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Specialized | Rbx Adv Bib Shorts W/swat Men's | Size Medium In Black | 100% Polyester

$107.99 40% off $180.00 msrp

Specialized RBX ADV Bib Shorts W/SWATThe Specialized RBX ADV Bib Shorts W/SWAT is an absolute game-changer for your adventure rides, making it easier for you to prepare for the long hours ahead. They put everything you need out on the trail or gravel within easy, comfortable reach, without having to resort to a sweaty backpack, or overloaded pockets bouncing around. The Specialized RBX ADV Bib Shorts W/SWAT feature comprehensive four-way stretch fabric that provides ample ...


Specialized | Rbx Bib Shorts Men's | Size Extra Large In Black

$53.99 40% off $90.00 msrp

SPECIALIZED RBX BIB SHORTSCOMFORTABLE AND SOFTWhen it comes to riding long distances on your bike, nothing beats wearing bib shorts. Bib shorts add a layer of comfort that moves with you while you're riding. The Specialized RBX Bib Shorts are designed to disappear so you can focus on the best part, riding your bike. It is made with four-way stretch fabric that provides excellent comfort and feels soft. The articulated design ensures the perfect fit ...


Specialized | Prime Bib Short Men's | Size Extra Large In Dark Navy

$149.99 25% off $200.00 msrp

Specialized Prime Bib Shorts Optimal Prime If you're looking to enhance your comfort while you're riding your bike, you'll want to get some cycling shorts. With these, you'll be able to ride farther with less irritation and fatigue. The next level up from cycling shorts is bib shorts. The Specialized Prime Bib Shorts has premium materials, a superior fit, and cutting-edge technology. It comes with a Body Geometry Contour 3D chamois that adds exceptional comfort ...