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Poc | Joint Vpd Air Elbow Guards Men's | Size Medium In Uranium Black


POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Guards Be protected, not weighed down The POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Guards are low-profile, unassuming guards, that provide the right amount of protection for more technical terrain, when you can’t have your gear weighing you down. These lightweight guards feature a high-tech VPD compound, which absorbs impact forces while maintaining flexibility and airflow for the feel of not wearing guards. The Joint VPD Air Elbow Guards house this protective ...


Poc | Joint Vpd 2.0 Elbow Guards Men's | Size Extra Large In Black


POC Joint VPD 2. 0 Elbow Guards The VPD Joint VPD 2. 0 Elbow guard is a multipurpose elbow protector that offers a high level of protection and great freedom of movement. VPD adapts to the shape of the body, but when exposed to impact, the material stiffens and has extreme impact absorption properties. Kevlar reinforced stretch fabric ensures an snug and secure fit that keeps you protected should you defy the laws of gravity ...


Poc | Vpd System Lite Elbow Guards Men's | Size Medium In Black

$95.94 20% off $120.00 msrp

POC Oseus VPD Torso Guard Confidence inspiring protection Things can get hairy out on the trails, when that happens it’s best for you to be prepared. That’s where the POC Oseus VPD torso guard comes into play. The 3D modeled VPD system offers exceptional impact protection without hindering mobility. Special VPD technology allows for the Oseus torso guard to soften slightly when it comes into contact with body heat, allowing for increased mobility. However, upon ...


Poc | Oseus Vpd Elbow Guards Men's | Size Small In Black


POC Oseus VPD Elbow Guards Light and flexible The Oseus VPD elbow guards are the ultimate lightweight trail, enduro, or DH elbow pads. POC’s VPD technology allows the pads to be incredibly flexible while also being extremely protective. Perforative vents keep you cool and focused while riding. The slip on design paired with wide grippers ensure that you’ll be able to ride all day with no hot spots. POC even optimized the elbow guards to ...


Poc | Joint Vpd System Elbow Guards Men's | Size Medium In Black


POC Joint VPD System Elbow Guards Bring the most comfort and protection to your elbows with the POC Joint VPD System Elbow Guards. They're flexible, lightweight and feature a highly efficient ventilation system that will keep you cool during your most demanding rides. The outer fabric is made from high-tenacity polyamide yarns for low friction and high abrasion resistance. Your elbows will be well protected thanks to the VPD material, which wraps around your body's ...