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Onza 27.5 Inch Tire


Onza | Canis XC/AM 27.5" | Skinwall | Tire | Skinwall | 27.5" X 2.25

$24.49 69% off $79.90 msrp

Onza Canis 27. 5" Skinwall TireThe Onza Canis tire combines low rolling resistance with a ton of traction for a variety of terrains and applications. The unique combination of center knobs allows the tire to get rolling quickly while still offering plenty of grip on steep and loose descents. It will have you charging out of the den chasing rabbits in seconds flat. Constructed with various compounds, this Onza Canis tire is sure to feature ...


Onza | Aquila 27.5" Folding Tire 27.5x2.4, FRC 60tpi, RC2 TLR

$52.50 24% off $69.99 msrp

Onza Aquila 27. 5" Trail TireThe Choice of World Cup Champion Aaron GwinEven the pickiest of riders have a hard time putting down the Aquila. A playful downhill tire that is as tacky and robust as it is smooth and fast, this tire uses a self-damping polymer structure that was developed specifically for gravity application. With ultra-high grip on difficult and wet terrain, and a long lasting center tread that softens a bit on the ...