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Race Face | Turbine Cranks | Black | 175Mm | Aluminum


Race Face Turbine Cinch Cranks The Race Face Turbine Cinch crankset brings the precision and versatility of the CINCH system to the Turbine line of cranks. By ditching the standard built-in spider design, the CINCH system allows for nearly limitless chainring options. Swapping spiders or direct mount rings is no trouble at all, and when combined with a 30mm alloy spindle and compatibility across all relevant frame standards, the Turbine Cinch just might be the ...


Race Face | Aeffect R Cranks | Black | 165Mm | Aluminum


RACE FACE AEFFECT R CRANKSENDURO-RATED STRENGTHA crankset is incredibly important for your mountain bike. It affects things like power transfer and performance. The Race Face Aeffect R Cranks brings enduro-rated strength but keeps the weight in the XC range. It's made of 7050 aluminum that optimizes stiffness without added weight. The Aeffect R features the Cinch system for plenty of spider options as well as the 24mm EXI interface spindle. Features Deep pocket net forged ...


Race Face | Atlas Cinch 83Mm Cranks | Black | 165, 83Mm | Aluminum


Race Face Atlas Cinch 83mm Cranks The Atlas crankarms are forged and then machined from 7050 aluminum alloy, making it a great choice for big-hit freeride and gravity. Race Face has also updated the Atlas to use their new web bracing which improves stiffness while cutting out unnecessary material to save weight, making this version of the Atlas crank lighter than any of the previous models without expensing its known resilience. Featuring the infinitely versatile ...


Race Face | Ride Cinch Fatbike Cranks 170Mm | Aluminum


RACE FACE RIDE CINCH FAT BIKE CRANKSCranks are what the pedals are attached to. The Race Face Ride Cinch Fat Bike Cranks brings Cinch versatility, with the ability to easily swap chainrings, to an attractive price point. It features forged 6066 aluminum arms and a Cinch system 24mm spindle that can be swapped out later for non-fat bike use. It weighs approximately 714 grams, so it will be a perfect part of any fat bike. ...


Race Face | Raceface Aeffect R E-Mtb Crankarms | Black | 160Mm, E-Mtb | Aluminum


Race Face Aeffect R e-MTB Crankarms Have a positive Aeffect The Race Face Aeffect R e-MTB Crankarms are rugged performers, the ideal upgrade for your Bosch Gen 4-equipped e-mountain bike (also compatible with, but not optimized for, Bosch Gen 2). The Aeffect R cranks are designed with the toughness to handle aggressive riding, for durable performance without adding excess weight. These Aeffect R e-MTB Crankarms come in three lengths, better accommodating shorter riders and offering ...


Race Face | Next Sl G5 Cranks | Black | 170Mm

$314.99 30% off $449.99 msrp

Race Face Next SL Cranks Lightest crankset on the market?Race Face is proud to say that the Next SL cranks are designed, tested, and manufactured in their Canadian facility with US sourced carbon. The Next SL crankset uses Race FaceΓÇÖs proprietary hollow-arm technology with their Cinch direct mount interface. Imagine interchangeable spiders, limitless ring combinations, a 30mm alloy spindle and compatibility across all relevant frame standards. Quite possibly the most versatile crankset ...


$247.50 45% off $450.00 msrp


Easton | Ec90 Sl Cranks 175Mm

$247.50 45% off $450.00 msrp

Easton EC90 SL Cranks Lightweight Versatility Easton introduces the EC90 SL cranks, bringing the cycling industry to new heights. With the rise of simple, practical 1x drivetrain systesms, bikes are changing. In our age, less gears can cover more ground. Taking advantage of recent technological developments, these cranks are highly versatile. Their vast potential makes them top contenders in multiple disciplines of cycling. A variety of 1x and 2x direct mount rings allow you to ...


Cane Creek | Eewing Crank Preloader Purple


Cane Creek EEWing Crank Preloader No Corners Cut The Cane Creek ee Wings Crank Preloader is equipped with an aluminum preload ring, an aluminum inner thread ring, and a titanium 2. 5mm hex fastening bolt. Not only does it fit the titanium ee Wings cranks, but it also fits onto other 30mm crank spindles from SRAM and Race Face, and 28. 99mm SRAM DUB Crank spindles. Features Aluminum preload ring with an aluminum inner thread ...