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Garmin Soft Strap Premium Hrm3 Black


Garmin Soft Strap Premium HRMDon’t skip a beat (literally) with the Garmin Soft Strap Premium. It allows you to train more effectively by wirelessly transmitting your heart rate to your compatible device for instant feedback on how hard you’re working. The strap is made from comfortable fabric and adjusts to your size for a secure fit. When it’s time to wash you can remove the heart-rate module from the strap so you can wash the ...


Lezyne Hr Flow Sensor Sensor


Lezyne HR Flow SensorAn Accurate and Comfortable Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate MonitorWhen it comes time to train to your fullest, it comes down to finding your peak performance and boosting it just a bit more. The Lezyne Heart Rate Flow Sensor is just the tool to help you find your peak performance. With accurate reading of your heart rate and a seamless connection to your GPS or computer using Bluetooth Smart standards, this monitor will ...


Stages Dash - HR Strap Black


STAGES DASH - HEART RATE STRAPIT MAKES SURE YOU'RE STILL ALIVEThere are many metrics that you can measure to gauge whether you're getting better and faster while riding. Things like speed, cadence, and power are great ways to see if you're getting better, but measuring your heart rate will show you if you're able to work harder while using less energy. If you're able to ride faster with a lower heart rate, then you're more ...


Cateye Strada Digital Hr Sensor Kit Digital Hr Sensor Kit


CatEye Strada Digital HR Sensor Kit Gathering heart rate data can gauge efforts and raise the red flags when it comes to fatigue and oncoming illnesses. With the addition of heart rate data, you will have a well-rounded training experience. The CateEye Strada Heart Rate Strap is easy to use with the Strada Digital computer system which uses the proven 2.4 GHz of digital speed. The strap is easy and comfortable to put on and ...