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Poc | Oseus Vpd Knee Pads Men's | Size Large In Black


POC Oseus VPD Knee Pads Freedom to ride anywhere The POC Oseus VPD knee pads offer you the ability to ride wherever with the confidence that you’ll be covered in the event of an impact. The Oseus VPD pads offer plenty of protection and coverage while also being extremely flexible. These pads are designed to be a simple no fuss knee protector option that you’ll forget you’re even wearing. Inner knee patches protect your knees ...


Poc | Vpd Air Knee Pad Fabio Edition Men's | Size Small In Uranium Black/gold


Poc VPD Air Knee Pad Fabio Edition Protect your knees with the Poc VPD Air Knee Pad Fabio Edition. It’s a light-duty knee pad developed for cyclists who want enhanced flexibility, ventilation and freedom of movement without sacrificing protection. You’ll find a comfortable fit through any riding conditions thanks to the elastic strap and neoprene anti-slip. Ride anywhere you want with just the right amount of protection. Features Lightweight and impact absorbing VPD compound for ...


Poc | Vpd System Lite Knee Pads Men's | Size Large In Black


POC VPD System Lite Knee Pads Supreme Flexibility and Ventilation If you're out riding your mountain bike aggressively, you'll most likely want aggressive protection. Wearing pads on your elbows and knees will help offer protection just in case. The POC VPD System Lite Knee Pads deliver supreme flexibility and ventilation while offering impact absorbency. They are 3D molded for an exceptional finish that delivers more ventilation than any other VPD product. Features Low-friction outer ...