosts ventilation while providing an easy to use and secure fit. The micro-adjust dial in the rear of ...


Giro | Scamp Mips Youth Bike Helmet


Giro Scamp Mips Youth Bike HelmetLOADED WITH FEATURESThe Giro Scamp Mips Youth Bike Helmet is packed full of amazing features that enhance the ride and provide great comfort and protection. It includes some of the best elements found in Giro’s adult helmet offerings. Features like the Roc-Loc fit system that provides an easy way to fit the kid’s helmet quickly and securely. With a wide size range, the child can use this helmet as they ...


Giro|Bell Stratus Mips Helmet 2020 Men's | Size Small in Matte/Gloss Gray/Infrared

$102.00 40% off $170.00 msrp

BELL STRATUS MIPS HELMETRIDING INTO THE STRATUSPHEREWhether you're cruising to your local coffee shop or you're racing to the podium, you need to have a helmet on your head. Accidents can happen to anyone, so you need to always be prepared. The Bell Stratus MIPS Helmet is light and fast as well as cool and comfortable. It has 18 vents with overbrow ventilation that ushers in cool air and push it through the air-channel matrix. ...


Bell | Stratus Mips Helmet Men's | Size Small in Matte Gloss White/Black/Mint

$136.00 20% off $170.00 msrp

GIRO STRATUS MIPS HELMETLIGHTWEIGHT PROTECTIONNo matter where you're riding, you should have a helmet on your head. Accidents can happen at any time, so you should always stay protected. The Giro Stratus MIPS Helmet is a lightweight helmet that is designed for road riding. It features MIPS that helps reduce rotational forces that are caused by certain impacts. The Float Fit system is minimalist and makes it easy to dial in the perfect fit. No-Twist ...