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Onza | Porcupine 29" Tire 29x2.40 | White | Edition, 60TPI, TRC


ONZA PORCUPINE 29" TIREPOKING THE COMPETITIONWhen you're riding in the dirt, the type of tires you use have a significant impact on your riding performance and your traction. Tires that are designed for intense downhill riding won't perform well in cross-country style riding. The Onza Porcupine 29" Tire is designed for less rolling resistance and comes with a dual tread compound. It is ideal for every situation, no matter the conditions. It has an aggressive ...


Onza | Lynx XC/AM 29" Tire 29x2.25", 60TPI, TLR

$55.94 19% off $69.90 msrp

ONZA LYNX XC/AM 29" TIRETHE PERFECT ALLROUNDERThe type of tires you use on your mountain bike play a significant role in your performance and ride quality. The type of terrain you like to ride on will determine the type of tire you should use. The Onza Lynx XC/AM 29" Tire is designed to roll smoothly and efficiently over terrain while also providing exceptional grip when the terrain gets a little loose. The tire features a ...