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IXS | Trail Evo Mips Helmet Men's | Size Extra Small in Grey

$135.20 20% off $169.00 msrp

iXS Trail Evo Mips HelmetTrail Ready, Shred ReadyIXS’s latest and greatest, the Trail Evo MIPS is here. It features a unique inmould design with a direct connection to the EPS material, allowing for maximum absorption during a crash. Safety is a key aspect of this helmet, with MIPS integration on board you’ll have access to the best brain protection technology in the cycling world. Thanks to internal and external ventilation ports, you’ll have no problem ...


Fox Apparel | Dropframe Pro Helmet Camo Men's | Size Extra Large in Grey Camo


Fox Racing Dropframe Pro Helmet CamoIt’s Got You CoveredOffering exceptional protection and coverage not often found in the non-full-face helmet range, the Fox Racing Dropframe Pro leads the pack with superior back and side of the head coverage while still maintaining a high level of breathability and comfort. Covering the middle ground between the Proframe and Speedframe in Fox’s helmet lineup, the Dropframe offers much of the protection found with a full-face helmet in a ...


Lazer | Coyote MIPS Mountain Helmet Men's | Size Small in Matte Steel Blue/Grey

$52.99 51% off $109.99 msrp

LAZER COYOTE MIPS HELMETWILE E. LAZER COYOTEWhether you're racing to the podium or you're just cruising the fire roads, you should have a helmet on to protect your head. Accidents can happen at any time, so it is best to stay ready always when riding. The Lazer Coyote MIPS Helmet is a clean and practical mountain bike helmet. It has a TS+ Turnfit fit system that makes it easy to dial in the perfect fit, ...


Fox Apparel | Speedframe Pro Helmet Men's | Size Small in Black

$169.95 5% off $179.95 msrp

Fox Speedframe Pro HelmetSafe, stylish, SpeedframeFox's popular Speedframe Pro is back and with some hot new eye-catching colors. The Fox Speedframe Pro Helmet is Fox's newest and best looking, half-shell trail helmet in their lineup. Not only does it look good, but it it’s loaded with safety and performance features. The Speedframe incorporates MIPS, Multi-directional Impact Protection System, which protects your head from rotational forces during impacts. The heart of the Speedframe Pro's ...


Troy Lee Designs | A1 Mips Classic Helmet Men's | Size Small in Black

$87.00 40% off $145.00 msrp

Troy Lee Designs A1 MIPS Classic HelmetOne of the most popular half-shell helmets in mountain biking has returned. The trusty A1 uses a polycarbonate shell that has an in-molded EPS liner and extended coverage on the back of the head. Eight intake and eight exit vents allow for air to move freely through the helmet, keeping your head cool on even the warmest of days. The addition of MIPS® Brain Protection System adds an additional ...


Fox Apparel | Speedframe Camo Helmet Men's | Size Small in Grey Camo

$119.95 11% off $134.95 msrp

Fox Speedframe Camo HelmetRaising The Bar for Open Face HelmetsThe Fox Speedframe Camo Helmet is a highly-ventilated open-face helmet with safety and performance features not often found at this price point. The ample ventilation is a product of large vent ports and internal channeling within the in-molded EPS foam construction, which directs airflow efficiently over the head—even during low speed climbs. The single-density EPS foam core helps to absorb impact forces, while MIPS® technology ...


Troy Lee Designs | A2 Mips Helmet Sliver Men's | Size Extra Large/XX Large in Green/Grey

$101.40 40% off $169.00 msrp

Troy Lee Designs A2 Mips HelmetBack and Better Than EverThe A2 is back with the same innovative technology that makes the A2 a revolutionary helmet but now with more color combinations to choose from. This helmet is the first in its class to combine EPP (for slow speed impacts) and EPS (for high-speed impacts) in a sleek package that will provide riders with more confidence to ride harder and go bigger. Thirteen air intake and ...


Fly Racing | Freestone Ripa Helmet Men's | Size Extra Small/Small in Black/Grey

$61.99 43% off $109.95 msrp

FLY RACING FREESTONE RIPA HELMETFOR AGGRESSIVE RIDINGWhether you're cruising the trails or you're racing to the podium, you should have a helmet on your head to protect your noggin. Mountain bike helmets typically provide more protection than a road helmet. The Fly Racing Freestone Ripa Helmet is designed for aggressive mountain bike riding. It has ConeHead technology and has a deep rear EPS profile that offers extensive coverage. It features 19 vents with a ventilated ...


