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Specialized | Air Tool HP Pump Pump


SPECIALIZED AIR TOOL HP PUMPA HIGH-PRESSURE FLOOR PUMPKeeping your tires inflated not only helps prevent pinch flats, but it also helps riders go faster. The Specialized Air Tool HP Pump is designed to high-pressure tires and inflates them with minimal effort. It will pump a 700c tire up to 100 PSI with 30% less effort. It features a 2. 5" oversized gauge so you can accurately see what pressure your tires are at, and it ...


Lezyne | Grip Drive HP Pump | Red | Small


Lezyne Grip Drive HP PumpThe Lezyne Grip Drive HP Pump is a high pressure bicycle hand pump featuring a knurled barrel for superior grip while pumping. Its proven engineered design with an overlapping handle is constructed from machined aluminum, providing superior durability, minimal weight and all of the style. The integrated ABS Flex Hose is presta and shrader valve compatible, and greatly improves pumping action and ergonomics. This mini pump is completely rebuildable and made ...


Fox Racing Shox| High Pressure Shock Pump HP Pump


Fox Shox High Pressure Shock PumpFoxs High Pressure Shock pump is a high quality pump that gives the versatility of an adjustable hose that rotates 360º, allowing for maximum comfort while adding or removing pressure from your fork or shock. Features360º rotating hoseAir pressure release valve300 PSI max pressure | Fox Racing Shox| High Pressure Shock Pump HP Pump


Rockshox | High Pressure Fork & Shock Pump HP Suspension Pump

$40.99 18% off $50.00 msrp

Rockshox High Pressure Fork & Shock Some of the current rear shock offerings on the market, such as the Rockshox Boxxer World Cup, require an air pressure above 300psi. The Rockshox High Pressure Fork and Shock pump, which is capable of reaching up to 600psi, is purpose built to meet these requirements. It has a rotating hose which can make getting to the valve and putting the gauge in a good line of site much ...


Lezyne | Tech Drive HP Small Frame Pump | Black | 170mm, 120Psi, Presta/Schrader


Lezyne Tech Drive HP Frame Pump - SmallLezyne's Tech Drive HP's (high pressure) design let's you pump up to your desired pressure with 30% fewer strokes then comparable mini pumps. The handle barrel and shaft are made of cnc'd aluminum while the ends are constructed of a composite matrix material. Comes equipped with the abs flex holes and frame mounting hardware. Features120psi maxOptimized for high pressure road tiresPump is rebuildable170mm | Lezyne | Tech Drive ...


Lezyne | | Carbon | Drive Lite HP Small Pump | Carbon | Small


Lezyne Carbon Drive Lite HPThe Lezyne Carbon Drive Lite is a compact performance hand pump made of lightweight and durable MCT carbon composite material. The barrel and handle are made of MCT reinforced carbon fiber, while the piston and end caps are made of CNC machined aluminum. The HP pump design easily inflates tires to riding pressure with fewer strokes. The overlapping handle and barrel are integrated into a compact design. It comes equipped with ...


Lezyne | Gauge Drive HP-Medium Frame Pump | Black | Hi Gloss


Lezyne Gauge Drive HP Hand PumpLezyne's Gauge Drive is the premier choice for those looking for the perfect blend of performance and longevity in a hand pump. The Gauge Drive HP's (high pressure) optimized design allows you pump up your high pressure, lower volume tires such as those for road bikes, to the proper riding pressure with fewer strokes than similar mini pumps. Lezyne achieves this by using an overlapping handle and barrel with an ...


Lezyne | HP Drive Small Frame Pump | Black | 170mm, 120Psi, Presta/Schrader


Lezyne's HP Drive's design let's you pump up to your desired pressure with 30% fewer strokes then comparable mini pumps. A great value, the body is constructed of lathe-turned aluminum while the end caps and handle are a composite matrix. Comes equipped with the ABS flex holes and frame mounting hardware. The small HP Drive offers all the capability of the other pumps, but in a smaller size. 120 psi max Presta/Schraeder 170mm/79 grams | ...


Topeak | Joe Blow Max HP Floor Pump Black


The Topeak Joe Blow Max HP floor pump is Topeak's entry level floor pump with many of the features found on the more expensive pumps. It won't matter what kind of valve the Topeak encounters as the TwinHead will accommodate both presta and schraeder valves. The base mounted gauge will ensure that the correct amount of air pressure is filling the tires. Inflation is convenient with the extra long hose and padded handle. 160 psi ...


Lezyne | Pressure Drive Cfh C02/Frame Pump Black


Lezyne Pressure Drive CFH C02/Frame PumpAs handy and reliable as small hand pumps may be, if you've ever used one to pump up a tire on the side of the road or on some remote trail, we're sure you know all too well that it isn't the quickest, easiest way of inflating your tire. The Pressure Drive CFH might appear to be just another sleek hand pump at first glance, but lean in a little ...


CrankBrothers | Klic Hand Pump High Volume, W/ Gauge, Midnight Black


Crank Brothers klic pump hpThe Crank Brothers Klic Pump HP clicks into action with all the features you are looking for in a high quality, portable hand pump. This premium pump has a flexible rubber hose that hides inside the body of the pump when not in use - perfect for those stealth air-strikes! When it's time to inflate, just click the hose into place, open up the folding handle and pump. The hose is ...


Lezyne | Abs-1 Pro HP Chuck Red/Hi Gloss


Lezyne ABS-1 pro hp chuck Upgraded and redesigned for Year 11, the ABS1 Pro further advances Lezyne's classic Flip-Thread Chuck system. It features a 90° design for enhanced function and usability. The highly durable construction is built using machined aluminum and composite matrix materials, with an extremely robust and fluid brass swivel. The chuck quickly "flips" for Presta or Schrader valves and threads on for superior engagement. An integrated Presta valve-core wrench completes the ...