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Specialized | Chamonix Helmet MIPS CPSC Men's | Size Small/Medium in Gloss Maroon


SPECIALIZED CHAMONIX MIPS HELMETIT'S PRONOUNCED "SHA-MONY"No matter where you're riding, whether it's on the trails, the bike path, or riding to your local coffee shop, you need to wear a helmet to protect your head. Crystal balls can't predict when you're going to crash next, so it's best to always stay prepared with a helmet on your head. The Specialized Chamonix MIPS Helmet is a sleek and stylish helmet with premium features. It is MIPS-equipped ...


Giro | Disciple Mips Helmet Men's | Size Small in Matte Black/Gloss Black

$149.94 40% off $250.00 msrp

Giro Disciple MIPS HelmetThe Disciple MIPS helmet was designed to meet DH standards as well as the demands of freeride, downhill and enduro riders. Constructed with a fiberglass shell, plush interior padding and vented brow ports for comfort, the Giro Disciple is a super-comfortable downhill helmet. The Disciple features MIPS, or Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, which helps reduce rotational forces cause by angled impacts. For additional safety, Giro used vinyl nitrile-lined chin ...


Bell | 4Forty Mips Helmet Men's | Size Medium in Matte/Gloss Camo


BELL 4FORTY MIPS HELMETALL-MOUNTAIN VALUEIf you're out riding on the trails, you need to have a helmet on. Helmets will protect your head if you crash or fall. The Bell 4Forty MIPS Helmet is a value-focused, half-shell helmet designed for all-mountain riding. It features a fusion in-mold polycarbonate shell that creates a sturdier helmet by binding the outer shell directly with the EPS liner. Bell's Float Fit™ system makes it easy to dial in the ...


Bell | Drifter MIPS Helmet Men's | Size Medium in Matte/Gloss Hi Viz/Black


Bell Drifter MIPS HelmetMeets Your Needs Without Any CompromisesWhether you're cruising the bike paths, shredding the singletrack, or you're racing to the podium, you'll want to wear a helmet to protect your head. Helmets don't just provide impact protection, they also helmet funnel air to your head to keep you cooler, and they provide sun and debris protection. The Bell Drifter MIPS Helmet is made with a fusion in-mold polycarbonate shell to create a sturdier ...


Bell | Sixer Mips Helmet Men's | Size Large in Fasthouse Matte/Gloss Black/Gold


Bell Sixer Mips HelmetThe upgrade from the fiverThe all-mountain half-shell that can do it all. Introducing the Bell Sixer MIPS Helmet, an extended coverage half-shell loaded with features. Complete with an in-molded construction, a multi-density EPS liner and MIPS , the Sixer is the perfect helmet for aggressive trail or all-mountain riding. Bell loaded this helmet with vents, including four brow ports, to keep the air flowing while you're riding. The fusion in-mold polycarbonate shell ...


Bell | Formula MIPS Helmet Men's | Size Medium in Matte/Gloss Gray/Infrared


Bell Formula MIPS HelmetThe Formula For SuccessThe Formula MIPS Helmet by Bell brings top-level technology and performance to a helmet with a mid-level price tag. This all-arounder helmet excels in road, gravel, XC or anything else you can throw at it. The aerodynamic, sweeping lines of the Formula MIPS are complimented by 19 vents to direct airflow over the head on hot days, while Bell’s Sweat Guide liner keeps sweat out of your eyes on ...


Bell | Sixer Mips Helmet Men's | Size Large in Matte/Gloss Black Camo


BELL SIXER MIPS HELMETHelmets are the most important part of riding a bike. Helmets protect your head from impacts. The Bell Sixer takes protection to the next level with MIPS technology that protects your head from rotational energy from certain impacts. This well ventilated helmet features Bell's Float Fit Race system that offers a custom fit with three-way adjustability, Sweat Guide that pulls sweat away from eyewear, Progressive layering that manages the transfer of energies ...


