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Giro | Artex Mips MTN Bike Helmet


GIRO ARTEX MIPS MOUNTAIN BIKE HELMETA HIGHLY VERSATILE HELMETMany cross-country riders and racers want their equipment to be lightweight and aerodynamic so they can ride faster, even their helmets. The Giro Artex MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet offers an exceptionally compact road-race design with a removable visor and slightly deeper coverage. It features a secure fit thanks to the Roc Loc 5 Air Mips® system and has Cool-Fit Anti-Microbial padding. The Mips® technology helps reduce rotational ...


Bell | Super 3R Mips MTN Bike Helmet


BELL SUPER 3R MIPS MOUNTAIN BIKE HELMETWhether you're cruising the fire roads or shredding the single tracks, you need to be wearing a helmet. The Bell Super 3R MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet is one helmet that does it all. It's both a full face helmet and a half shell helmet, thanks to it's Wraparound Protection which features a removable chin-bar. It also features MIPS® Technology which helps reduce rotational forces during angular impacts. The Float ...


Bell | Sanction Mountain Bike Helmet


BELL SANCTION MOUNTAIN BIKE HELMETWhen you're riding your bike, you always want to wear a helmet. This is extra important when you're doing jumps on your bike because you never know when you're going to miss the landing on your jump and fall. The Bell Sanction Mountain Bike Helmet is a lightweight full-face helmet that offers comfort and protection for dirt jumping and BMX riding. It features an ABS hard plastic shell and an adjustable ...


Bell | 4Forty Mips MTN Bike Helmet


BELL 4FORTY MIPS MOUNTAIN BIKE HELMET 2019When the trails start to get tough, you want to wear a helmet that is tougher. The Bell 4Forty MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet is designed for all-mountain riding and is loaded with tons of features to keep you safe and comfortable while riding. It has a Float Fit system that is a lightweight and minimalist fit system that makes dialing in your perfect fit easy. It features a GoggleGuide ...


IXS | Trigger AM Helmet Men's | Size Medium/Large in Grey


IXS TRIGGER AM HELMETALL-MOUNTAIN AND TRAIL HELMETWhether you're bombin' down the mountain or cruising the trails, then you'll want to wear a helmet to protect your head. The type of helmet you wear makes a difference though. A road bike helmet is built for aerodynamics and an all-mountain helmet is designed to protect more of your head while also providing excellent ventilation. The IXS Trigger AM Helmet is a helmet with double inmould shell technology ...


Smith | Forefront 2 Mips Helmet Men's | Size Medium in Matte Cloud Grey


SMITH FOREFRONT 2 MIPS HELMETFeature-PackedThe Smith Forefront 2 MIPS is a feature-packed all-mountain helmet. Born from the original award-winning Forefront, the Forefront 2 MIPS is everything you want and need in a high-tech helmet for any trail. Safety is paramount and the Forefront 2 doesn't skimp on protection, featuring complete Koroyd coverage, which provides breathability and energy-absorbing crumple zones—as well as an internal skeletal structure for additional strength. But it ...


7IDP | M1 Helmet Men's | Size Large in Grey


7IDP M1 Helmet 7IDP is no stranger to lending their protective hand to those whose ride with an instinctive rowdiness. A familiar face with their knee, back, and elbow guards being worn by pros and diehard rider everywhere, 7IDP makes it known that they're here to stay in the helmet realm with their new M1 full-face helmet. Through its lightweight polycarbonate shell and CPSC worthy construction, the M1 features a larger eye port for greater ...


Bolle | Exo Helmet Men's | Size Large in Grey Pink Shiny

$68.99 30% off $99.00 msrp

BOLLE EXO HELMETA HELMET WITH A SLEEK DESIGNWhether you're racing to the podium or you're just cruising to your local coffee shop, you're going to want a helmet on your head to protect your noggin. The Bolle EXO Helmet offers an aerodynamic design and is specially engineered to reduce drag for better aero properties. It features a sunglasses garage to store your glasses, a removable and washable lining, a 360° fit system, and deep internal ...


