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Time | Atac Xc 2 Pedals Grey | Composite

$29.00 50% off $58.00 msrp

TIME ATAC XC 2 PEDALSAffordable and reliable TIME’s ATAC XC 2 pedals are a terrific choice for anyone looking for an set of excellent XC, gravel, or cyclocross pedals that don’t cost an arm and a leg. They feature TIME’s legendary ATAC system which delivers consistent positive engagement with a wide-angle step-in-design for easy engagement. The ATAC system is designed to shed all mud and debris upon engagement, ensuring you’ll have no problems engaging or ...


Tag Metals | T3 Nylon Pedals Grey


TAG Metals T3 Nylon Pedals Premium internals in a lightweight nylon body, the TAG Metals T3 Nylon Pedals are a budget-friendly and lightweight all-mountain pedal. Featuring a Cro-moly axle and DU bushing and bearings the T3 Nylon Pedals were built to last. These pedals have a 110mm by 100mm platform and have ten replaceable pins per side. Weighing in at just 361 grams for the pair your are going to wonder why you haven’t been ...


Oneup Components | Aluminum Flat Pedals Black


Oneup Components Aluminum Flat Pedals Class-leading weight, size, and grip. The One UP Aluminum Flat Pedals have been designed from stealth rubber down and given a very subtle convex profile giving you more grip as it allows the pedal to sit in the natural arch of your midfoot. This shape also creates a razor-thin leading edge and the best clearance for a given axle design. The smooth running DU and cartridge bearings offer serviceability and ...


Time | Speciale 12 Enduro Pedals Red | Aluminum


TIME SPECIALE 12 ENDURO PEDALSTrès spécial! Time’s Speciale 12 pedals are designed to meet the demands of professional Enduro racers. For the pedal body Time went with a 6106 aluminum body, chosen for its excellent durability. With a wide platform and adjustable pins you’ll be able to have maximum control and excellent pedal stability. Time’s cult-classic ATAC cleat system offers a satisfying and predictable entry and release system with an audible confirmation upon entry. With ...