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Specialized | Trail Air Glove Lf Women's | Size Large In Stone

$14.95 40% off $25.00 msrp

Specialized Women’s Trail Air Long Finger Glove Catch Some Big Air When trail conditions are a bit on the warmer side, or you’re just in the mood for a minimalist glove without compromising protection, look no further than the Trail Air Long Finger Glove by Specialized. These gloves prioritize ventilation, with a micro-vented perforated palm, a breathable upper material and power mesh knit material between the fingers to keep you cool and dry. Even the ...


Specialized | Trail Air Women's Glove Lf | Size Extra Small In Black

$17.99 40% off $30.00 msrp

SPECIALIZED TRAIL AIR WOMEN'S GLOVE LONG FINGERDESIGNED FOR MAXIMUM VENTILATIONWhen the temperature gets turned up outside, you'll want to wear apparel that is lightweight and highly breathable. The Specialized Trail Air Long Finger Women's Glove is designed for maximum ventilation and has a perforated palm that is micro-ventilated for excellent breathability. Power knit mesh between the fingers enhances airflow and the fingertips are conductive so you can still use a touchscreen. Features ...


Specialized | Trail D3O Glove Lf Women's | Size Extra Small In Stone

$19.95 50% off $40.00 msrp

Specialized Trail D3o Glove Lf Women's Bushes and branches begone! Those of us who often frequent narrow trails or tree ridden trails know the feeling of branches or bushes whacking your knuckles while you’re flying around a corner. Thanks to the strategically sewn D3O protective foam on the Trail D3O Glove you’ll have no problem flying through blind corners on tight singletrack. The AX Suede palm strikes a great balance between durability and handlebar feel ...


Endura | Women's Hummvee Plus Bike Glove Ii


Endura Women’s Hummvee Plus Bike Glove IIFeature loaded The Endura Women’s Hummvee Plus Glove II is an aggressive riding glove similar to the Single Track glove but with added performance and comfort features. A Neoprene knuckle protection panel protects your hands from branches and bushes on the trail. The stretchy, ribbed mesh backhand provides ventilation to your hands, and mesh webbing between the fingers supplies additional comfort and ventilation. Palmistry technology incorporates ...


Specialized | Trail D30 Women's Glove Lf | Size Small In Black

$23.99 40% off $40.00 msrp

SPECIALIZED TRAIL D30 WOMEN'S LONG FINGER GLOVESWITH KNUCKLE PROTECTIONGloves not only play a significant role in your comfort and grip, but they also enhance your protection. When you're riding aggressively, you'll want aggressive protection. The Specialized Trail D30 Women's Long Finger Gloves feature D30 knuckle protection to keep your hands protected from trail obstacles. They also feature silicone-printed fingers for extra grip, and Ax Suede palm for durability, and an adjustable, ...


Specialized | Butter | Trail Air Glove Lf Women's | Size Extra Large

$12.45 50% off $25.00 msrp

Specialized Butter Trail Air Women’s Gloves Loic Bruni’s collection A lightweight and breathable trail glove in Loic Bruni’s signature butter yellow colorway. The Specialized Butter Trail Air Gloves features a lightweight and breathable back of hand fabric, a perforated palm and a slip-on neoprene cuff. Power knit mesh finger gussets allow for extra breathability and dexterity and silicone covered fingertips that are touchscreen-compatible provide a good grip and allow you to use your phone ...