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Light and Motion Nip 500 Light Nip, 500 Lumen


LIGHT AND MOTION NIP 500 LIGHTAN E-BIKE-SPECIFIC BIKEWhether you're riding during the day or riding at night, you should have a light to increase your visibility to motorists. Lights help to keep you safe while you're riding and at night will light up the path ahead. The Light and Motion Nip 500 Light is a 500-lumen light that is designed to seamlessly integrate into an e-Bike's 6V to 18V on-board battery like a Bosch and ...


Blackburn Dayblazer 400 / 65 Light Combo Set, 400 Front, 65 Rear


BLACKBURN DAYBLAZER 400/65 LIGHT COMBOBRIGHTEN UP YOUR DAYWhether you're riding in the early morning or late evening, you're going to want to have a light on the front and back of your bike to increase your visibility. Even if you're riding during the day, you can have lights that will improve your visibility to motorists. The Blackburn Dayblazer 400/65 Light Combo is designed to light up the trails and grab attention. The Dayblazer 400 produces ...


Knog Pwr Rider 450 Lumen Light Black/Red


KNOG PWR RIDER 450 LUMEN LIGHTPWR Rider is a 450 lumen bike light that can also be used as a power bank. Includes the option to program your brightness and runtime (through ModeMaker app), then use your remaining battery to charge your devices. The light outputs in an elliptical beam for broader, brighter road coverage; has a 2 hour runtime at max 450 lumens and 4 smart battery indicator LEDs to let the rider know ...


Light and Motion Seca 2000 Race Light Black, 2000 Lumens


Light and Motion Seca 2000 Race LightThe Seca 2000 is the next generation of the world's most popular trail light. It puts out an outstanding 2000 lumen of bright light that will allow you to see everything in your path, as well as let any surrounding traffic see you. Its reliability, durable design, and trail optimized beam pattern is unmatched. The newest Seca features a robust waterproof construction for all weather reliability, updated optics with ...


Serfas E-Lume 500 Headlight Aluminum Bod Black

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Serfas E-Lume 500 Aluminum HeadlightSuper Bright and EfficientThe E-Lume 500 Aluminum Light by Serfas features a bright LED light source that lights up your path in the dark. There’s high, medium, and low constant modes, and two flash modes to conserve battery life. A digital battery indicator lets you know how long your battery will last. An adjustable, tool-free mount connects it to your handlebars, and the Aluminum body is shock and water resistant. It’s ...


Serfas E-Lume 1600 Headlight Black


Serfas E-Lume 1600 Headlightsee it allThe E-Lume 1600 Light by Serfas features dual bright LED lights that make sure your path is lit. Boasting 1600 Lumens, the E-Lume cuts through the darkness, but still weighs in at only 240 grams. There’s overdrive, high, medium, and low constant modes, and two flash modes to conserve battery life. A digital battery indicator lets you know how long your battery will last. An adjustable, tool-free mount connects it ...


Knog Pwr Road 600 Lumen Light Black


KNOG PWR ROAD 600 LUMEN LIGHTPWR Road is a modular bike light. But it's not JUST another bicycle light. Not only is it a high power headlight, but simply take the product apart and you have much more. A lighthead for other PWR bike and camping lights, plus a PWR Bank to charge devices that is also the battery for all products in the PWR range. The PWR Road outputs a max 600 lumens, can ...


Cygolite Dash Pro 600 Headlight 600 Lumens


Cygolite DASH PRO 600 HEADLIGHTJust because the days are getting shorter doesn’t mean you have to stop riding. The sleek Dash Pro™ 600 elevates your adrenaline rushes with an aggressively powerful 600 lumens to pierce through the night. Engineered for road cyclists, its highly efficient lens enables an extra wide, long range beam to maximize your line of sight. Beyond its exceptional night capabilities, the Dash Pro’s DayLightning® mode makes you stand out in broad ...


Cygolite Streak 450 Headlight 450 Lumens


Cygolite Streak 450 Headlight The Cygolite Streak 450 Headlight has been engineered for both day and night use and packs an impressive 450 lumens in a lightweight and compact design. It features a great selection of powerful brightness settings to illuminate your path. The DayLighting® modes will output lightning-like flashes to make you more visible during the daylight. Go all out at anytime, anywhere with this ultra-bright and powerful light. Features Powerful 450 lumen output ...