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Fabric Line Shallow Elite Saddle Black/Green

$80.00 11% off $90.00 msrp

Fabric Line Shallow Elite SaddleA good saddle is hard to come by, and saddles that may look comfortable are not always that. Whether or not the Line Shallow Elite saddle looks comfortable to you or not, we can assure you that Fabric didn't cut any corners when they set out to design a saddle that's as easy on the eyes as it is on your bottom. The Line uses a split, single piece, full-length pad ...


SDG I-Fly 2.0 I-Beam Saddle Black/Neon Green

$49.99 44% off $90.00 msrp

SDG I-FLY 2.0 I-Beam Saddle The new and iproved SDG I-FLY 2.0 I-Beam Saddle is SDG's lightest "fully padded" I-Beam saddle. The I-Fly uses the patented I-Beam Technology, the original "Mono Rail" seat to post connection system which utilizes the latest composite materials to create an extremely light yet unbelievably strong saddle. The I-Fly offers one of the best strength to weight ratio with greater adjustability than nearly all other conventional saddle designs. Road rider, ...


SDG Bel-Air V3 Lux-Alloy Saddle Black Base


SDG Bel-Air 3.0 Lux-Alloy SaddleFOR A LIMITED TIME buy any SDG Bel-Air V3 saddle and receive a FREE pair of black SDG Thrice Grips. Just add both the saddle and grips to your cart.The SDG Bel-Air 3.0 Lux-Alloy Saddle is a revised version of the well-known Bel-Air saddles, which are practical and comfortable and all-around comfort and functionality.. It’s the ideal saddle for recreational trial and all-terrain riding. For nearly a decade, the Bel-Air has ...


Fabric Scoop Flat Elite Saddle White, Black


Fabric Scoop Flat Elite Saddle Fabric's Scoop Flat Elite Saddle is offered in three different rider profiles, ensuring an option to best suit just about any type of rider. All Scoop saddles are built to provide flexibility, stability and tailor-made comfort for all disciplines of cycling. Employing a unique flexible base, vacuum bonded upper and a custom design rail, the Fabric Scoop offers a formidable blend of comfort, performance and simplicity. Features Cro-mo rail Flexible ...