7IDP | M1 Helmet Youth | Size Medium in Grey


7iDP M1 Helmet YouthFull-face protection for young shreddersThe 7iDP M1 Youth helmet is a full-face helmet for younger riders, perfectly suited for racing, or extra protection for a day at the bike park. The M1 features a whopping 17 vents to direct airflow and keep the rider cool during hot laps. The ABS shell helps to keep the weight down and the oversized eye port makes the M1 well-suited for use with goggles. The M1 ...


Giro | Caden II Mips Helmet Men's | Size Medium in Matte Portaro Grey


Giro Caden MIPS II LED HelmetNext-Level CommutingThe Giro Caden MIPS II Helmet brings next-generation technology to a helmet that perfectly fits your lifestyle. Whether it’s a casual weekend cruise, or an epic commute to the office, the Caden MIPS will get you there with safety and style. The integrated Mips® protection system reduces rotational forces on the brain during certain types of impacts, while an in-mold polycarbonate shell and EPS liner absorbs linear forces. The ...


Kali | Cruz Helmet Men's | Size Large/Extra Large in Solid Grey


Kali Cruz HelmetIt’s cruzing timeThe Kali Cruz is ready for your next two-wheeled adventure, whether that’s just cruising down the bike path, commuting to work, or getting lost in nature. Kali’s comprehensive protection strategy keeps you safe by cutting out any unnecessary features and providing you with an extremely safe helmet that’ll protect you in the event of an accident. The Cruz features a Lockport, a specially designed port on the side of the helmet ...


Smith | Express Helmet Men's | Size Medium in Cloud Grey


Smith Express HelmetMinimalist Style For EverydayWhether you're riding the bike paths, commuting to work, or you're running errands around the town on your bike, you'll want to wear a helmet to protect your head. The Smith Express Helmet pairs a lightweight build with a clean, minimalist style for everyday, around-town riding. It features an adjustable dial so you can dial in the perfect fit, 13 fixed vents for consistent airflow, and reflective details that enhance ...


7IDP | Project 23 Carbon Helmet Men's | Size Extra Small in Raw Carbon/Gloss Grey


7iDP Project 23 Carbon HelmetExceptional ProtectionSeven Intelligent Design Protection is back at it again with its new full-face helmet. Introducing the 7iDP Project 23 Carbon Helmet, a new take on 7iDP’s downhill helmet with upgraded protection. The Project 23 Carbon Helmet features S. E. R. T. (Seven Energy Reduction Technology), a revolutionary impact and rotational forces management system that uses a slip-plane system to manage energy transmission in the event of a crash. The carbon ...


Fox Apparel | Speedframe Camo Helmet Men's | Size Small in Grey Camo


Fox Speedframe Camo HelmetRaising The Bar for Open Face HelmetsThe Fox Speedframe Camo Helmet is a highly-ventilated open-face helmet with safety and performance features not often found at this price point. The ample ventilation is a product of large vent ports and internal channeling within the in-molded EPS foam construction, which directs airflow efficiently over the head—even during low speed climbs. The single-density EPS foam core helps to absorb impact forces, while MIPS® technology ...


Troy Lee Designs | A2 Mips Helmet Sliver Men's | Size Small in Green/Grey

$100.94 40% off $169.00 msrp

Troy Lee Designs A2 Mips HelmetBack and Better Than EverThe A2 is back with the same innovative technology that makes the A2 a revolutionary helmet but now with more color combinations to choose from. This helmet is the first in its class to combine EPP (for slow speed impacts) and EPS (for high-speed impacts) in a sleek package that will provide riders with more confidence to ride harder and go bigger. Thirteen air intake and ...


100% | Status Helmet Men's | Size Extra Large in Caltec/Grey


100% Status HelmetValue, Protection and StyleWith design elements borrowed from 100%’s popular AIRCRAFT helmet, the 100% Status Helmet brings exceptional performance to the mid-tier full face helmet world. An ultralight fiberglass outer shell covers the inner a protective EPS foam core, while a padded chinbar increases impact protection to keep you covered during technical riding. 100%’s Active Cooling System increases airflow and improves cooling even while you’re not moving—if things do ...


