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100% Ridefit Gloves 2017


100% Ridefit Glove The 100% Ridefit Glove is all business, no bulk. The Ridefit's lightly insulated soft-shell top hand fabric protects against colder temperatures and light trail debris and is perfect for riders looking for a lightweight glove solution. A single-layer Clarino palm is utilized for excellent bar-hand feel and comfort. A variety of little touches here and there on the Ridefit make life easier: silicone printed graphics on the palm offer increase grip, reflective ...


$15.99 64% off $45.00 msrp


Giro Ambient Gel Gloves 2014

$15.99 64% off $45.00 msrp

Giro Ambient Gel Gloves 2014Designed for rides when the weather is less than perfect, the Ambient delivers a comfortable fit that keeps the chill away. The Ambient combines a water and wind-resistant, breathable soft shell upper with X-Static® AGrid™ thermal fleece lining and an AX Suede™ palm for warmth, water resistance and amazing dexterity. It’s light enough to wear for long rides, and warm enough to fight off temperatures that hover above freezing.FeaturesPalm: Super Fit™ ...


100% Brisker Cold Weather Gloves


100% Brisker Glove The Brisker is a low-profile glove that's designed to shield you from the elements without added bulk. With the perfect amount of insulation, the Brisker promotes more dexterity and control over the bike. The palm has silicone printed graphics that increase grip in damp conditions while the graphics on the top of the hand offer reflective elements to increase visibility in low-light conditions. The perforated dual-layer palm adds a bit of comfort. ...


100% Hydromtic Waterproof Gloves


100% hydromatic waterproof gloveYour grip on your bars is an essential part of your ride. If your grips are wet and slippery, bad things can happen. We all know that. So grab a pair of 100%'s Hydromatic Waterproof Gloves, and enjoy the sure, dry grip. The Hydromatic maintains exceptional dexterity and control while keeping your hands warm and dry. Silicone printed palms help maintain a good grip even if your grips become moist. Integrated tech ...


Giro Tessa LF Women's Gloves


Giro Tessa Long Finger Women's Gloves The Tessa gel-padded long finger glove offers optimal comfort. Giro's Super Fit features an ergonomic design, constructed with premium materials. The palm of the hand is made of AX Suede that is easy to maintain and offers a soft feel. The upper is made of moisture wicking breathable mesh that has 4-way stretch. Features Super Fitâ„¢ design for women, with three-panel palm for a tailored fit; Clarinoâ„¢ synthetic leather ...


Giro Blaze Gloves


Giro Blaze GlovesMini Sleeping Bags for Your HandsWhether you're making a crisp morning commute or going for a chilly prep ride, the Blaze glove features a mid-weight, insulated soft shell construction that utilizes X-Static® AGrid™ thermal fleeced interior, offering the warmth and dexterity needed for pedaling in cool conditions. Its simple design highlights the Super Fit™ three-panel ergonomic design that tailors the fit of the gloves to reduce bunching, and allow a more natural ...