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Jagwire Elite Ultra-Slick Shift Cable


Jagwire Elite Ultra-Slick Shift Cable There are many factors that may lead to poor shifting. One of the most over looked culprits is cable and housing. Sometimes a simple and inexpensive cable replacement is all your bike will need to turn it back into the smooth shifting machine you know it can be. Jagwire Elite Ultra-Slick Shift Cables are as good as they get and make a great choice for this routine maintenance. Jagwire Elite ...


Jagwire Universal Sport Shift Cable Kit

$21.99 8% off $24.00 msrp

Jagwire Universal Sport Shift Cable Kit Formerly known as Jagwire Hyper cables, the Jagwire Universal Sport cable and housing kit is the best value cable kit on the market. Featuring everything you need to set up both derailleurs, the Jagwire Universal Sport cable and housing kit includes performance enhancing details like LEX reinforced housing with an L3 liner and improve the performance of your derailleurs over stock housing and cables. Derailleur Specifications Housing Construction: LEX ...


Jagwire Derailleur Cable, 3100mm


Don't waste your time with cheap cables! Shifting performance is best when installed correctly with the best quality cables. Jagwire's premium-quality derailleur cables comes in Teflon-Coated, Stainless or Galvanized options. Choose the option that matches your components. All cable are 3100mm long. Compatible with all standard derailleur shifting components Galvanized (zinc coated) for best value, Stainless for best longevity and general use, Rust-Proof Teflon for maximum shifting ...


Jagwire Derailleur Cable, 2300mm


Jagwire Derailleur Wire Keep the rig shifting smooth with a fresh Jagewire Derailleur cable. Choose from an economical galvanized option or the more weather resistant stainless steel. For ultra-low friction and ultimate shifting performance, go with the teflon coated option. Features: 2300mm lenght Available in galvanized, stainless or teflon coated stainless options Shimano/Sram or Campy compatible options


Jagwire Road Elite Link Shift Cable Kit


Jagwire Road Elite Link Shift Cable KitThe Jagwire Road Elite Link Shift Cable Kit features an aluminum link housing that provides the ultimate combination of durability and aesthetics. It’s designed to provide you with consistent and reliable shifting performance by utilizing a compression-less design, which gives you precision with every shift. It also allows for tight bends without kinking and is much lighter than traditional coiled steel or linear strand housing.FeaturesPro level ...