Giro | Montaro Mips II Helmet Men's | Size Medium in Matte Portaro Grey


Giro Montaro MIPS II HelmetAn updated modern classicThe newly-updated Montaro MIPS II helmet from Giro is the second edition of their famed trail/all mountain helmet. Featuring Giro’s Roc Loc® 5 Air MIPS System, to improve cooling capabilities and stability. The Montaro II provides excellent protection for technical riding, with deep coverage and extended back of the head coverage, all with MIPS® technology protecting from rotational forces. 16 vents direct a massive amount of air over ...


Smith | Express MIPS Helmet Men's | Size Large in Matte Cloud Grey


Smith Express MIPS HelmetExpressive Design, Thoughtful FeaturesBuilt for the early morning commutes and late night cruises down the city streets. Smith’s Express MIPS helmet has everything you could ever want and more in a commuter or city helmet. Its lightweight in-mold construction keeps the helmet from being too bulky or cumbersome. The helmet design features additional coverage on the sides and rear of the helmet for added protection. 13 fixed vents provide excellent ventilation and ...


Bolle | Exo Mips Helmet Men's | Size Small in White

$67.94 60% off $170.00 msrp

BOLLE EXO MIPS HELMETA HELMET WITH A SLEEK DESIGNWhether you're racing to the podium or you're just cruising to your local coffee shop, you're going to want a helmet on your head to protect your noggin. The Bolle EXO MIPS Helmet offers an aerodynamic design and is specially engineered to reduce drag for better aero properties. It features MIPS technology that reduces energy from angled impacts, a sunglasses garage to store your glasses, a removable ...


Poc | Ventral Lite Helmet Men's | Size Medium in Granite Grey Matte


Poc Ventral Lite HelmetLighter than a cloudIf you count every gram and are out to save as much weight as possible then the POC Ventral Lite is for you. POC has scaled back everything in order to bring down the weight without jeopardizing the helmets safety and making sure to maintain POC’s high safety standards. An altered EPS liner with a different density, scaled back PC shell, and the retention dial have all been meticulously ...


Kask | Mojito 3 Helmet Men's | Size Small in Alpine


KASK MOJITO 3 HELMETWITH FRESH LIME AND MINTWhether you're cruising the bike paths, racing for the podium, or leaping over a cyclocross barrier you'll want to wear a helmet to protect your head. Helmets not only provide protection, but they also help wick moisture and channel airflow to your head. The Kask Mojito 3 Helmet lets you ride with comfort and reap the sweat-wicking benefits of Blue Tech padding. It features an ergonomic Octo Fit ...


Kali | Zoka Helmet | Size Large in Stripe Matte Black/Bronze


KALI ZOKA HELMETONE TOUGH HELMET TO BEATWhen it comes to downhill and aggressive riding, nothing protects your noggin better than a full-face helmet. The Kali Zoka Helmet is perfect for shredding downhill and has a low-density layer making it a tough helmet. It features an adjustable visor, antibacterial pads, uses an ABS shell, and EPS foam. With the Composite Fusion, this helmet is lighter and stronger with less mass. FeaturesABS shell with EPS foam and ...


7IDP | M2 Boa Helmet Men's | Size Extra Small/Small in Matte Acid Yellow/Black


7IDP M2 BOA HELMETFEATURING ONE-HAND BOA ADJUSTMENTIt doesn't matter where you're riding, you should always have a helmet on to protect your noggin. Accidents can happen at any time, so you should always stay protected. The 7IPD M2 Boa Helmet is the next generation of open face protection. It features ConeHead technology that utilizes dual-density foam to dissipate impacts more effectively and it has a Boa retention system so you can fine-tune your fit. With ...


100% | Altis Helmet Men's | Size Large/Extra Large in White


100% Altis HelmetEngineered for the Modern Mountain BikerTop of the line performance and safety shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Fortunately, 100% shares the same mindset. When they set out to design their new Altis helmet they decided that they wanted to make a helmet that offers maximum performance, protection, and features but at a lower price point. The new Altis helmet will keep you cool all day long with its 14 ...


IXS | Trail Evo Mips Helmet Men's | Size Medium/Large in Marine


iXS Trail Evo Mips HelmetTrail Ready, Shred ReadyIXS’s latest and greatest, the Trail Evo MIPS is here. It features a unique inmould design with a direct connection to the EPS material, allowing for maximum absorption during a crash. Safety is a key aspect of this helmet, with MIPS integration on board you’ll have access to the best brain protection technology in the cycling world. Thanks to internal and external ventilation ports, you’ll have no problem ...


