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KS ETEN Remote Dropper Seatpost 2020 Black, 31.6mm, 125mm Travel, 445mm Length

$94.50 10% off $105.00 msrp

tr:hover {background-color: #ddd;}KS ETEN REMOTE DROPPER SEATPOST 2020DROP DOWN LOWDropper posts have become the norm in the mountain bike world. Most bikes come stock with a dropper post now. If you're looking to upgrade from a rigid seat post to a dropper post without spending a ton, then you'll want the KS eTen Remote Dropper Seatpost. The eTen Remote is a high-quality dropper post that has a specific eTen hydraulic cartridge and a single bolt ...


KS ETEN-i Dropper Seatpost 2020 Black, 31.6mm, 125mm Travel, 440mm Length

$103.50 10% off $115.00 msrp

tr:hover {background-color: #ddd;}KS ETEN-I DROPPER SEATPOST 2020A VALUE-PRICED DROPPER POSTMany riders are upgrading their rigid seat posts to dropper posts. The benefits of dropper posts are numerous, and there are few reasons to not upgrade. The KS ETEN-i Dropper Post is perfect for new riders just getting used to the idea of on-the-fly seat height adjustment or more experienced riders looking for a value-priced solution. The ETEN-i uses the same head and cartridge as the ...


KS Lev Integra Dropper Seatpost 2019 30.9, 175mm Travel, 490mm Length

$289.99 25% off $389.00 msrp

KS LEV Integra Dropper SeatpostBehold the only hydraulically locked and air sprung seatpost to feature zero cable movement and up to six inches of silky-smooth travel! The KS LEV Integra Dropper Seatpost utilizes a one-way roller bearing to ensure miles of play-free movement. Add a micro adjustable head and an ergonomic alloy remote with an internally routed cable to the mix, and you've got one fine dropper seatpost that refuses to let you lose your ...


KS LEV Ci Carbon Dropper Seatpost 2019 Blk, 150mm Travel, 30.9mm, 440mm Length, Internal

$419.99 24% off $559.00 msrp

KS LEV Ci Carbon Dropper Seatpost 2019Dropper seatposts have revolutionized the way mountain bikers ride their bikes. With just the press of a lever, you can seamlessly transition from climbing to descending. The KS LEV-Ci Carbon Seatpost is a lightweight dropper seatpost that has a full unidirectional carbon mast that routes KS's Recourse II Ultralight Cable System directly through your frame to their KGSL lightweight remote. The LEV-Ci has travel options from 65mm to 175mm. ...


KS Lev-C Carbon Seatpost 65mm 2019 Black, 30.9mm X 400mm, 65mm Travel

$412.99 29% off $589.00 msrp

Kind Shock Lev-Carbon Seatpost 65mmWith 65mm of slim air sprung travel, the Kind Shock LEV C seatpost gives new meaning to the old saying "big things come in small packages." As a revered member of the already revered Kind Shock seatpost family, the LEV C steals the runway in seatpost innovation. The LEV's legendary zero movement cable technology is now housed in a svelte and stealthy unidirectional carbon fiber mast with a black hard anodized ...