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Leatt | Dbx 4.0 Clip Shoes 2020 Men's | Size 11 In Black

$77.94 40% off $129.99 msrp

Leatt DBX 4. 0 Clip Shoe Leatt’s first riding shoe Clip-in riding shoes have been a staple in the community of riders who use clip-in pedals, offering a casual design, yet outfitted with riding specific technology that helps to keep your foot connected to the pedal and protects it from impacts. Introducing Leatt’s first line of riding shoes, the DBX 4. 0 Clip Shoes, a casual looking, comfortable riding shoe that features performance technology in ...


Leatt | 30 Flat Shoes 2022 Men's | Size 11 In Dune

$47.94 60% off $119.99 msrp

Leatt 3. 0 Flat Shoes V22Robust grip for gravity-fueled rides The Leatt 3. 0 Flat Shoes V22 are an exceptionally grippy and robust enduro and downhill shoe, designed for riders who want the freedom and casual styling of a flat pedal shoe, with glue-like grip for railing corners. The sticky, Leatt-designed Ride Grip rubber compound and tread design with mud-shedding channels provides confidence-inspiring grip in any weather. The padded tongue, reinforced toe and heel, combined ...