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7Idp | M1 Helmet Men's | Size Medium In Grey

$82.49 25% off $109.99 msrp

7IDP M1 Helmet 7IDP is no stranger to lending their protective hand to those whose ride with an instinctive rowdiness. A familiar face with their knee, back, and elbow guards being worn by pros and diehard rider everywhere, 7IDP makes it known that they're here to stay in the helmet realm with their new M1 full-face helmet. Through its lightweight polycarbonate shell and CPSC worthy construction, the M1 features a larger eye port for greater ...


Bell | Sanction Mountain Bike Helmet


BELL SANCTION MOUNTAIN BIKE HELMETWhen you're riding your bike, you always want to wear a helmet. This is extra important when you're doing jumps on your bike because you never know when you're going to miss the landing on your jump and fall. The Bell Sanction Mountain Bike Helmet is a lightweight full-face helmet that offers comfort and protection for dirt jumping and BMX riding. It features an ABS hard plastic shell and an adjustable ...


Smith | Trace Mips Helmet Men's | Size Large In Matte Stone/moss


SMITH TRACE MIPS HELMETTHE PINNACLE HELMETNo matter what type of riding you do, whether it's racing to the podium, cruising the single track, or riding with a group to get lunch, you should be wearing a helmet. The Smith Trace MIPS Helmet is not like other helmets. It features Koroyd, which fully surrounds the helmet providing exceptional protection and works with the internal air channels and open intake and exhaust ports to produce maximum ventilation. ...


Met | Trenta Mips Helmet | Men's | Size Small In White


MET TRENTA MIPS HELMETPerformance Meets Safety MET’s Trenta MIPS helmet is the epitome of a top-of-the-line cycling helmet. It strikes the perfect balance of safety, cooling, and aerodynamics. NACA vents strategically placed across the helmet provide optimized airflow without affecting the aerodynamics of the helmet. Rear deflectors in the form of two large exhausts allow for the exit of warm air. Coupled with the NACA vents and exhaust ports is the tube-shaped tail which works ...


Specialized | Dissident 2 Helmet Cpsc Men's | Size Extra Large In Black


Specialized Dissident 2 Helmet Peak protection for descending peaks The Specialized Dissident 2 Helmet sets the standard for what a top-of-the-line downhill helmet can be, providing class-leading protection and performance for racers and ambitious riders who are fueled by the feel of gravity. The Dissident 2 features five distinct EPS foam inserts at different densities, allowing for critical protection at a reduced weight. The helmet is also constructed using lightweight carbon fiber and ...


Specialized | Echelon Ii Mips Road Helmet Men's | Size Small In White

$66.99 25% off $90.00 msrp

SPECIALIZED ECHELON II MIPS ROAD BIKE HELMETA SLEEK AND FAST LOOKHelmets should be worn at all times when you're riding on your bike. There's no telling when you'll take a fall, so it is best to be prepared at all times with a helmet on your head. Helmets aren't just about protection though, they are a great way to add style to your kit. The Specialized Echelon II MIPS Road Bike Helmet has a sleek ...


Bell | Super 3R Mips Mtn Bike Helmet


BELL SUPER 3R MIPS MOUNTAIN BIKE HELMETWhether you're cruising the fire roads or shredding the single tracks, you need to be wearing a helmet. The Bell Super 3R MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet is one helmet that does it all. It's both a full face helmet and a half shell helmet, thanks to it's Wraparound Protection which features a removable chin-bar. It also features MIPS® Technology which helps reduce rotational forces during angular impacts. The Float ...


Smith | Signal Mips Helmet Men's | Size Small In White


SMITH SIGNAL MIPS HELMETCONQUER THE ROADWhether you're cruising the bike path, riding to your local coffee shop, or racing to the podium, you'll want to wear a helmet to protect your head. The Smith Signal MIPS Helmet is a road helmet that is designed for maximum ventilation and maximum protection. It features 21 vents that enhance the breathability for those warmer days, with Air Evac™ technology plays nicely with Smith eyewear and reduces pesky lens ...