IXS | Trigger AM Helmet Men's | Size Small/Medium in Black

$119.20 20% off $149.00 msrp

IXS TRIGGER AM HELMETALL-MOUNTAIN AND TRAIL HELMETWhether you're bombin' down the mountain or cruising the trails, then you'll want to wear a helmet to protect your head. The type of helmet you wear makes a difference though. A road bike helmet is built for aerodynamics and an all-mountain helmet is designed to protect more of your head while also providing excellent ventilation. The IXS Trigger AM Helmet is a helmet with double inmould shell technology ...


Giro | Source Mips Helmet Men's | Size Medium in Matte Harbor Blue


Giro Source MIPS HelmetThe Giro Source is rugged and ready for any adventure. 17 vents direct a massive amount of airflow to keep you cool, allowing you to stay out on the trails longer. Integrated Mips® technology protects from rotational forces during certain types of impacts and is integrated directly into the Roc Loc® 5 fit system, for advanced protection built right in. The screw-in visor is removable and highly adjustable for any conditions, while ...


Giro | Manifest MIPS Helmet Men's | Size Small in White


Giro Manifest Spherical HelmetThe Giro Manifest Spherical Helmet, with Spherical Technology™, best-in-class ventilation, full coverage and luxurious comfort, is the most premium trail riding helmet available. The Giro Manifest Helmet features Spherical Technology which utilizes a ball-and-socket design that’s powered by MIPS® to redirect impact forces. Developed in Giro’s test lab in partnership with MIPS®, Spherical Technology allows the outer liner to rotate around the inner liner during ...


100% | Altis Helmet Men's | Size Small/Medium in White


100% Altis HelmetEngineered for the Modern Mountain BikerTop of the line performance and safety shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Fortunately, 100% shares the same mindset. When they set out to design their new Altis helmet they decided that they wanted to make a helmet that offers maximum performance, protection, and features but at a lower price point. The new Altis helmet will keep you cool all day long with its 14 ...


Smith | Session Mips Helmet Men's | Size Large in Matte Cloud Grey


SMITH SESSION MIPS HELMETA STYLISH HELMET WITH EXCEPTIONAL PROTECTIONThe Session MIPS by Smith is designed for all-mountain riders looking for a stylish helmet that also provides superior protection and ventilation. It features Koroyd® technology placed in strategic, zonal impact areas to increase the protection of the helmet while also improving airflow. The top of the helmet features massive air ports that provide optimum cooling. The Session has channels on the front of the helmet so ...


Giro | Montaro Mips II Helmet Men's | Size Extra Large in Matte Black/Gloss Black


Giro Montaro MIPS II HelmetAn updated modern classicThe newly-updated Montaro MIPS II helmet from Giro is the second edition of their famed trail/all mountain helmet. Featuring Giro’s Roc Loc® 5 Air MIPS System, to improve cooling capabilities and stability. The Montaro II provides excellent protection for technical riding, with deep coverage and extended back of the head coverage, all with MIPS® technology protecting from rotational forces. 16 vents direct a massive amount of air over ...


Giro | Caden II Mips Helmet Men's | Size Large in Matte Black


Giro Caden MIPS II LED HelmetNext-Level CommutingThe Giro Caden MIPS II Helmet brings next-generation technology to a helmet that perfectly fits your lifestyle. Whether it’s a casual weekend cruise, or an epic commute to the office, the Caden MIPS will get you there with safety and style. The integrated Mips® protection system reduces rotational forces on the brain during certain types of impacts, while an in-mold polycarbonate shell and EPS liner absorbs linear forces. The ...


Lazer | Jackal MIPS Helmet Men's | Size Small in Matte Dark Grey

$128.99 41% off $219.99 msrp

Lazer Jackal MIPS HelmetThe Lazer Jackal MIPS Helmet provides you with unmatched comfort and security on your ride. The Advanced Turnfit® System provides easy retention while a magnetic buckle closure makes it easy to handle the helmet even with gloves on. It will keep your head cool thanks to the brow vents and internal air channeling, while an optional LED attachment keeps you visible as you back from the trails after an evening of railing ...