Bell | Formula LED Ghost Mips Helmet Men's | Size Large in Matte/Gloss Black Reflective

$111.94 20% off $140.00 msrp

BELL FORMULA LED GHOST MIPS HELMETFINDING THE RIGHT FORMULAWhether you're racing to the finish line or you're just cruising to your local coffee shop to get a latte, then you're going to want to wear a helmet to protect your noggin. The Bell Formula LED Ghost MIPS Helmet is a performance-oriented helmet that shines brighter with an integrated LED rear light. Having a light on while you're riding in the early morning or late evening ...


Met | Terranova MIPS HelMet | Men's | Size Medium in Black/Matte Gloss


Met Terranova MIPS HelmetThe Met Terranova MIPS Helmet has increased head coverage compared to a standard mountain bike helmet. It’s been designed for aggressive all-mountain and trail riding, so you can ride at ease knowing this helmet can take what you dish out. It also features an increased head coverage compared to a standard mountain bike helmet. The construction and fit are inspired by the award-winning Roam, guaranteeing optimal comfort for all-day riding. The Met ...


Bell | 4Forty Mips Helmet Men's | Size Extra Large in Matte Black/Gloss Black


BELL 4FORTY MIPS HELMETMountain biking is a demanding sport – compromises and shortcuts when it comes to gear are never a good idea. The 4Forty is built to withstand the rigors of a trail riding life; with generous ventilation, the comfort of Float Fit and built-in Sweat Guide, extended rear coverage, a full hard-shell, and adjustable visor. Boasting the comfort, protection and capable features of helmets costing twice as much, the 4Forty is an all-conditions, ...


Specialized | Propero 3 Helmet ANGI MIPS CPSC Men's | Size Small in White


SPECIALIZED PROPERO 3 MIPS ANGI HELMETFAST AND SAFEWhether you're cruising to the local coffee shop, doing a gran fondo, or racing to victory, you should be wearing a helmet to protect your head. Helmets for the road are all about being lightweight, aerodynamic, and exceptionally ventilated. The Specialized Propero 3 MIPS ANGi Helmet has a race-inspired design and is loaded with many features. It features a 4th Dimension Cooling System with Mega Mouthport that provides ...


Bell | SideTrack II Mips Child & Youth Helmet | Size Youth in White


BELL SideTrack II Mips Child & Youth HelmetWhether your child is riding at the local park or tearing it up on the trails, they should be wearing a helmet to protect their precious noggin. The Bell SideTrack II MIPS Helmet features an Ergo Fit dial that makes dialing in the perfect fit quick and easy. It is MIPS-equipped which helps redirect impact energy so it isn't transferred to your head. It also has a PinchGuard ...


Met | DOWNTOWN MIPS HELMet | Men's | Size Small/Medium in White


MET DOWNTOWN MIPS HELMETVersatile TouringMET’s Downtown MIPS helmet is designed to be the ultimate touring helmet that can also handle double duty as a commuter or casual cruise helmet. Its 17 vents work in conjunction with internal air channeling to provide optimized cooling for any and all riding scenarios. Industry leading MIPS brain protection helps to redirect impact forces away from your head in the event of a crash. Onboard the MET Downtown MIPS is ...


Giro | Montaro Mips II Helmet Men's | Size Medium in Matte Chalk


Giro Montaro MIPS II HelmetAn updated modern classicThe newly-updated Montaro MIPS II helmet from Giro is the second edition of their famed trail/all mountain helmet. Featuring Giro’s Roc Loc® 5 Air MIPS System, to improve cooling capabilities and stability. The Montaro II provides excellent protection for technical riding, with deep coverage and extended back of the head coverage, all with MIPS® technology protecting from rotational forces. 16 vents direct a massive amount of air over ...


Specialized | Echelon II MIPS Helmet Men's | Size Small in Oak Green Metallic/Black Reflective


Specialized Echelon II MIPS HelmetSleek and FastWhether you're cruising the bike paths, going on a local group ride, or you're racing to the podium, you'll want to wear a helmet to protect your head. The sleek Specialized Echelon II MIPS Helmet has increased ventilation and an ergonomic design. The Headset SL II fit system has six height positions, a micro-adjustable dial and is ANGi crash sensor ready. The Echelon II is MIPS-equipped and features a ...