Smith | Engage Mips Helmet Men's | Size Medium In Matte Cinder

$60.00 50% off $120.00 msrp

SMITH ENGAGE Mips HELMETFOR THE AGGRESSIVE MOUNTAIN BIKERThe Smith Engage Mips Helmet is for the MTB rider who needs next level protection and comfort, for all day rides or quick after work trail sessions. The Engage prioritizes protection, with Mips® protection technology built in to reduce the rotational forces from certain types of impacts. Extended back of the head coverage helps proviude additional peace of mind. Smith's Vapor Fit™ dial retention system with 270-degree adjustability ...


Troy Lee Designs | A1 Mips Classic Helmet Men's | Size Small In Classic Gray Yellow Matte

$57.94 60% off $145.00 msrp

Troy Lee Designs A1 MIPS Classic Helmet One of the most popular half-shell helmets in mountain biking has returned. The trusty A1 uses a polycarbonate shell that has an in-molded EPS liner and extended coverage on the back of the head. Eight intake and eight exit vents allow for air to move freely through the helmet, keeping your head cool on even the warmest of days. The addition of MIPS® Brain Protection System adds an ...


Smith | Mainline Mips Helmet Men's | Size Small In White


SMITH MAINLINE MIPS HELMETREADY TO DESCENDWhen it comes to aggressive mountain biking, you'll want aggressive protection. Nothing protects your head better while riding downhill than a full-face helmet. The Smith Mainline MIPS Helmet is designed for those that like to send it. It is an ultra-light full-face helmet that features MIPS to help reduce injuries caused by rotational impacts. It also features Koroyd crumple zones that further enhance your protection. Features21 vents with exhaust ...


O'neal | Blade Carbon Ipx Helmet Men's | Size Medium In Gm

$257.94 40% off $429.99 msrp

O'Neal Blade Carbon IPX Helmet The Sharpest Helmet Out There When it comes to aggressive mountain bike riding, you'll want to wear a full-face helmet. These types of helmets provide maximum protection for your entire head so you can descend with confidence. The O'Neal Blade Carbon IPX Helmet is made with a carbon fiber lightweight construction. It comes with multiple oversized vents that provide excellent airflow and cooling for those warmer rides. The Dri-Lex padded ...


Bell | Sidetrack Ii Mips Child & Youth Helmet | Size Youth In Red/hi Viz


BELL Side Track II Mips Child & Youth Helmet Whether your child is riding at the local park or tearing it up on the trails, they should be wearing a helmet to protect their precious noggin. The Bell Side Track II MIPS Helmet features an Ergo Fit dial that makes dialing in the perfect fit quick and easy. It is MIPS-equipped which helps redirect impact energy so it isn't transferred to your head. It also ...


Smith | Express Mips Helmet Men's | Size Large In Matte Black/cement


Smith Express MIPS Helmet Expressive Design, Thoughtful Features Built for the early morning commutes and late night cruises down the city streets. Smith’s Express MIPS helmet has everything you could ever want and more in a commuter or city helmet. Its lightweight in-mold construction keeps the helmet from being too bulky or cumbersome. The helmet design features additional coverage on the sides and rear of the helmet for added protection. 13 fixed vents provide excellent ...


Kali | Central Helmet Men's | Size Large/extra Large In Solid Matte Black


KALI CENTRAL HELMETLIGHTING UP THE ROADSWearing a helmet has numerous benefits ranging from protection all the way to enhancing visibility in low-light conditions. The Kali Central Helmet has a rechargeable rear light making this helmet perfect for your daily commute or your cruise through the city. The Central features Composite Fusion and an integrated visor for extra sunlight protection. Features USB rechargeable rear light enhances your visibility in low-light conditions Ample venting ...


Met | Estro Mips Helmet | Men's | Size Small In Black/matte/glossy


MET ESTRO MIPS HELMETHead in the air The MET Estro MIPS is built for riders in search of a ventilation focused helmet that doesn’t break the bank and doesn’t compromise on safety. With a focus on ventilation you’d be correct in assuming that MET went all out with ventilation ports. Totalling up to 26 vents, the Estro’s 17 inlet vents and 9 exhaust vents work in conjunction with one another to ensure maximum airflow and ...