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Michelin Wild Enduro 27.5" Tire Rear, 2.4", 33TPI, Gum-X

$49.99 23% off $64.99 msrp

MICHELIN WILD ENDURO 27.5" TIREMORE EVERYTHINGWhen you're out riding your mountain bike, the type of tires you use while you're riding have a huge impact on your performance. The tread pattern affects things like grip and speed, so choose wisely based on the type of terrain you're riding on. The Michelin Wild Enduro 27.5" Tire has a tread pattern that is optimized for either a front-specific or rear-specific use and provides excellent performance and maximum ...


Michelin Wild Race'r Enduro 29" Tire 2.35", rear


Michelin Wild Race'r Enduro Rear 29" TireDesigned from the ground up with the help from top Enduro riders the Michelin Wild Race’r Rear tire is the most agile of Michelin's AM lineup. The Wild Race’r will provide you with improved grip, propulsion as well as excellent braking thanks to its mix of three rubbers. The tire is designed to work best in hard/dry to mixed terrain with lower profile, ramped center knobs to help maintain ...


Michelin Power Protection+ Tire Black, 700X28, 3X 110Tpi Casing

$39.99 27% off $54.99 msrp

Michelin Power Protection+ Tire With the most puncture protection of the Michelin Power series, the Protection + tire is gifted with a bead-to-bead belt of Arimid Protek. Take the back alley, the street that always has some new and exciting debris to dodge knowing there is a bit of flat insurance rolling with you. This added bit of protection is in addition to the qualities that you would already expect from a Michelin tire, low ...