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Shimano | Sh-Ic500 Women's Shoes | Size 36 In White | Nylon

$24.94 80% off $125.00 msrp

SHIMANO SH-IC500 WOMEN'S SHOESPERFORMANCE INDOOR CYCLING SHOESClipping into your pedals has a significant impact on your performance and power. You're able to push and pull on the pedals for higher output. The Shimano SH-IC500 Women's Shoes are performance indoor SPD cycling shoe with a comfortable fit and breathability. They have a breathable, comfortable sock mesh upper design and easily open, tighten, and adjust with the Boa L6 dial. The full-length reinforced plate provides stable power ...


Shimano | Sh-Ic200W Women's Shoe | Size 36 In Black | Rubber

$82.49 25% off $110.00 msrp

Shimano SH-IC200W Women’s Shoe Purpose-built shoe for the demands of indoor cycling The SH-IC200W builds on Shimano’s decades of experience with engineering cycling footwear, and translates that knowhow into a shoe specifically-designed for the rigors of indoor cycling. The IC200W is designed with a resilient mesh upper, to ensure excellent breathability and moisture-wicking properties—and the slip-on cross-strap design allows for secure, comfortable adjustment without creating hotspots. ...


Pearl Izumi | Shimano W Vesta Studio Shoes Women's | Size 39 In Phantom/air

$72.49 42% off $125.00 msrp

Pearl Shimano W Vesta Studio The Pearl Shimano W Vesta Studio can transition from an indoor cycling studio to a gym workout and out to the coffee shop. The seamless mesh design has a terrific feel and maximizes breathability. Using our experience with cycling shoes, we’ve built in stiffness for comfortable pedaling, but left enough give in the toe area to walk normally. A single strap makes for quick adjustability, while the recessed cleat mount ...


Shimano | Sh-Rc100 Women's Road Shoes | Size 39 In Black | Nylon


SHIMANO SH-RC100 ROAD SHOESStyle and comfort for every rider When your passion for cycling starts to take hold, and your mileage starts increasing, the need for expertly-designed cycling shoes becomes critical. the Shimano SH-RC100 Road Shoes are Shimano's entry-level road shoe that acts more like a mid-range shoe. Using their decades of experience with designing footwear, Shimano has made the RC100's for riders who want race-inspired shoes to take their riding to the next level—all ...