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Leatt | Body Protector 3Df Airfit Lite Men's | Size Small/medium In Black

$209.99 25% off $279.99 msrp

Leatt Body Protector 3DF Airfit Lite uniquely consolidated protection system Leatt's Body Protector is an excellent one-piece upper body protection system that covers all necessary areas in one comfortable top. With a protection score of18, it provides the very best in upper body protection. Combining premium protection that is CE tested and certified, the body protector also offers a comfortable and secure fit with an elastic chest strap that keeps it in place. Made of ...


Leatt | Airflex Body Protector Men's | Size Small In Black

$247.49 25% off $329.99 msrp

Leatt Airflex Body Protector Flexible, Modular Full-Send Protection The Leatt Airflex Body Protector is a two-piece protector offering exceptional impact coverage in a flexible, breathable design. The breathable, anti-odor inner compression sock is full-zip and features built-in soft Airflex elbow and shoulder protectors. The Moisture Cool and Air Mesh moisture-wicking fabrics used for the Airflex Body Protector are sure to keep you cool and dry during hard efforts. The CE-certified Air ...


Leatt | 4.5 Body Protector Pro Men's | Size Large/extra Large In Black


Leatt 4. 5 Body Protector Pro Protect yourself before you wreck yourself Introducing the Leatt 4. 5 Body Protector Pro, five protective guards integrated into a unique one-piece base layer with CE certified protection for the chest, back, shoulders and elbows. The chest protector is constructed using hard-shell plates layered over 3DF soft impact foam for a quality design that is comfortable and ventilated. The 2021 4. 5 Body Protector Pro features CE certified level-two ...


Leatt | Body Protector 3Df Airfit Men's | Size Small/medium In Black

$224.99 25% off $299.99 msrp

LEATT BODY PROTECTOR 3DF AIRFITLeatt’s soft shell 3DF Air Fit Body Protector offers chest, back, elbow and shoulder protection and scores a total of 21 points in the Leatt Protection rating system. Made of soft and flexible 3DF Air Fit impact foam, it conforms to your body shape to offer a comfortable fit. This foam absorbs energy however, protecting you during a crash by taking those hard knocks. The body protector is compatible with your ...


Leatt | Body Protector 3.5 Men's | Size Extra Large In Graphene


Leatt Body Protector 3. 5Comprehensive protection The Leatt Body Protector 3. 5 is a two-piece guard that offers comprehensive protection for the rider’s torso while maintaining breathability and mobility for the most challenging trails. This two-piece design features a zip-up compression suit with integrated shoulder and elbow protection and an adjustable kidney belt, with the second outer piece providing CE-rated hard shell protection for the chest and back. This modular design features ...