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SRAM Red Lightweight Textured Bar Tape Red

$18.99 29% off $27.00 msrp

SRAM Red Lightweight Textured Bar Tape Formed from the high quality Sram Red line, the SRAM Red Lightweight Textured Bar Tape was created as a high-quality and lightweight tape that will pair perfectly with your Red level components. The lightweight design offers good flex for easy wrapping while the self-adhesive center strip secures placement and prevents any bar tape slip during your rides.The SRAM Red Lightweight Textured Bar Tape makes a great addition to any ...


Stan's Notubes Tubeless Rim Tape Yellow, Stan's, 10 Yards X 30mm

$50.00 9% off $54.95 msrp

Stan's NoTubes Tubeless Rim Tape Stan's NoTubes Rim Tape is essential for tubeless applications. This lightweight, plasticine tape covers spoke holes and prevents air from exiting the rim/tire junction. This tape is only necessary if your rims have spoke holes in the rim bed. Use Stan's tape to convert your existing rims to tubeless, or to seal Stan's NoTubes brand rims. Note: For Tubeless Road applications, a double layer is required to seal with the ...


Arundel Cork Tape Black


ARUNDEL CORK TAPEWhen you want someone to be quiet, you tell them to put a cork in it. When you want your handlebar tape to be comfortable, you also put a cork in it. The Arundel Cork Tape is a lightweight handlebar tape that has a lot of foam with cork chunks mixed in. It's thick and softens road vibration so you can ride longer with more comfort. The tape absorbs moisture and remains grippy. ...


WTB Tcs 50 mm X 11 Meters Rim Tape Yellow, 50 mm X 11 Meters (for 5 Rims)


WTB TCS 50 MM Rim Tape - 11 Meters Yellow. Sticky. Tape. WTB TCS Rim Tape provides an air-tight seal even on traditional wheel building components. It is light, durable, and extra sticky for providing a long, leak proof service as part of your tubeless wheel system. It also makes a light weight option to replace a rim strip with even if you intend to use traditional tubes and tires. Features Width: 50mm (i45 rims) ...


Newbaum's Cotton Cloth Handlebar Tape Khaki, Single


Newbaum's Cotton Cloth Handlebar Tape The Newbaum's Cotton Cloth Handlebar Tape is made from highly durable milled cotton cloth. It can add a certain amount of vintage vibe to your steel road bike from the 80's or can also serve as a super weight weenie option for your ultra-light race bike. It provides you with the tactile feel of cotton, which you'll fall in love with and choose over anything else available in the market. ...


ODI 2.5mm Performance Road Bike Bar Tape White, 2.5mm


ODI Single Ply Performance Bar Tape PERFORMANCE BAR TAPE FROM ODI This bar tape from ODI is super lightweight, and designed to provide the perfect balance between comfort and control. Even at a slim 2.5mm thick, the tape is incredibly vibration damping due to a shock absorbing foam backing. Surface texturing of the tacky elastomeric surface lends itself to solid grip and confident control. Features Soft and Tacky Elastomeric Surface Layer Package includes End Plugs ...


Easton Pinline Logo Bar Tape White

$9.34 15% off $11.00 msrp

Easton Pinline Logo Bar Tape The Easton Pinline Logo Bar Tape is a comfortable bar tape with classic styling. Minimal Easton logo graphics are embossed into the tape, giving the tape a little extra feel texture and nuanced aesthetics. The tape is made of EVA foam, an environmentally friendly material that does not contain any chlorine, stabilizing agents of heavy metals, or plasticizer. This lightweight and durable foam features anti-slip grip technology that ensures a ...