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ODI | F-1 Dread Lock Grips | Grey | 34.5mm OD


ODI F-1 DREAD LOCK GRIPSOne of the major contact points on a mountain bike is the handlebar grips. Many riders don’t realize that the type of grip you ride with has a significant impact on their riding comfort and control on the bike. The ODI F-1 Dread Lock Grips are the newest addition to the F-1 Grip Series that offers padding and control needed for longer rides. They are made with an ultra-soft and lightweight ...


Wolf Tooth Components | Fat Paw Grips | Grey | 9.5mm


Wolf Tooth Fat Paw Grips Whether you have larger hands or simply want larger diameter grips with a softer feel, there is a good chance the Wolf Tooth Fat Paw grips are just what you're looking for. These fluffy fatties measure 37mm in diameter when installed, making them among the biggest grips out there. Using a 100% silicone compound, the Fat Paw provides excellent vibration damping and is soft enough to conform to your hand ...


ESI | Chunky 32mm Grips Chunky | White | 60 Grams


ESI Chunky 32mm Grips Ideal for riders looking for the maximum in shock absorption. Unlike other grips, these are made of silicone, so theyre grippy, whether wet or dry, they stick to the bar (no lock-ons or bread ties needed) and withstand extreme temperatures and exposure to the elements. Just use a little Windex or rubbing alchohol to install UV Resistant Conforms to your hands for maximum grip | ESI | Chunky 32mm Grips Chunky ...


Renthal | Lock-on Traction Grips Resin, Black Clamp, Kevlar, 130mm


Renthal Lock-On Traction Grips The Renthal Lock-On Traction Grips were designed to last and perform well over their competitors. They feature CNC aluminum locking collars that are permanently integrated with the central core, which gives them an all-weather security on the handlebars and makes for a safe grip you can trust with just about any type of riding. The grip pattern offers the ultimate grip under any and all conditions. Features Forward Facing Ramped Finger ...


Spank | Spike 33 Lock on Grips Orange


Spank Spike 33 GripsTake your grip to the next level with the Spank Spike 33 Grips. These grips are anatomically-shaped for enhanced comfort and feature impact-resistant bar ends. The ends of the bars are tapered for little finger support and the directional ribs on the grip body provide an excellent grip. The thumb area is flat and has recessed dimples to reduce vibrations and add comfort. The grips are 33mm in diameter, are 145mm in ...


WTB | Weirwolf Grip Black with Red Base

$11.95 7% off $12.95 msrp

WTB Weirwolf Grip The WeirWolf grip features an identical design as the popular and aggressive WeirWolf tire tread, these grips are perfect for fast-paced, all-mountain riding. These dual compound grips come in three colors and the ends are closed for added durability. | WTB | Weirwolf Grip Black with Red Base


Chromag | Squarewave XL Grips Black/Black


Chromag Squarewave XL Grips The Squarewave XL employs the same design as the Squarewave, except it has a wider diameter that's ideal for larger hands or riders who prefer thicker grips. The Squarewave XL Grip was molded with a paramount goal of delivering the perfect balance of performance and comfort. The gentle bow fits agreeably in the hand's pocket to promote sustained comfort. The progressive tread is supplest where it meets the outer edges of ...