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Magura | Disc Brake Pads Performance, Type 6.1

$24.80 20% off $31.00 msrp

Magura Disc Brake Pads New Pads Day Replacement brake pads for Magura hydraulic disc brake systems. Various applications, as listed. All kits include pads for 1 brake, order 2 if you need enough for one whole bike. Select the "Endurance" compound for the longest pad life and "Performance" for the strongest braking power. Features Compatible with Marta 09-current, Louise 07-current, and Julie 09-current Performance compound for the strongest braking power Endurance compound for the longest ...


Magura | Brake Pads 9.s | Sport Green | Mt Disc 4 Piston 2 Pads

$22.40 20% off $28.00 msrp

Magura Brake Pads 9. SFor 4-Piston Brakes Going fast on your bike is important, but being able to stop efficiently is just as important. The Magura Brake 9. S Pads are designed for the 4-piston MT Disc hydraulic disc brake calipers. Due to its powerful braking capabilities together with high durability and shorter bed-in time, this is a perfect option for e-bikes. This comes with two pads. Features Magura part number: 2701995Designed for 4-piston MT ...


Magura | Brake Pads 9.c Comfort, Mt 4 Piston 2 Pads

$25.40 20% off $31.75 msrp

Magura Brake Pads 9. CIt's Time To Stop When your brake pads start to wear out, you'll want to replace them so you can continue braking with confidence. Just make sure you get the right pads for your brake calipers. The Magura Brake Pads 9. C are 9-series disc brake pads that are designed for the MT5 and MT7 calipers. They are made with Comfort compound that offers greater modulation and longer wear life than ...


Magura | Brake Pad | Black | - Standard Brake Pad For All Polished Rims, 4 Pcs

$25.88 20% off $32.35 msrp

Magura Rim Brake Pads High Durability After many miles of riding, you'll want to replace your brake pads. Having fresh brake pads will ensure you have optimal braking power. The Magura Rim Brake Pads are designed to work with HS11, HS22, HS33, and HS33 R rims brakes. These are designed specifically for rims with polished rim brake surfaces. Features Compatible with HS11, HS22, HS33, and HS33 R rim brakes Designed for rims with polished rim ...