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Light And Motion | Seca 1800 Ebike Light Seca 1800 Lumen


Light and Motion Seca 1800 e Bike Light The Seca 1800 by Light and Motion is here to provide game-changing illumination for e-bikes. Easily turn the night into light with this powerful front light. The 1800 lumen output will illuminate everything in front of you. Optimal for gravel paths and dark country roads where max illumination and safety are intertwined, Seca is the next generation solution for e-Bike lighting. Features1800 Lumen output certified to the ...


Lezyne | Ebike Micro Drive Light Black


Lezyne E-bike Micro Drive Light The Lezyne E-bike Micro Drive Light is a small and compact, handlebar-mounted, or fork-mounted front light that features a max output of 500 lumens. The E-bike Micro Drive Light connects directly to your E-bike’s battery, which helps save weight to the absence of the battery and allows for longer run times than traditional headlights. The light features a CNC machined aluminum alloy construction for a lightweight and durable light. Two ...


Light And Motion | Vis Adventure Headlight 800 Lumens


Light & Motion VIS Adventure Headlight The Light & Motion VIS Adventure Headlight features a powerfully focused beam and compact size make for a versatile light that can be used for any outdoor sport. It is perfectly designed to run on your helmet, bars, or anywhere you can fit a Go Pro mount. Designed to maximize output in a compact design, the Vis Trail features an optimized reflector to make the beam broader and smoother ...


Kryptonite | Incite X6 Rechargeable Headlight 60 Lux

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Kryptonite Incite X6 Headlight The Kryptonite Incite X6 Headlight uses a new revolutionary focused light pattern and focuses your light where it is needs for a clear path ahead. Kryptonite uses Lux to measure their light output instead of lumens. Lux measures the illumination of an object at a specific distance away, not just the amount of light emitted from the source. This helps to get an accurate depiction of how bright the road is ...


Industry Nine | 15Mm Boost Conversion Kit Torch 15X110 Boost, Axle Conversion Kit


Industry Nine 15mm Boost Conversion Kit These 15mm Boost Front Axle Conversion End Caps fit I9’s iconic Torch Hubs with a snug, reliable fit. Easily convert your Torch Front Hub to the 15mm x 110mm Boost front axle standard. Set includes two 15mm Boost end caps. Features Set of 2 15mm x 110mm Boost endcaps for Industry Nine Torch Front Hubs | Industry Nine | 15Mm Boost Conversion Kit Torch 15X110 Boost, Axle Conversion Kit ...