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Ixs | Trail Evo Helmet Men's | Size Extra Large In Graphite

$94.94 20% off $119.00 msrp

IXS Trail Evo Helmet Stylish protection on a budget If you’ve been looking for a trail helmet that won’t break the bank but still look good and provide a decent amount of protection, you’ve found your match. Introducing the IXS Trail Evo Helmet, a stylish trail helmet outfitted with 360 degree in-mold EPS technology and provides loads of ventilation. Featuring Ergo Fit Ultra TM, the Trail Evo Helmet provides a precise fit with the adjustment ...


7Idp | Project 23 Abs Helmet Men's | Size Medium In Graphite/black


7i DP Project 23 ABS Helmet Seven Intelligent Design Protection is back at it again with its new full-face helmet. Introducing the 7i DP Project 23 ABS Helmet, a new take on 7i DP’s downhill helmet with an upgraded look. The ABS shell helps reduce weight and absorb shock, making the Project 23 ABS Helmet incredibly light (lighter than the carbon and fiberglass versions) and strong. 23 big bore vents provide superior ventilation and the ...


Ixs | Trigger Am Mips Helmet Men's | Size Small/medium In Camo Black


IXS Trigger AM MIPS Helmet Full noggin protection The IXS Trigger AM Helmet is an all-mountain-rated, half-shell helmet that is back and now includes a key safety upgrade. This new and improved version of the IXS Trigger AM features MIPS, a low-friction layer that help to reduce rotational forces from angled impacts. IXS’s patented in-mold technology connects the helmets impact-absorbing EPS liner directly to the outer shell, reducing energy transmitted to your brain in a ...


Ixs | Trigger Ff Mips Helmet Men's | Size Medium/large In Black


IXS Trigger MIPS FF Helmet Full noggin protection Aggressive riding means you need aggressive protection, and nothing protects your head better while you're riding hard than a full-face helmet. The IXS Trigger Full Face Helmet provides all-around protection with a patented in-mold technology where the helmet shell is directly connected with the impact-absorbing EPS material. The Trigger FF also features X-Frame, a unique internal frame that drastically improves the helmets overall strength ...


7Idp | Visor M5 Helmets In Black/graphite

$11.94 20% off $15.00 msrp

7i DP M5 Visor Helmet Visor Did you break or somehow end up losing your visor or want to customize your 7i DP M5 Helmet? Pick your color and get your helmet back on the trail. The M5 Helmet Visor is here to save your day in case you found yourself needing to replace the old and worn out helmet visor on your 7i DP M5 Helmet. You’ll gain instant satisfaction as soon as you ...


7Idp | Project 23 Gf Helmet Men's | Size Extra Large In Matt Deep Space Blue/gloss Grey


7i DP Project 23 Fiberglass Helmet Introducing the 7i DP Project 23 Fiberglass Helmet, 7i DP’s downhill helmet with upgraded protection. The Project 23 Fiberglass Helmet features S. E. R. T. (Seven Energy Reduction Technology), a revolutionary impact and rotational forces management system that uses a slip-plane system to manage energy transmission in the event of a crash. The fiberglass shell helps reduce weight and absorb shock, making the Project 23 Fiberglass Helmet incredibly light ...