Fox Apparel | Speedframe Pro Lunar Helmet Men's | Size Large in Light Grey

$149.99 9% off $164.95 msrp

Fox Speedframe Pro Lunar HelmetSafe, stylish, SpeedframeFox’s Lunar apparel line is designed around fall and winter riding, when days are shorter and find yourself still riding after the sun goes down. All Lunar-series apparel has reflective accents to keep you seen in low-light conditions and has nighttime-themed colorways. Fox's popular Speedframe Pro is back in their new Lunar colorway. The Speedframe Pro incorporates MIPS, Multi-directional Impact Protection System, which protects your ...


Lazer | JACKAL KinetiCore HELMET Men's | Size Medium in Matte Light Blue

$164.99 25% off $219.99 msrp

Lazer Jackal Kineticore HelmetHigh tech trail protectionThe Lazer Jackal Kineticore helmet uses next generation technology to provide comprehensive protection for any trail. At the heart of the Jackal Kineticore is Lazer’s new proprietary Kineticore system—a revolutionary design to minimize rotational and linear forces during an impact by using EPS foam block crumple zones for a lighter, cooler protection system which uses less plastic than competitors. With 19 vents and internal ...


Smith | Forefront 2 Mips Helmet Men's | Size Small in Matte Black


SMITH FOREFRONT 2 MIPS HELMETThe Smith Forefront 2 MIPS is a feature-packed all-mountain helmet. Born from the original award-winning Forefront, the Forefront 2 MIPS is everything you want and need in a high-tech helmet for any trail. Safety is paramount and the Forefront 2 doesn't skimp on protection, featuring complete Koroyd® coverage, which provides breathability and energy-absorbing crumple zones—as well as an internal skeletal structure for additional strength. But it doesn't stop ...


IXS | Trigger AM Mips Helmet Men's | Size Medium/Large in Burnt Orange

$159.20 20% off $199.00 msrp

IXS Trigger AM MIPS HelmetFull noggin protectionThe IXS Trigger AM Helmet is an all-mountain-rated, half-shell helmet that is back and now includes a key safety upgrade. This new and improved version of the IXS Trigger AM features MIPS, a low-friction layer that help to reduce rotational forces from angled impacts. IXS’s patented in-mold technology connects the helmets impact-absorbing EPS liner directly to the outer shell, reducing energy transmitted to your brain in a crash. The ...


100% | Altec Helmet w Fidlock Men's | Size Small/Medium in Deep Red

$132.00 20% off $165.00 msrp

100% Altec Helmet with FidlockOne Hundred Percent is back at it again with a new iteration of their popular trail helmet, the Altec. The new Altec incorporates all the same features you love but now comes with a magnetic Fidlock closure system for a super-easy and hassle-free closure system. On the exterior, a lightweight and strong polycarbonate shell keeps the weight to a minimum while maintaining durability. Next, 100-Percent’s Smartshock Rotational Protective system cushions your ...


Poc | Ventral Spin (Cpsc) Helmet Men's | Size Small in Propylene Red Matte

$174.94 39% off $290.00 msrp

POC Ventral Spin (CPSC) HelmetYou Spin Me Right Round BabyIntroducing the POC Ventral Spin (CPSC) Helmet, a new road helmet from Poc that sets a new benchmark for aerodynamic performance, safety, and ventilation. It features a unique design inspired by the Venturi effect. This has the effect of increasing airflow and speed allowing the helmet to pass through air with added ease and efficiency. Any residual air that passes over the helmet is managed by ...


Giro | Merit Spherical Helmet Men's | Size Medium in Matte Harbor Blue


Giro Merit Spherical HelmetDeep coverage for max effortsGiro’s Merit helmet raises the concept of a deep coverage trail helmet to the next level. With Giro’s Spherical Technology™, the Merit provides additional impact protection by way of a rotating outer layer, which helps to mitigate impact forces during a crash. Extended back of the head coverage, MIPS® protection for rotational impacts, and Progressive Layering™ to absorb low and high-speed impact forces, the Merit provides ...


Troy Lee Designs | A2 HELMETS w/MIPS Men's | Size Small in Decoy Matte Raven


Troy Lee Designs A2 Helmet MIPSCool, Confident ProtectionBringing style and protection to the trail helmet world, the A2 Helmet MIPS from Troy Lee Designs is a lightweight, protective, and highly-ventilated trail helmet for riders who demand comfort and speed without compromise. Troy Lee Designs’ dual-density EPP and EPS impact liner absorb impact forces in both high and low-speed crashes and feature additional frontal protection. The integrated MIPS technology greatly decreases the ...


