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Lezyne Black Track Pump


Lezyne | Gravel Digital Drive Pro Floor Pump Black


Lezyne Gravel Digital Drive Pro Floor Pump Having a quality floor pump that you can keep at home or in the shop is a real game changer. The Lezyne Gravel Digital Drive Pro Floor Pump is a high-quality floor pump that features a CNC machined aluminum alloy base, barrel and piston with a wood handle. The Gravel Digital Drive Floor Pump has a medium-sized barrel and was designed specifically for gravel bikes and other mid-volume ...


Lezyne | Mirco Floor Drive Xl Pump Black


Lezyne Mirco Floor Drive HV XL Pump The Lezyne Mirco Floor Drive HV XL Pump is a super compact hand pump with a CNC aluminum barrel, piston, base and T-handle for optimized high volume applications. It's able to pump up to a maximum of 35 PSI and features both versatile hose and a stainless steel foot peg that'll make the job much more simple. Features MAX: 35psi 2. 4bar HV: 300mm 205g HVG: 300mm 225g ...


Lezyne | Cnc Travel Floor Drive Pump Black/gold


Lezyne CNC Travel Floor Drive Pump The Lezyne CNC Travel Drive is the ultimate travel floor pump with all the capabilities of a full-size floor pump in a compact size. All components are custom CNC machined aluminum, resulting in a durable and lightweight design. The ABS Flip-Thread Chuck works on both Presta and Schrader valves. The included Speed Chuck makes this pump compatible with disc wheels and the 1. 5" gauge is compact and precise. ...


Lezyne | Pressure Over Drive Gloss Black


Lezyne Pressure Over Drive The Lezyne Pressure Over Drive is an innovative floor pump with an integrated system designed to seat tubeless tires with ease. The secondary chamber can be manually pressurized and can simply be discharged into the tubeless system to quickly and efficiently seat the tire. Get accurate and reliable PSI readings with the analog gauge. The pump is topped off with a stylish wooden handle that'll add a classic look to the ...