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Shimano | Xt Rd-M8000 11Sp Rear Derailleur Gs Cage, Medium Cage, 1X/2X Drivetrains

$74.99 29% off $106.99 msrp

Shimano XT RD-M8000 Rear Derailleur The long-awaited Shimano XT 11 speed drivetrain has made its grand entrance! Featuring Shimano's innovative Shadow Plus technology and a refined geometry, the Deore XT M8000 11-speed rear derailleur is designed to reign authority over today's aggressive style of trail and all-mountain riding. By maintaining chain tension, the optimized slant angled Shadow system eliminates chain slap and greatly lowers the chances of dropping your chain. The ...


Shimano | Xtr Rd-M9000 11Sp Derailleur Gs Cage, Medium Cage

$184.99 24% off $243.99 msrp

Shimano XTR RD-M9000 Rear Derailleur Focus and determination defines you. You are streamlined and efficient. You embrace the most difficult challenges and refuse to give up. You never make excuses, you never stop trying. You conquer mountains from the bottom up, never satisfied with only the descent. You crush the whole loop, every pedal stroke a relentless assault on gravity, your competitors and your personal records. You are XTR and XTR is you. Seriously fast. ...


Shimano | Xt Rd-M786 10 Speed Rear Derailleur | Black | Medium Cage

$89.99 13% off $103.99 msrp

Shimano XT RD-M786 10 Speed Rear Derailleur Featuring Shimano's innovative Shadow clutch technology, the Deore XT rear derailleur is designed for today's aggressive style of trail and all-mountain riding. By maintaining chain tension, the Shadow system eliminates chain slap and lowers the chances of dropping your chain. Other improvements include reduced noise and rotational drag as well as a low-profile pulley cage for better clearance over harsh terrain. Why choose an XT derailleur over a ...


Sram | Rival 22 Rear Derailleur Medium Cage, Wifli, Exact Actuation

$70.00 5% off $74.00 msrp

SRAM Rival 22 Rear Derailleur SRAM's Rival group might get pushed around by its lighter, more popular older siblings from time to time, but that doesn't mean it doesn't come from the same family. Sure, it weights a little more, but performance wise, it has SRAM's legendary efficiency built into its DNA. Available in both short and medium cage lengths to match your preferred gearing range, the Rival 22 Rear Derailleur delivers smooth and responsive ...


Shimano | 105 Rd-5701 10Sp Rear Derailleur | Black | 32T Max, 10 Speed, Medium Cage

$49.99 18% off $60.99 msrp

Shimano 105 RD-5701 10sp rear derailleur The 10-speed SIS 105 rear derailleur integrates the wide link design prominently featured in both Dura-Ace and Ultegra derailleurs to not only promote quick shifting but to preserve the pivots for greater durability and long-term crisp shifting performance. Shimano's 105 group is perfect for riders who are looking for performance components but don't have a race-level budget. Features Wide link design to reduce shifting deflection Quick, reliable ...


Shimano | Tiagra 4700 Rear Derailleur 10 Speed, Medium Cage


Shimano Tiagra RD-4700-GS Rear Derailleur The Shimano Tiagra 4700 Rear Derailleur provides you with consistently smooth and reliable shifting. With trickled down technologies from the Dura-Ace line, it offers serious entry-level riding performance at a cost that can't be beat. You have the option to run a cassette with up to 34t, giving you the advantage in steep grades. Specs Model RD-4700-GSSpeeds10Low sprocket_Max. 34T (Front double), 32T (Front triple)Low sprocket_Min. 28T (Front ...


Microshift | Advent X Rear Derailleur | Black | Medium Cage, Only For Advent X, 10-Speed


MICROSHIFT ADVENT X REAR DERAILLEURREADY FOR ADVENTUREShifting performance is incredibly important while you're out on the trails. The ability to shift from high gears to low gears quickly will help save your legs on those tougher climbs. The micro SHIFT Advent X Rear Derailleur delivers high performance without high-end headaches. It is a 10-speed rear derailleur that has a ratchet-and-pawl clutch that provides chain security and can be turned on and off with a switch. ...


