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Shimano | Spd-Sl Road Cleat Set W/hardware Sm-Sh11 Spd-Sl Cleat Set, Floating Type

$22.99 25% off $31.00 msrp

Shimano SPD-SL Road Cleat Set W/Hardware Nothing works like Shimano SPD-SL Cleats! Keep your kicks and your pedal engagement fresh by choosing the best cleat on the market. This cleat set includes mounting bolts and hardware. Choose Floating, yellow cleats with 6 degrees of float (recommended), or Fixed, red cleats with zero float. SPD-SL cleats are extra wide, low-profile cleats, made for shoes with the standard Three-hole SPD-SL / Look-style cleat mounts. Shimano SPD-SL Cleat ...


Shimano | Sm-Sh56 Spd Cleat Set , Multiple Release

$15.99 36% off $25.00 msrp

SHIMANO SM-SH56 SPD CLEAT SETClipping into your pedals provides extra stability, efficiency, and power transfer. Your feet are always in the optimum pedaling position and will never slip from that position. The Shimano SM-SH56 SPD Cleats are designed to be a multi-directional release cleat so you can clip out multiple ways. They are designed to work best the Shimano CLICK'R pedals that provide easy entry and release. Features Multi-directional release so you can clip out ...


Shimano | Sh51 Spd Cleats | Black | 4 Deg, Pair, Fits Sh 51

$15.99 15% off $19.00 msrp

Shimano SH51 SPD Cleats Time To Clip In Ready for your next dirt adventure? Nothing compares to the feel and confidence of new cleats. The Shimano SM-SH51 Cleat Set replaces old and worn cleats to have you feeling brand new again. With 4° of float, you can swing your heel out to unclip. Replacement Shimano SH51 SPD Cleats. These cleats come standard on most Shimano SPD (mountain bike style) pedals. Features Float: 4°Fits: Shimano SPD ...


Shimano | Sm-Sh12 Cleat Set Black/blue, Front-Center-Pivoting Mode

$24.99 19% off $31.00 msrp

Shimano SM-SH12 Cleat Set Shimano SPD-SL Cleats offer an extra-wide, low-profile interface for a sturdier and more efficient platform. The SM-SH12 allows front center pivoting with a minimal +- 1 degrees of float to restrict toe movement and eliminate lateral play. Three-hole SPD-SL/Look-style cleat mount SM-SH12(front-center-pivoting) Y-40B98140 | Shimano | Sm-Sh12 Cleat Set Black/blue, Front-Center-Pivoting Mode


Shimano | Sm-Sh56 Spd Multi Release Cleat Set Pair, Multi-Release


Shimano SM-SH56 Multi Release SPD Cleat Replacement Shimano SM-SH56 (Gold) Multi-Release SPD cleats. Sold as a Pair Multi-release type for easier release with less effort | Shimano | Sm-Sh56 Spd Multi Release Cleat Set Pair, Multi-Release


Ht Components | X1 Mtb Pedal Cleats X1 - 4 Degree Float, Pair


HT X1 MTB Cleats Exclusive to HT's excellent clipless system, the X1 cleats provide a secure, stable connection between your shoes and your pedals. Using the standard two-bolt system, these cleats can be easily installed on a broad range of mountain biking shoes. With an optional range of float adjustment, you can set the X1 cleats up to cater precisely to your preferences. Features Compatibility X-series or T-series HT Pedals Mounting standard two-bolt Float X1 ...


Time | Easy Cleats Atac Easy 10 Cleats

$11.50 50% off $23.00 msrp

TIME EASY CLEATS ATAC EASY 10Easy release We all need replacement cleats from time to time (no pun intended). Whether you’re replacing your worn out cleats or trying a new release angle cleat, we’ve got your back with the TIME ATAC EASY 10-degree cleats. They’re designed to work with all TIME mountain bike pedals and are compatible with all two-hole cycling shoes. With a 10-degree release angle you’ll be able to pop out sooner than ...


Chromag | Pilot Replacement Cleat Black


Chromag Pilot Replacement Cleats Pilot Your Adventure The Pilot are new pedals from Chromag that are built for aggressive mountain biking. They use cleats that allow riders to have ultimate control while navigating the trails. When these cleats wear out, we got you covered. The Chromag Pilot Replacement Cleats are designed for 2-bolt mountain bike shoes. Features SPD-style cleats that are compatible with 2-bolt setups Compatible with Chromag Pilot Pedals | Chromag | Pilot Replacement ...


Time | Cleats Atac 13/17 V2 Cleats

$19.79 10% off $21.99 msrp

Time Cleats ATAC 13/17 V2Replacement Cleats Whether you're replacing your worn-out cleats or you have two pairs of shoes, you'll want to make sure you get the right cleats for the job. The Time Cleats ATAC 13/17 V2 are the most common cleat desired for replacement. They work with all Time mountain pedals. They feature a 2-bolt configuration, have +/-5° of float, and have a release angle of 13°/17°. Features Works with all Time mountain ...


Kool Kovers | For Keo Cleats Black


Kool Kovers for Keo cleats fits Red, Gray, and Black cleats they allow for easier walking and helps prevent excessive cleat wear due to walking. Made from high-quality thermoplastic elastomer providing long lasting performance with greater durability while maintaining pliability in a wide temperature range. Protects your cleats from wear Makes walking easier & more comfortable Prevents mud & dirt buildup inside cleats Lightweight, flexible & durable Easy to attach and remove Compact, easy ...


Time | Cleats Xpro Xpresso Iclic Free Cleats

$11.00 50% off $22.00 msrp

Time Cleats XPRO XPRESSO ICLIC Free Cleats New Cleat Day If you're riding your bike regularly, then chances are your cleats might need a refresh. After clicking in and out numerous times from your pedals, your cleats will wear out. The Time Cleats have been developed for the Time XPRO and XPRESSO road bike pedal range. They allow angular and lateral freedom in order to respect the natural movements of your legs and joints. Features ...


Look | X-Track Cleats Grey


LOOK X-TRACK CLEATSSTAYING ON TRACKWhen you buy a pair of clipless pedals, they most often come with a set of cleats. These cleats will last thousands of miles, but will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. The Look X-Track Cleats are compatible with all standard SPD pedals and have a micro shim for fixing two screws. Features Compatible with all standard SPD pedals Micro shim for fixing two screws Standard function with unidirectional ...


Time | Cleats Xpro Xpresso Iclic Fixed Cleats

$20.70 10% off $23.00 msrp

TIME CLEATS XPRO XPRESSO ICLIC FIXEDSo your cleats have worn down or you’re simply interested in switching from a floating cleat to a fixed cleat. No problem, we’ve got your back with the ICLIC fixed cleats. With the zero-float design you'll experience no heel or lateral float whatsoever. Compatibility with standard 3-bolt road shoes ensures the cleats will work seamlessly with your favorite road shoes. So what are you waiting for? Grab a fresh set ...


Look | Delta Fitness Grip Cycling Cleats | Red | 9 Degrees


Look Delta Fitness Grip Cycling Cleats Walk Without Slipping If you've ever tried walking indoors on your road cleats, it can feel like walking on ice. With a little extra grip on your cleats, you'll be able to easily walk around. The Look Delta Fitness Grip Cycling Cleats has grip so you can walk on indoor grounds without slipping or breaking the floor. With the Safe Walk Technology, you won't slip and you'll remain surefooted ...