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Smith | Shift MAG Sunglasses Men's in Black/ChromaPop Platinum Mirror


Smith Shift MAG SunglassesBuilt For SpeedThe Smith Shift MAG sunglasses are designed to be top performers, no matter the sport or conditions. Prioritizing light weight frames, quick lens swaps and exceptional coverage, the Shift MAG's won't slow you down. MAG lens change technology is a magnetic closure system on the side of the glasses, designed to make you feel like a race car pit crew. This allows for lightning-quick and fuss-free lens swaps, giving you ...


100% | Speedcraft Air Sunglasses Men's in Soft Tact Black/HiPER Red Mirror


100% Speedcraft Air SunglassesMore air, more style, more speedThe 100% Speedcraft Air sunglasses are a revolutionary approach to cycling eyewear and aim to actually improve your on-bike performance. The Speedcraft Air sunglasses were designed in conjunction with AC Systems to allow for greater airflow through the rider’s nose by using a patented nasal dilator system. The system uses magnetic stickers and is fully adjustable to control the amount of dilation and airflow by simply turning ...


100% | Speedcoupe Cycling Sunglasses Men's in Acidulous w/Purple Multi Mirror Lens


100% Speedcoupe sunglasses 2017 Exceeding the demands of top-level athletes, the Speedcoupe is designed to elevate the performance of any athlete. Engineered with the finest materials, the 100% Speedcoupe hits all the points you look for in a quality pair of eyewear; lightweight, and comfortable without compromising style. Features Dual-lens, semi-rimless Design for enhanced coverage with unobstructed view. Megol® rubber coated Nose Pads & Temple Arms offer superior fit and comfort. ...


Smith | Pinpoint Sunglasses in Chromapop Polarized Black


Smith Pinpoint SunglassesKeep Your Eyes ProtectedWhether you're riding the trails, going for a hike, or you're running a marathon, you'll want to keep your eyes protected with sunglasses. Sunglasses don't just protect your eyes from sunlight, they also block bugs, wind, water, dirt, debris, and much more. The Smith Pinpoint Sunglasses feels as good as it looks. They are perfect for riding, running, and days around the town. They feature ChromaPop lenses that enhance contrast ...


Smith | Reverb Chromapop Sunglasses Men's in White


Smith Reverb Chromapop SunglassesPursue your thrill with the Smith Reverb Chromapop Sunglasses Sunglasses. they utilize a ChromaPop lens, a proprietary lens technology that amplifies detail and enhances natural color, giving you a completely new and improved riding experience as soon as you slap these bad boys on. The ChromaPop lens does so by filtering two specific wavelengths of light that cause color confusion to deliver greater definition, more natural color, and unmatched clarity to ...


100% | Speedcoupe SL Bike Sunglasses


100% Speedcoupe Short Lens Glasses The little brother of 100%'s iconic Speedcraft Glasses, the Speedcouple SL features more streamlining and and a less bulky fit. Comfortable rubber fittings keep the glasses secure on rough rides, and interchangeable lenses come in a variety of colors and lighting options. Features Light and comfortable with ergonomic fit Silicone padding comfortably prevents shifting on the trail | 100% | Speedcoupe SL Bike Sunglasses