Shimano | Ultegra Rd-R8150 Di2 Rear Derailleur 12-Speed, Medium Cage, Black


Shimano Ultegra RD-R8150 Di2 Rear Derailleur New and improved Shimano’s latest and greatest Ultegra 12-speed Di2 drivetrain delivers next generation shifting and overall performance. Every aspect of the new drivetrain is a substantial step up from the previous generation, with even the rear derailleur seeing improvements. The Ultegra R8150 Di2 rear derailleur features ridiculously fast shifting with the derailleur being a whopping 58% faster than the previous generation Dura-Ace. This ...


Shimano | Dura-Ace Rd-R9250 Di2 Rear Derailleur 12-Speed, Medium Cage, Black


Shimano Dura-Ace RD-R9250 Di2 Rear Derailleur Next generation shifting The new Dura-Ace RD-R9250 derailleur is the best way to experience Shimano’s latest and greatest 12-speed Di2 platform. It delivers Shimano’s fastest ever shifting with the new derailleur being a whopping 58% faster than the previous generation 11-speed Di2 derailleur. Its sleek and compact design has been refined while the cassette capacity can now support upt an 34t cassette. Straightforward charging and wireless ...


Sram | Gx Type 2.1 10 Spd Rear Derailleur | Black | Long Cage, Exact Actuation

$57.76 18% off $71.00 msrp

SRAM GX 2x10 Ride Your Way, Far And Wide For every bike, there's a rider. A rider who builds it. A rider who knows it. A rider who's always ready to take the bike somewhere new. Introducing GX, the drivetrain for people who love to ride without restraint. From beginner to expert, GX delivers personalized gear choices that take you as far and wide as you want to go. Engineered in Germany with 1x and ...


Sram | Force 1 Type 3.0 Rear Derailleur | Gray | Long Cage, 42 Tooth Max

$149.99 38% off $243.00 msrp

SRAM Force 1 Type 3. 0 Rear Derailleur Make your front derailleur a thing of the past. Put all the gears you need at one fingertip with a spooky-silent drivetrain and fast, quiet shifting. It will change where you ride and the way you ride. It will open new roads. With their new 1x Road lineup, SRAM took what they've learned from their 1x mountain lineup and translated that to Road and CX. Chain tension ...


Sram | Force 22 11 Speed Rear Derailleur Med Cage, Wifli 32T Max, Exact Actuation

$95.00 19% off $118.00 msrp

SRAM Force 22 Rear Derailleur SRAM is a household name in the cycling world. Just in case you're not up to speed, SRAM is an industry leader in innovation and product development. SRAM 22 is no exception to this. SRAM 22 is an 11 speed road group. SRAM 22 encompasses new SRAM Red and SRAM Force groups with shared and trickle down technology between the top tier and second tier groups. The SRAM Force 22 ...


Microshift | Advent Rear Derailleur 9 Speed | Black | Long Cage, With Clutch

$58.99 9% off $64.99 msrp

Micro SHIFT ADVENT Rear Derailleur 9 Speed Massive Gear Range Without The Price Tag Micro SHIFT’s Advent rear derailleur packs all of the necessary gravel and mountain bike features into a wallet friendly package. Designed around the Advent cassettes, the Advent derailleurs are compatible with 11-42t and 11-46t cassettes making the Advent drivetrain a great option for anyone who wants a wide range 1x gravel or mountain bike drivetrain. The modular derailleur design makes the ...


Sram | X5 Rear Derailleur Long Cage, 10 Speed

$50.00 5% off $53.00 msrp

SRAM X5 Rear Derailleur 10-Speed SRAM is renowned in the world of mountain biking for their quality and durable products. The SRAM X5 10-speed derailleur is no exception to their reputation. Experience smooth operation and precision every time you shift. Featuring a 1:1 actuation ratio for easy setup and service, an aluminum frame that is light and strong, and direct cable routing which reduces the amount of cable friction, the X5 10-speed derailleur will keep ...


Microshift | Advent Rear Deraileur 9 Speed Med No Clutch 9 Speed, Medium Cage, Black

$30.56 36% off $47.99 msrp

Microshift Advent Rear Deraileur 9 Speed Med No Clutch Wide-range gearing Wide-range gearing and modular drivetrains no longer cost an arm and a leg. Micro SHIFT’s Advent drivetrain and rear derailleur are a perfect example of this development. The Advent derailleur integrates perfectly with the rest of the Advent system and even supports the massive 11-46t Advent cassette for anyone in search of massive gearing. A steel cage and aluminum outer link ensures the derailleur ...