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Giro Aether Mips Cycling Helmet Men's Size Small in Matte Black


Giro Aether Mips Cycling HelmetThe Giro Aether Mips Cycling Helmet combines airy, open design with the MIPS® Spherical Technology which offers rotational management to advance head protection for cyclists. It utilizes Giro’s new MIPS® Spherical Technology, which is embedded between the layers of EPS foam to give riders the benefits of MIPS without any obstruction to comfort or cooling power. You’ll get ample ventilation thanks to the massive vents created by the 6-piece shell. The ...


Giro Cinder Mips Helmet Men's Size Medium in Matte Black/Charcoal


Giro Cinder MIPS HelmetThe wind is buzzing in your ears, the heart is pounding, your grip tightens, you realize you are going faster than ever before. Knowing that you are well protected will allow you the confidence to push your limits. The Cinder MIPS helmet provides all the features you want into a lightweight, attractive package. MIPS technology is designed to reduce rotational forces, the type of forces that will deliver the knockout blow. A ...


Giro Manifest MIPS Helmet Men's Size Medium in Matte Sage


Giro Manifest MIPS HelmetIntroducing the all-new Giro Manifest MIPS Helmet. With Spherical Technology™, best-in-class ventilation, full coverage and luxurious comfort, Manifest is the most premium trail riding helmet available. The Giro Manifest MIPS Helmet features spherical technology which utilizes a ball-and-socket design that’s powered by MIPS® to redirect impact forces. Developed in Giro’s test lab in partnership with MIPS®, Spherical Technology allows the ...


Specialized Ambush MIPS ANGI Helmet Men's Size Large in Black


SPECIALIZED AMBUSH MIPS ANGI HELMETAGGRESSIVE TRAIL RIDING PROTECTIONIf you're riding on a mountain bike, you should always wear a helmet to protect yourself from possible crashes. It is nearly impossible to predict when you'll crash, so it's best to always be prepared with a helmet on. The Specialized Ambush MIPS Helmet is the lightest and most ventilated extended coverage helmet available. It features an integrated ANGi crash sensor that will contact your emergency contacts in ...