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Silca 700X24-30mm Latex Tube 700, 42mm Valve, +70mm Extender


SILCA 700 X 24 - 30MM LATEX TUBETypical inner tubes are made from butyl. These are the most common inner tubes that riders use in their bikes for everyday riding. Latex inner tubes are the next level up from the standard butyl tube because of their performance-enhancing capabilities. The Silca Latex Inner Tube is significantly more elastic and has a lower coefficient of damping. This means the tube is stretched or flexed, it returns to ...


Challenge SL Latex Tube Latex Tube 700X28/35mm 47mm Valve


Challenge SL Latex TubeChallenge Brand Latex tubes are some of the finest tubes money can buy. At 57g average (23c tube), they are also some of the lightest. Latex tubes are more resistant to pinch flats and punctures, and roll faster and smoother than their butyl counterparts. Perfect for the racer and performance enthusiast. Also ideal for cyclocross usage when paired with a quality tire.FeaturesHighest Quality Latex TubeRemovable Valve Cores57g approx.Lower Rolling Resistance for best ...


Vittoria Competition Latex Tube Presta 48mm Valve, 25/28

$13.99 6% off $15.00 msrp

Vittoria Competition Latex TubeVittoria's tubes are expertly crafted, just like their tires. These road tube features a 51mm presta valve, and weighs in at a mere 75 grams. Vittoria proved in testing that these bad boys reduce rolling resistance by a few watts, making them perfect for racing. Not all tubes are created equal.FeaturesLatex composition saves weight and rolls smooth51mm valve perfect for taller rimsSuper Lightweight - 68 g (700 x 24c) | Vittoria Competition ...


Orange Seal Road Tube Kit 2 Tubes, Sealant Included

$32.07 8% off $34.99 msrp

Orange Seal's tube sealant is proven to seal large punctures up to ΒΌ" and maintains a high level of performance at a variety of temperatures and altitudes. By using a mixture of multiple size particles combined with a proprietary, quick setting latex, Orange Seal tube sealant is able to seal up large punctures and small tears with a minimum weight penalty, meaning you can ride farther for longer without flats. The Road tube kit provides ...


Tubolito S-Tubo Road Tube 700 x 18-28mm, 60mm Presta Valve, Disc Brake Only


Tubolito S-Tubo Road TubeThe Tubolito S-Tubo Road Tube is a featherweight at 23g, which will get you rolling quicker thanks to less rolling resistance which outpaces standard rubber tubes yet is comparable to latex tubes. With 78% smaller packed size and the same puncture resistance as standard tubes the S-Tubo-Road is the perfect choice as a spare and can be the crucial factor when you’re riding long and hard. Ready for disc brakes and guarantees ...


Q Super Light 700C Tubes 700, 35-43mm, 48


Value-priced, superlight road tubes. Shave rotating weight, without the expense and complexity of moving to latex tubes. Traditional butyl rubber about 100 grams | Q Super Light 700C Tubes 700, 35-43mm, 48