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Kenda 27.5 Inch Tire


Kenda | Pinner Pro 27.5" Tire 27.5"x2.4", AGC, 60TPI, Folding


Kenda Pinner Pro 27. 5" TireThe Pinner Pro 27. 5" Tire is Kenda’s all new dry condition gravity tire that has been exclusively developed in cooperation with Aaron Gwin. This collaboration has produced a tire that is perfectfor letting loose on dry and dusty tracks. The Kenda Pinner Pro 27. 5" Tire shines with excellent cornering predictability and particularly high puncture protection. Available with AGC or ATC casing, the Pinner is a great choice for ...


Kenda | Regolith Pro 27.5" Tire 27.5x2.4, SCT, 120tpi


Kenda Regolith Pro 27. 5" TireALL-AROUND MOUNTAIN BIKE TIRERiding off-road means you’ll need a set of dirt tires for the type of terrain you’re riding on. Some tires perform well in loose dirt while others perform well on hard dirt. The Kenda Regolith Pro 27. 5” Tire performs well in many different terrains, setting the benchmark in off-road versatility. It is a lightweight tire that rolls fast and provides excellent cornering and braking traction. The ...


Kenda | Hellkat Wirebead 27.5" Tire 2.4, Rsr/Kvs+Icb, Tlr - Wire Bead


Kenda Hellkat 27. 5" Tire All-new, all condition gravity tire The all new Kenda Hellkat was developed with help from the Polygon-UR Team and given all the goods needed to perform as a World Cup caliber tire. Superior braking control and cornering traction define this tire. It is ideal for gravity orientated riders looking for a tire with great grip and puncture protection and still quick rolling and will keep you upright and moving through ...


Kenda | Nevegal 2 Pro 27.5" Tire 2.60, EN-Dtc / Atc, 120Tpi Folding


KENDA NEVEGAL 2 PRO 27. 5" TIREThe Nevegal has received a complete makeover that has changed every aspect of the tire. The Nevegal 2 Pro 27. 5" Tire tread pattern was updated to reduce the rolling resistance and features a new EN-DTC rubber compound. The casing features Advanced Trail Casing technology that is perfect for enduro racing and trail riding. It has superior flat resistance with K-armor which increases puncture resistance by 174%. It is ...