Bell | Stratus Mips Helmet Men's | Size Small in White


Bell STRATUS MIPS HELMETBell's Stratus helmet takes the best aspects of its top-tier brother the Z20 but delivers it in a more affordable package. Its refined design is designed to be a perfect belnd between aerodynamic performance and ventilation for the climbs. Bell's Overbrow ventilation system keeps you cool by pulling air through the front and out the air-channel matrix. The Float Fit system ensures a perfect fit and is easily adjustable thanks to the ...


Bell | Formula LED Mips Helmet Men's | Size Small in Matte Black

$91.94 20% off $115.00 msrp

BELL FORMULA LED MIPS HELMETCRACKING THE FORMULAWhether you're cruising to your local coffee shop, commuting to work, or putting in a few hours in the saddle, you're going to want a great helmet to protect your head. The Bell Formula LED MIPS Helmet is lightweight, comfortable, well-protected, and has the added bonus of having an integrated LED light. With the LED, you'll have increased visibility so you can ride in the late evening or early ...


Bell | Avenue MIPS Helmet Men's | Size Medium in Matte Orange


Bell Avenue MIPS HelmetWallet-friendly, no sacrificesThe Bell Avenue MIPS is a unicorn in the helmet market, achieving high end performance, safety features and elevated styling at an entry level price. The Avenue features MIPS technology, the industry standard for mitigating the rotational forces caused by specific types of impacts. The MIPS system in the Avenue is built into the helmet’s retention system, for a more streamlined, integrated design, while the fusion in-molded polycarbonate ...


Bell | Daily LED MIPS Helmet Men's | Size Large in Matte Black


Bell Daily LED MIPS HelmetStylish safetyBe seen and be stylish on your commute with Bell’s Daily LED MIPS helmet. It features a 20-lumen rear LED light for increased visibility on the bike and is easily rechargeable with micro-USB. MIPS integrated safety technology is implemented into the Bell Daily and is designed to reduce rotational forces in the event of a crash. Easily dial in the fit of the helmet with the Ergo Fit system. Sweid ...


Bell | Super DH Spherical Helmet Men's | Size Medium in Matte/Gloss Sand/Black


BELL SUPER DH MIPS HELMETNOT ALL HEROES WEAR HELMETSWhen you're riding aggressively, you need aggressive protection. Accidents happen at random and are hard to predict, so you should always be ready for the worst-case scenario. The Bell Super DH MIPS Helmet is a versatile helmet that has highly advanced MIPS Spherical energy management and Float Fit DH technology. The Super DH features a Wraparound chin bar that is removable, letting you transform the helmet from ...


Bell | Super Air Spherical Helmet Men's | Size Small in Matte/Gloss Blues


Bell Super Air Spherical Mips HelmetThe future of trail helmets has arrivedThe Bell Super Air Spherical MIPS is a highly-protective and feature-packed trail helmet, with all of the protection and performance features you need for any trail. The Super air features Spherical technology, designed in in partnership with MIPS®, to reduce rotational forces during a crash by way of a ball-and-socket design. A fusion in-mold polycarbonate shell provides toughness and covers the progressively ...


Bell | XR Spherical Helmet Men's | Size Medium in Matte/Gloss Pinks

$179.94 20% off $225.00 msrp

Bell XR Spherical HelmetBlurring the lines between dirt and pavementThe Bell XR Spherical Helmet is a genre-bending helmet for road, gravel, XC or any other discipline you feel like using it for. The XR features Spherical Technology™ powered by MIPS® which is a ball-and-socket design to reduce forces from a crash—which, when paired with the Progressive Layering™ of the EPS foam, creates a highly-protective helmet without adding excessive weight. The feathery XR (285g, size M) ...


Bell | Super Air R Spherical Helmet Men's | Size Medium in Matte Gray/Red


BELL SUPER AIR R MIPSA TRUE ALL-MOUNTAIN PERFORMERIf you're riding aggressively out on the trails, then you're going to want aggressive protection. The newly-redesigned Bell Super Air R MIPS is designed with removable chin bar technology; this means you can have a full-face helmet for coverage when downhill riding, then remove the chin bar for better ventilation while climbing. Importantly, the helmet features Flex Spherical and MIPS® technology, a ball-and-socket design to reduce energy ...