Bolle | Adapt MIPS Helmet Men's | Size Large in Black Matte

$127.99 14% off $150.00 msrp

Bolle Adapt MIPS HelmetKeeps You Cool And Covered On The TrailsWhether you're cruising the bike paths, shredding the trails, or racing to the podium, you should wear a helmet to protect your head. Not only do they protect your head from impacts, but they also help keep your head cooler. The Bolle Adapt MIPS Helmet is designed to keep you cool and covered on the trails. AViD progressive EPS, MIPS Brain Protection System, and the ...


Bell | Super Air R Spherical Helmet Men's | Size Small in Matte/Gloss Black Camo


BELL SUPER AIR R MIPSA TRUE ALL-MOUNTAIN PERFORMERIf you're riding aggressively out on the trails, then you're going to want aggressive protection. The newly-redesigned Bell Super Air R MIPS is designed with removable chin bar technology; this means you can have a full-face helmet for coverage when downhill riding, then remove the chin bar for better ventilation while climbing. Importantly, the helmet features Flex Spherical and MIPS® technology, a ball-and-socket design to reduce energy ...


Oakley | Drt5 Helmet Men's | Size Medium in Bayberry


Oakley DRT5 HelmetShred WorthyYou ride fast and need your gear to be able to keep up with you. Not every helmet will be able to meet that criteria, however one helmet stands above the rest. Enter the Oakley Drt5 helmet. With its class leading design worked on in close collaboration with 3x world downhill champion Greg Minnaar you’ll never have to worry about your helmet holding you back. With it’s strategic ventilation ports you’ll always ...


Bell | 4Forty Mips Helmet Men's | Size Medium in Matte/Gloss Gray/Red


BELL 4FORTY MIPS HELMETALL-MOUNTAIN VALUEIf you're out riding on the trails, you need to have a helmet on. Helmets will protect your head if you crash or fall. The Bell 4Forty MIPS Helmet is a value-focused, half-shell helmet designed for all-mountain riding. It features a fusion in-mold polycarbonate shell that creates a sturdier helmet by binding the outer shell directly with the EPS liner. Bell's Float Fit™ system makes it easy to dial in the ...


Bell | 4Forty Air Mips Helmet Men's | Size Large in Matte Gray/Red


Bell 4Forty Air Mips HelmetPro-level features for the privateerBell’s 4Forty Air Mips Helmet is built to deliver pro-level features at a privateer price point. The sleek new shell delivers plenty of style points while the large ventilation ports keep you cool as you fly down the trail. Thanks to the easily adjustable Float Fit system with integrated Sweat Guide and Ionic+ padding, comfort will never be brought into question. Integrated MIPS delivers industry leading brain ...


Bell | Super 3R Mips MTN Bike Helmet


BELL SUPER 3R MIPS MOUNTAIN BIKE HELMETWhether you're cruising the fire roads or shredding the single tracks, you need to be wearing a helmet. The Bell Super 3R MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet is one helmet that does it all. It's both a full face helmet and a half shell helmet, thanks to it's Wraparound Protection which features a removable chin-bar. It also features MIPS® Technology which helps reduce rotational forces during angular impacts. The Float ...


Bell | Sixer Mips Helmet Men's | Size Large in Matte Blue/Black


Bell Sixer Mips HelmetThe upgrade from the fiverThe all-mountain half-shell that can do it all. Introducing the Bell Sixer MIPS Helmet, an extended coverage half-shell loaded with features. Complete with an in-molded construction, a multi-density EPS liner and MIPS , the Sixer is the perfect helmet for aggressive trail or all-mountain riding. Bell loaded this helmet with vents, including four brow ports, to keep the air flowing while you're riding. The fusion in-mold polycarbonate shell ...


Kali | Alpine Rage Helmet Men's | Size Small in Matte Gray/Yellow

$135.94 9% off $150.00 msrp

Kali Alpine Rage HelmetGone are the days where we must sacrifice our helmet's weight and comfort for that extra measure of head protection and the Kali Alpine proves it. Kali pulled all of their tricks and technologies out of the bag and strategically implemented them into the Alpine to deliver an incredibly safe and fairly priced helmet. Through their Composite Fusion Technology, Kali was able to design the Alpine to be one of the lightest ...