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Lezyne | Ebike Micro Drive Light Black


Lezyne E-bike Micro Drive Light The Lezyne E-bike Micro Drive Light is a small and compact, handlebar-mounted, or fork-mounted front light that features a max output of 500 lumens. The E-bike Micro Drive Light connects directly to your E-bike’s battery, which helps save weight to the absence of the battery and allows for longer run times than traditional headlights. The light features a CNC machined aluminum alloy construction for a lightweight and durable light. Two ...


Lezyne | Mini Drive 400 Light Blue/hi Gloss


LEZYNE MINI DRIVE 400 LIGHTDRIVING OFF THE DARKNESSHandlebar space can be incredibly limited, but you'll still need a light if you're riding at night. The Lezyne Mini Drive 400 Light is a compact cycling light with a machined aluminum body. It is bright and has a single LED that provides up to 400 lumens. It has 8 output modes and cutouts for side visibility so you can be visible from the sides at intersections. The ...


Lezyne | Hecto Drive 500Xl Headlight Black


LEZYNE HECTO DRIVE 500XLA CYCLING LIGHT WITH A MACHINED ALUMINUM BODYWhether you're riding on the streets in the daytime or late at night, you're going to want a light to increase your visibility. Lights significantly improve your visibility to motorists. The Lezyne Hecto Drive 500XL is a compact, durable cycling light with a machined aluminum body. It features built-in cooling fins and cutouts for side visibility. In Blast mode, the light produces 500 lumens of ...