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Kali Matte Black Large Helmet


Kali | Invader 2.0 Helmet Men's | Size Large/XX Large in Matte Black


Kali Invader 2. 0 HelmetKali is back with their updated Invader 2. 0 helmet. The Kali Invader 2. 0 packs top-notch safety features into a super-lightweight, full-face helmet designed for enduro riding. The Invader 2. 0 utilizes a unibody construction in order to save weight as well as increase durability. Kali uses a low-density layer (LDL) to provide maximum protection from rotational forces and low-speed impacts as well as EPS foam for impact energy management. ...


Kali | Interceptor Flex Helmet Men's | Size Large/Extra Large in Matte Black/Khaki

$90.94 49% off $180.00 msrp

Kali Interceptor Flex HelmetRip down your favoirte trails with the Kali Interceptor. The helmet is designed for unparalleledperformance and engineered for impact. Provide your head with the ultimate protection in case of a crash. The Interceptor provides deep coverage to maximize protection and features twenty-four vents that offer incredible ventilation. The interceptor's light weight will also keep your head comfortable even during the longest rides. The revolutionary new Interceptor is ...


Kali | Maya 3.0 Helmet Men's | Size Large/Extra Large in Solid Matte Black


Kali Maya 3. 0 HelmetKali is back with their updated Maya 3. 0 half-shell helmet. The Kali Maya 3. 0 packs top-notch safety features into a super-lightweight helmet designed for all-mountain and enduro riding. The Maya 3. 0 uses Kali’s Composite Fusion Plus technology, which is layers of multi-density EPS foam throughout the helmet to help disperse impact energy. For additional protection, a low-density layer (LDL) provides protection from rotational forces and low-speed impacts. The ...


Kali | Uno Helmet Men's | Size Large/Extra Large in Solid Matte Black/Red


Kali Uno HelmetThe Kali Uno Helmet delivers a modern, stylish package to keep you looking good, remaining cool and being safe wherever your ride takes you. It uses Contego 3 foam to efficiently disperse energy during larger impacts. Kail's utilization of QuadCore, helps to combat linear and rotational impacts. Thanks to SuperVents, you'll have no problem staying cool in any weather. Not only does SuperVents offer tons of ventilation but it's also optimized to maintainin ...


Kali | Shiva 2.0 Carbon Helmet Men's | Size Small in M1 Matte Black

$299.94 45% off $550.00 msrp

KALI SHIVA 2. 0 CARBON HELMETIf you're a rider who demands top performance and comfort from your gear then look no further than the Kali Shiva 2. 0 Carbon full face helmet. The Shiva 2. 0 Carbon features Kali's Nano Fusion and Low-Density Layer which efficiently dissipate impact forces. The visor is break-away and the liner is removable and washable. With a full carbon shell and Nano and EPS foam, this helmet raises the bar ...


Kali | Traffic Helmet Men's | Size Large/Extra Large in Solid Matte Titanium


KALI TRAFFIC HELMETSAFE AND SOUNDWhether you're commuting to work, riding to your local coffee shop, or you're going for a personal distance record, you'll want to wear a helmet. Helmets provide protection for your head so you can ride with confidence. The Kali Traffic Helmet is specifically designed to keep you safe and sound on any of your adventures. The helmet features a rear light to help enhance your visibility in low-light conditions and a ...


Kali | Maya 3.0 Artist Series Helmet Men's | Size Small/Medium in Black Forest Matte


Kali Maya 3. 0 Artist Series HelmetThe Kali Rider Favorite, RevisedThe Kali Maya 3. 0 helmet is a rider favorite, offering the highly-acclaimed level of protection Kali is known for, in a lightweight and comfortable package. This updated edition of the Maya features improved ventilation with the incorporation of an additional vent, for more airflow without sacrificing protection, as well as an improved dial retention system with vertical adjustment. A Low Density Layer (LDL) soaks ...


Kali | Grit Helmet Men's | Size Small/Medium in Topo Matte Teal


Kali Grit HelmetPerformance for any roadWhen it comes to tough climbs, long days in the saddle, and hot weather, you'll want a helmet on your head that can help keep you cool. The Kali Grit Helmet is built for the road rider who has performance in mind. It features a Rheon Low-Density Layer to protect you in the case of low-G linear or rotational impacts. Supervents increase overall strength and help with ventilation, a Frequency ...


Kali | Pace Helmet Men's | Size Small/Medium in Fade Matte Black/Grey/Gloss Fluo Yellow


Kali Pace HelmetWhether you are going for a ride in the neighborhood with kids, hitting your local trailhead with your friends or commuting to work on your own, the Kali Pace Helmet has you covered. It utilizes Composite Fusion™ technology and Kali’s proprietary QuadCore LDL layer to keep your head safe. It features a Break-away Visor, Anti-Microbial Pads and a Locking Buckle and Slider. It also features a Low Density Layer to reduce rotational impact ...


Kali | Central Helmet Men's | Size Large/Extra Large in Solid Matte Thunder


KALI CENTRAL HELMETLIGHTING UP THE ROADSWearing a helmet has numerous benefits ranging from protection all the way to enhancing visibility in low-light conditions. The Kali Central Helmet has a rechargeable rear light making this helmet perfect for your daily commute or your cruise through the city. The Central features Composite Fusion and an integrated visor for extra sunlight protection. FeaturesUSB rechargeable rear light enhances your visibility in low-light conditionsAmple venting to ...


Kali | Alchemy Helmet Men's | Size Small/Medium in Solid Matte Black/Gloss


Kali Alchemy HelmetKali's Alchemy is a comfortable and lightweight trail helmet that delivers the essentials at an affordable pricepoint. It uses Composite Fusion technology to create a lighter and stronger helmet. The Low Density Layer delivers terrific preotection with a reduction in impact forces of up to 25% and a reduction of low-g linear forces up to 30%. Washable, anti-microbial moisture wicking pads keep the helmet clean and a breakaway visor keeps the sun out ...


Kali | Zoka Helmet | Size Medium in Dash Matte Red/Burgundy


KALI ZOKA HELMETONE TOUGH HELMET TO BEATWhen it comes to downhill and aggressive riding, nothing protects your noggin better than a full-face helmet. The Kali Zoka Helmet is perfect for shredding downhill and has a low-density layer making it a tough helmet. It features an adjustable visor, antibacterial pads, uses an ABS shell, and EPS foam. With the Composite Fusion, this helmet is lighter and stronger with less mass. FeaturesABS shell with EPS foam and ...