Kali | Pace Helmet Men's | Size Large/Extra Large in Camo Matte Thunder


Kali Pace HelmetWhether you are going for a ride in the neighborhood with kids, hitting your local trailhead with your friends or commuting to work on your own, the Kali Pace Helmet has you covered. It utilizes Composite Fusion™ technology and Kali’s proprietary QuadCore LDL layer to keep your head safe. It features a Break-away Visor, Anti-Microbial Pads and a Locking Buckle and Slider. It also features a Low Density Layer to reduce rotational impact ...


Troy Lee Designs | A1 Mips Classic Helmet Men's | Size Extra Large/XX Large in Classic Slate Blue Matte

$86.94 40% off $145.00 msrp

Troy Lee Designs A1 MIPS Classic HelmetOne of the most popular half-shell helmets in mountain biking has returned. The trusty A1 uses a polycarbonate shell that has an in-molded EPS liner and extended coverage on the back of the head. Eight intake and eight exit vents allow for air to move freely through the helmet, keeping your head cool on even the warmest of days. The addition of MIPS® Brain Protection System adds an additional ...


Fox Apparel | Rampage Comp Dirtsurfer Helmet Men's | Size Large in Light Grey

$244.95 30% off $350.00 msrp

Fox Racing Rampage Comp Dirtsurfer HelmetHigh-Level Protection At a Mid-Level PriceTo descend like a pro, you need the confidence that your helmet is there to help make up for any mistakes. The Fox Rampage Comp helmet is inspired by its top-of-the-line Rampage Pro cousin, offering an exceptional set of features without breaking the bank. Fox prioritizes impact protection with the Rampage lineup, with built-in MIPS technology to reduce the rotational forces on your brain by ...


IXS | Trigger FF Helmet Men's | Size Small/Medium in Light Grey


IXS TRIGGER FULL FACE HELMETFULL NOGGIN PROTECTIONAggressive riding means you need aggressive protection, and nothing protects your head better while you're riding hard than a full-face helmet. The IXS Trigger Full Face Helmet provides all-around protection with a patented in-mold technology where the helmet shell is directly connected with the impact-absorbing EPS material. The Trigger FF also features X-Frame, a unique internal frame that drastically improves the helmets overall strength ...


Fox Apparel | Speedframe Pro Lunar Helmet Men's | Size Large in Light Grey

$131.94 20% off $164.95 msrp

Fox Speedframe Pro Lunar HelmetSafe, stylish, SpeedframeFox’s Lunar apparel line is designed around fall and winter riding, when days are shorter and find yourself still riding after the sun goes down. All Lunar-series apparel has reflective accents to keep you seen in low-light conditions and has nighttime-themed colorways. Fox's popular Speedframe Pro is back in their new Lunar colorway. The Speedframe Pro incorporates MIPS, Multi-directional Impact Protection System, which protects your ...


Specialized | Airnet MIPS Helmet Men's | Size Medium in Dove Grey


SPECIALIZED AIRNET MIPSRetro-inspired design, with ultra-modern featuresTaking design cues from the original leather "hairnet" helmet style, the Specialized Airnet MIPS has a modern helmet design that is loaded with modern performance features. It has an ultra-light Mindset micro-dial fit system with height adjustability for the perfect fit. A 4th Dimension Cooling System keeps the air flowing so you remain cool. DriRelease Merino wool pads increase comfort and sweat management. The helmet ...


Smith | Session Mips Helmet Men's | Size Small in Matte Merlot/Aloe


SMITH SESSION MIPS HELMETA STYLISH HELMET WITH EXCEPTIONAL PROTECTIONThe Session MIPS by Smith is designed for all-mountain riders looking for a stylish helmet that also provides superior protection and ventilation. It features Koroyd technology placed in strategic, zonal impact areas to increase the protection of the helmet while also improving airflow. The top of the helmet features massive air ports that provide optimum cooling. The Session has channels on the front of the helmet so ...