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Fi'zi:k | Tempo Microtex Bondcush Soft Tape | Yellow | 3mm


Fizik Tempo Microtex Bondcush Soft TapeThe Fizik Tempo Microtex Bondcush Soft Bartape features a mid-padding polymer foam for increased road buzz absorption with unparalleled performance, durability, and versatility. The soft touch is a matt-look, silky moisture absorbing surface. The Tempo tape is a perfect all-around bartape. FeaturesTempo are tapes designed for an unparalled performance, durability, and versatility of use. Bondcush is layered mid-padding polymer foam that aids the ...


Specialized | S-Wrap HD Tape Highlight Reflective


Specialized S-Wrap HD TapeStrong and ComfortableThe Specialized S-Wrap HD Tape is designed for high performance comfort. The gel backing reduces road vibrations and allows for easy re-wrap. The diamond texture provides ample grip and confident control. To top it off, the grips exterior is heavy duty and extremely durable. The HD Tape is available in multiple color-ways to perfectly match your bike. FeaturesDiamond exterior is heavy duty and long lastingGel backing takes the sting out ...


Salsa | Gel Cork Bar Tape Orange


Salsa Gel Cork Bar TapeThe Salsa Gel Cork Bar Tape is made out of, as the name implies, cork. Long used for its comfort the cork bartape has become a staple and a leading choice for wrapping bars for decades. The cork material absobs sweat, is comfy for the palms of your hands, and is grippy, so no need to worry about your hands slipping mid sprint for that segment you've set yours eyes on. ...


Easton | Microfiber Bar Tape White


Easton Microfiber Bar TapeEaston Microfiber Tape minimizes road buzz with adhesive gel backing, anti-shock foam and a microfiber cloth surface. It transmits road feel without harshness and doesn't get squishy or slippery like traditional gel tape. Easton Microfiber Bar Tape FeaturesMicrofiber cloth surfaceAnti-shock foamIncludes bar plugsAdhesive backing | Easton | Microfiber Bar Tape White


Newbaum's | Cotton Cloth Handlebar Tape | Red | Single Roll


Newbaum's Cotton Cloth Handlebar Tape The Newbaum's Cotton Cloth Handlebar Tape is made from highly durable milled cotton cloth. It can add a certain amount of vintage vibe to your steel road bike from the 80's or can also serve as a super weight weenie option for your ultra-light race bike. It provides you with the tactile feel of cotton, which you'll fall in love with and choose over anything else available in the market. ...