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Mavic | Deemax Pro Flat Shoes Men's | Size 10.5 in Black


MAVIC DEEMAX PRO FLAT SHOESBUILT TO PUSH THE LIMITSSometimes clipping into your pedals isn't what you should do while riding your bike. Having flat pedal MTB shoes lets you still have high pedaling efficiency and you're able to take your feet off the pedals faster. The Mavic Deemax Pro Flat Shoes are built to push the limits of gravity riding. They are made with Matryx technology with Kevlar and polyamide that provides abrasion resistance. Toe ...


Mavic | Deemax Elite Flat Shoes Men's | Size 10 in Black


Mavic Deemax Elite Flat ShoesWhen you’re tackling aggressive trails, a good pedal connection can be the difference between nailing that aggressive line you've been thinking about for weeks or bailing out early. The Deemax Elite Flat is built with a Spider sole design that gives you a stable connection so you can stay confident and keep your flow going strong. They’re constructed with Contragrip sole material that produces powerful traction, even on the most challenging ...


Mavic | XA Pro Shoes Men's | Size 11.5 in Raven


MAVIC XA PRO SHOESHIGH-PERFORMANCE TRAIL RIDING SHOESThe type of shoes you use on your bike has a huge impact on your power output and performance. Mountain bike shoes offer a stiff platform and ample grip on the outsole so you can pedal up hills easier or walk in loose terrain. The Mavic XA Pro Shoes are high-performance trail riding shoes that are comfortable, efficient, and ready for adventure. They feature Energy Grip Trail + Outsole ...


Mavic | Allroad Elite Shoes Men's | Size 11.5 in Black


Mavic Allroad Elite ShoesThe Mavic Allroad Elite Shoes are perfect for every-day riding, from casual coffee rides to the weekend hundos. They’re the perfect balance between performance, style and comfort and won’t look out of place when you roll up to your rest stop. The Allroad Elite gives you a stable connection to your bike and is compatible with SPD pedals. It's a great choice for adventurous rides in urban environments or rugged backroads. The ...


Mavic | XA Elite II Shoes Men's | Size 9.5 in Raven


Mavic XA Elite II ShoesThe Mavic XA Elite II Shoes are a versatile go-to shoe that helps you get the most out of every trail ride. They feature the Energy Trip Outsole, which provides a high-energy connection that maximizes your pedaling power. The sole also features a Contagrip tread with lugs that are shaped to maximize your traction in dry or wet conditions. Your feet are your connection to the bike and to the trail. ...


Mavic | Crossmax Elite Shoes Men's | Size 9.5 in Black/Fiery Red


Crossmax Elite ShoesMavic’s awesome Crossmax Elite Shoes give cross country riders an excellent option that’s light, sturdy, and durable. Constructed with a lightweight, Energy Grip Terra Outsole, and Contragrip rubber lugs, these shoes can be comfortably and conveniently walked in. The Endofit Tongue hugs the foot in just the right places, providing maximum comfort. Two functional aramid straps offer precise and easy adjustment. FEATURESExcellent design for great cross-country ...


Mavic | XA Matryx® Shoes Men's | Size 9 in Red/Orange


Mavic XA Matryx® ShoesThe Mavic XA Matryx® Shoes have been designed using some of the most innovative materials available today. They’re a smart, ultra-capable new trail shoe is everything you need to climb higher, descend faster and venture farther on your wildest riding adventures. The upper is constructed with patented Matryx technology, which features a Kevlar-woven polyamide. This makes the shoe super durable and also offers superior foot support and breathability. The result is ...


Mavic | Allroad Pro Shoes Men's | Size 8.5 in Black


MAVIC ALLROAD PRO SHOESGO ANYWHERE, DO ANYTHINGWhen you're clipped into your pedals, you have increased pedaling power and performance. The Mavic Allroad Pro Shoes are innovative, go-anywhere shoes that are durable and comfortable. They are made with a Matryx upper with Kevlar weaved in that offers comfortable, efficient foot mapping support. The laces have lace elastic that keeps them out of the chainrings. An Energy Carbon Comp Allroad outsole provides the perfect pedal interface with ...


Mavic | Cosmic Elite SL Shoes Men's | Size 9.5 in Black


Mavic Cosmic Elite SL ShoesThe Mavic Cosmic Elite SL Shoes are a superlight, highly ventilated road shoe that’s designed to keep your feet feeling comfortable and fresh from start to finish. They’re inspired by alpine terrain and are made for the long rides in the mountains. This sleek road shoe features a carbon sole that maximizes pedaling power with a lightweight design that minimizes weight and the upper is constructed with ultralight mesh panels with ...


Mavic | Cosmic SL Ultimate Shoes Men's | Size 11.5 in Black


MAVIC COSMIC SL ULTIMATE SHOESOUT OF THIS WORLDWhen you're clipped into your pedals, the type of shoes you use have a significant impact on your performance and power transfer. The Mavic Cosmic SL Ultimate Shoes are high-performance road shoes that are super light, stiff, and ideal for riding in the mountains. They have a full Carbon Energy SLR outsole and have an ultra-low 6. 5mm stack height for more efficient pedaling. The upper is made ...